The visionary author and culture-shift leader David Korten called Jamie “a prophet of an emerging new economy of intelligent, caring, cutting edge entrepreneurs.

She is the creatrix and curator of Sophia’s Children, founder of the long-running communication and change consultancy Ivy Sea, and horizon-edge thought leader.

She has been a guide and inspiration source for many visionary sole-proprietors, healers, entrepreneurs, transformation leaders, change-catalysts, and creative nonconformists who want to go beyond ‘business as usual’ in some, or all, areas of their lives.

From 1992 until ‘sunsetting’ Ivy Sea over 2015/2016, Jamie and her Ivy Sea collaborators consulted to and inspired a wide variety of organizations, enterprise leaders, and entrepreneurs to clarify their vision for and navigate the pathways to new-paradigm change-artistry.

Over those years, Jamie and her Ivy Sea allies counseled Fortune 500 corporations, health systems, nonprofit organizations, fast-growth companies, small enterprises, solopreneurs, horizon-edge thought-leaders, culture-changers, and paradigm-shifters.

Jamie’s first book, Big Vision, Small Business (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), was released to excellent reviews, received several “best of the year” nods, and has been translated in six languages. The book has inspired thousands of solo- and SOHO entrepreneurs and other leaders around the world.

She also contributed to Positively MAD: Making a Difference in Your Organizations, Communities, and the World from Berrett-Koehler, and a collection of her thought-leading ‘visionary leadership’ articles were compiled for Leading at the Visionary Edge by ICFAI University Press.

In addition to her books, Jamie published many articles, was featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, Inc. Magazine, Priority Magazine, and other publications, and greatly enjoyed being a guest on a variety of radio shows and podcasts.

An early adopter in the emerging online-learning and social-media internet culture, Jamie created, produced, and hosted two online audio series, the InspiraLogues and the SophiaLogues, and created and hosted The Feminine Mojo Show on BlogTalkRadio (the show has been on sabbatical as she’s explored and cultivated other projects).

Jamie has been in research-and-experiment mode for her latest body of work,  exploring the emergent Wisdom culture, life-and-perspective-shifting transformative experiences, ‘the new greening’, and sacred relationship in our complex ‘Age of Distraction’ times.

Jamie had a great time serving as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women conference in 2010.

Professional History

In the pre-Ivy Sea years of her professional life, Jamie worked on the legislative staffs of a New York State Assembly Speaker in his NY-regional and Washington, D.C. offices; and on the legislative staff of a California Assembly woman. She handled communication, marketing, and public affairs for a visionary, ‘conscious’ cosmetics manufacturer and an environmental consulting firm, both in California.

Just before leaping into self-employment adventures in 1992, Jamie set up and managed the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Superfund Environmental Community Relations Program, which included high-visibility, moderate- to high-conflict, sensitive-issues communication and outreach to more than 40 hazardous waste and environmental cleanup sites throughout Virginia.

In that capacity, Jamie worked directly with local and national media, elected officials, government officials, corporate officials, and citizens groups and individual citizens.

The program’s director commented that Jamie had “through her diligent and effective work, made historically contentious environmental and Superfund cleanups a non-issue in Virginia.”

Jamie at Treman falls in Ithaca, N.Y. May 2017. Photo by T.G.

The ‘Timeless Wisdom’ & Ancestral/Indigenous Soul Connection

From an early age, Jamie has pursued studies of humankind’s spiritual, mystical, philosophical, and ancestral/indigenous wisdom traditions.

She augmented her personal practice and study with committed training in Taoist Qigong, intuitive development, energy healing, and engaged spirituality, which includes ‘right livelihood’, ‘skillful communication’, and inspired and integrity centered transformative leadership. You’ll find specifics below.

Community Involvement

She is a former faculty member and forum guide for the Cultural Creative Network and Cultural Creative Business Network; and was asked to be on the first advisory board for BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and years later, participated in BALLE activities in her current community.

Often at the horizon’s edge, Jamie led several engaged spirituality/Wisdom and conscious enterprise forums in the early days of social networks and continued that work and conversation in other venues.

She is also a past-president of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators — at that time, one of the organization’s largest chapters.

She has adopted, fostered, and ‘TLC’d back to wellness’ a pretty good number of abused, traumatized, and/or feral kitties (the most recent, Jupiter, was happily placed in his ‘forever home’ after 5 months of fostering).

Jamie conducts talks and supports a community women’s health clinic as well as lending her experience and perspective to her Sophia’s Children client and readers. She continues to be a behind-the-scenes (and sometimes front-and-center) Muse and adviser for other paradigm-shifting forces and transformation catalysts.

Education & Continued Learning

Jamie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, where she focused her studies primarily on political science, English and religious studies.

Her avid continuing-education gathered over two-plus decades has included graduate courses, intensives, one-on-one instruction, apprenticing, and personal study.

The whole of her previous and ongoing education allows Jamie insight into ‘being the change’ — from the inside out.

Highlights of business-related courses and/or certifications include:

• Strategic Change Facilitation (Interaction Associates)

• Meeting Facilitation (Interaction Associates)

• Coaching for Performance (Interaction Associates)

• Crisis Communication & Media Relations

Indigenous/Ancestral Wisdom and Energy-Intuition trainings & certifications:

• Energy & Intuition Medicine Program (c.1996-2001)

• Divine Feminine & Black Madonna Traditions (Transformative Wisdom Traditions), Wisdom University Graduate Intensive (France, 2005)

• Emei Qigong – Levels 1 and 2 – energy healing, cultivation, Wuji-Gong, and Four Pillars (2006, studying directly with and receiving attunement from Grandmaster & Lineage Holder Fu Wei Zhong)

• Q’ero Munay Ki Wisdom Intensive and initiations (2008, Four Winds Society)

• Ancestral/shamanic-practices training 2008-2010 (with Four Winds Society and Last Mask Foundation, Christina Pratt)

• Bach Flower Essences Training (2010)

There have been more than a few other trainings, workshops, and individual apprenticeships along the way, along with ongoing personal study & practice, but those mentioned above have been key.

As always, Jamie looks for ways to weave together and pass along what she’s experienced so that it may be a healing offering and a benefit to others, to make their way a bit easier, more graceful, meaningful, and joyful.

Where in the World…

Though her work reaches around the world, Jamie is a New York native who called California home for 20 years — 17 of those years in San Francisco, a city she misses greatly.

In mid-2007, she returned to the New York metropolitan area to assist with her late-father’s hospice care and be nearer to family after his passing, to study with several new teachers, and draw from the wisdom of ancestral lands.

Life continues to conspire to extend her stay in the Northeastern U.S.

Jamie at Treman falls in Ithaca, N.Y. May 2017. Photo by T.G.

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