The Wake-Up Juice was my long-running eZine during my even longer-running Ivy Sea communication, leadership, and change-management consultancy days (founded in 1992, ‘sunsetted’ from 2014-2016).

After putting so much of myself into its creation and ‘running’, it was a big deal for me to let the whole Ivy Sea thing go, including the award-winning web site and its rich, rich content.

That shift was the right thing to do …. and still …

I receive inquiries asking me where a particular Wake-Up Juice edition or communication-related article went, so I’m featuring some of the Wake-Up Juice favorite eZine editions here at Sophia’s Children.

Some of these were my favorites, too, so it’s fun (and often illuminating) to revisit them.

I’ll be adding more of the ‘reader favorite’ Wake-Up Juice editions as the days, weeks, and months unfold (and as I receive emails asking where they are!).

Happy Wake-Up Juicing!

Embracing Uncertainty (Seriously?) – Cultivating the Way of Creative Adventure

On deck: These ‘Reader Favorites’ Wake-Up Juice eZine editions.

Welcoming Our Loyal Soldiers Home

What’s Your ‘Tipping Point’? The Power of the ‘Courage of Your Convictions’

The Art of Inquiry: How Good Questions Can Inspire Breakthroughs

Our Deepest Calling

Wisdom from Harry Potter: It’s Time to Reclaim Your “M”

Is it Time to Reclaim Your Mojo? (Some ‘Austin Powers’ Wisdom)

Aunt Frances is right: “‘Normal’ is Not a Virtue”

Just Say ‘No’ to Rat-Race Fatigue (Do You Have It?)

Transition, Transformation & Navigating The Dark Night of the Soul

Following Your Bliss & The Hero’s (and Heroine’s) Journey

A HUGE Communication Tip (Inspired by the Pickle Man)

“My Life Came to a Standstill…” ~ Inspiration from Leo Tolstoy

…. stay tuned for these new additions to the Sophia’s Children treasure vault.