Have you noticed a bit of a change in (inner and outer) atmosphere in recent days?

For several weeks, we enjoyed (or not) a concentration of those flowing (or snowing) Piscean energies in the macro-sphere, as Venus and Mercury joined Sun, Neptune, and Chiron in the Piscean zone.

Pisces as an energy is often associated with flowing, creativity, the imaginal and imaginative, a more unifying than separatist essence, (for some) a more spiritual inclination, even though our impulses for the greater spiritual, the Big Love, might be sought through less-than-optimal ways (as Russell Brand mentioned here).

It’s a sensitizing, right-brained, boundary dissolving energy and experience.

In recent days, both Mercury and Venuswe could over-simplify those as Mind and Heart/Body — completed their Piscean sea-crossing and emerged on the shores of Aries.

Lava Meets Sea, by Buzz Andersen, PD via Upsplash.

From Water to Fire, joining Uranus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius (at the Galactic Center), and the Lunar North Node (and fixed star Regulus) in Leo — Fire-element signs, all.

Imagine the Creative Artist or Mystic-Contemplative, as compared to the Fiery, Courageous Activist or Chronic Full-of-(Perpetually Belching)-Hot-Air Bully, and you’ll have an idea of the more obvious archetype differences.

Pisces to Aries, Water to Fire, is an energetic shift that we tend to notice, because we feel it within and are more likely to notice it around us.

Mercury is associated with mind — as in chattering mind, if left to its own devices — and with communication (what’s in the mind expresses in some way from the mouth or written word).

Most of us are more comfortable when our mind seems clear, sharp, though in Pisces that clarity feels fogged over, obscured,  more spacious mind than narrow mind. Unless you’re an artist or a mystic, in which case the Piscean energies seem like allies.

Fire-Breathing Dragon. Image courtesy of Josch13 at Pixabay.

With Mercury shifting from Piscean Waters to Aries Fire, the fog burns off and can easily become Fire in the Head, which can quickly trip into raging Mind erupting out of the mouth or fingers (via text, email, etc.) without a whole lot of forethought (forethought not being one of Aries specialties!).

Aries, ruled by Mars, is an initiating Fire sign (and thus energetic that finds its way into expression), often associated with activism, brashness, outspokenness (usually before thought of effect or consequences), passion … unless you have Aries in your 12th House (another matter altogether!).

In mindlessness or shadow, Aries can be the archetypal provocateur, the Bully, barging in and blurting things out or busting sh*t up (and often surprised that people get hurt or pissed off as a result).

Whether we’re into the symbolic-mythic language of astrology to describe the Energies of Now or not, it’s helpful to be aware of the energy shifts and how those energies might be channeled (or erupting) within, from, or around us.

We’re more able to choose response rather than join in on the mindless eruptions that have unintended consequences.

Fire, Water, Love. PD Image courtesy of Pixabay.

With Venus shifting from Pisces to Aries, that dreamy, tender, sensitive, lovey vibe we might have been enjoying shifts to the more outwardly feisty, fiery, fierce Fire Goddess. The same Aries qualities, for better or for worse, apply.

Aries ruler, Mars, is in another fire sign, Sagittarius, and meeting up with the Galactic Center and in graceful (if fiery) Trine with Uranus in latter Aries.

This is … A. Lot. Of. Energy.

The Potential and Possibility … Our Mission if We Choose to Accept It.

With Sun, Neptune, and Chiron still pulling shift in Pisces, we have the opportunity to draw from the Spacious Mind, from the creative, the inspired, the visionary and unitive, those imagined Higher Visions (and Higher Love), that well-directed Soul Force, and the worthy horizons, and feed those into inspired action.

Sunrise over the Earth. Image courtesy of NASA.

Mars, and Aries — like those with Chiron in Aries, for example, or any of our Mars-Aries self-bits — need a worthy mission lest all of that passion and energy erupt or sputter forth in harmful, hot-headed, disruptive, so very unhelpful ways (the Rebel Without a Cause).

So Mars and Venus in Aries, still fed by Piscean inspiration Sources, could find mission and purpose in a things like a more inspired relationship between Men/Masculine and Women/Feminine, sacred sensuality/sexuality, in spiritual or mystic activism, in visionary championing of worthy causes. Just a few of the possibilities.

Whatever we choose, based on Who We Be, awareness and mindfulness, taking a pause, drawing from deeper and more inspired wellsprings, will feel more fulfilling, and give us that bit of spaciousness and centering that help us respond to any Hissy Fits, Tantrum Yoga, psychic-vomit fests, or bully rage-storms that erupt around us.

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Big Love and Be Well!


Featured Image Credit: Fire and Water. PD Image, by Thommas68, courtesy of Pixabay.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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