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There is a Great Re-Membering and Re-Birthing underway  …

Some call it The Great Turning. Others call it a Shift of the Ages — A change in collective consciousness to meet the needs of epically shape-shifting times, or just a change that’s now a necessity because of the damage we’ve done to the Earth and each other.

All of these things happen in and through individuals who first walking that transformative path and ‘seed it’ into the collective (see the post on M-fields for more on that).

Any of us who have had first-hand experience knows that before any kind of rebirth or phoenixing can happen, significant deconstruction does happen. Life as we knew it changes, often dramatically.

And 2020, it seems, brought the experience to many more.

For a long time, I had this on my radar …  a special section on Transformative Experiences, exploring and sharing experiences with and resources on:

— Near Death Experiences (NDEs),

— Kundalini and NDE-like ‘Awakening’ Experiences,

— Life After the Transformative ‘Event’ (or events … one seems to catalyze a series of follow-on experiences),

— the astrology of Epically Transformative Events, or ‘EPTEs’,

— the post-‘event’ Underworld initiation journeys, Dark Nights of the Soul, etc.,

… and other intel related to EpicallyTransformative Experiences (EpTEs), their common aftereffects, and what it’s like to “live thus transformed.”

That’s an unfolding journey.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.


This series-portal was born out of my own experiences with NDE and EpTEs, as well as my ongoing research and my work as a journey guide for fellow NDE/EpTE Experiencers.

It’s also the natural evolution of a Spiritual Awakenings content-portal I’ve had on my former, long-running and recognition-winning Ivysea Online web site.

And, of course, from my work with others who’ve traveled (or are traveling) these same byways.

I also have great respect and appreciation for the NDE-research work done by Kenneth Ring, co-founder of IANDs; trail-blazers Paul Perry and Raymond Moody; and the experience and writings of Gopi Krishna on kundalini/spiritual awakenings.

And, of course, the many who have either (or both) lived through and shared their experiences.

You’ll find mentions of these trail-blazers in the Transformative Experiences posts.

Here are two key additions on potently transformative experiences:

Transformative Experiences: NDEs, EPE, Kundalini, Dark Nights of the Soul, etc. … and Living Transformed

Common Aftereffects of NDEs and Other ‘Epically Transformative Experiences’

Energy & Psychic Hygiene and Development

There are related articles here in the Sophia’s Children archives on Underworld, Dark Night, Empathic Sensitivity, Divine Feminine/Black Madonna (Persephone, Inanna mythic blueprints), energy healing and hygiene, and astro-cycle insights.

Many of the articles shared here at Sophia’s Children stem from my own experiences, whatever research I did to shed some light, what helped me along the way, and what I learned (so far) along that way.

Visit again soon for updates to this page and related articles that are on the writing list.

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Note: The information shared on these topics, as elsewhere on Sophia’s Children, is shared from the perspective of direct experience, ancestral/indigenous & energy-discipline traditions,  research, and in-the-trenches practice. This is not a site or a resource for receiving allopathic medical advice or psychiatric/psychotherapeutic counsel — for those areas of expertise, consult your healthcare professional or psychologist/psychiatrist.