NGC 2074 Nebula. Photo from NASA and the Hubble Team.
NGC 2074 Nebula. Photo from NASA and the Hubble Team.

This ‘empaths & energy fields‘ topic has been percolating for quite awhile, based on what I’ve noticed over recent years of experience, for better and for worse.

More recently, I’ve revisited with a couple of different ‘works’ related to the topic, including those of Rupert Sheldrake and David Hawkins, among others both ancient and contemporary.

First, a few related quotations, then some thoughts on why this might be important for us to better understand just now.

“Natural systems, or morphic units, at all levels of complexity — atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and societies of organisms — are animated, organized, and coordinated by morphic fields, which contain an inherent memory. … There is a continuous spectrum of morphic fields, including morphogenetic fields, behavioral fields, mental fields, and social and cultural fields.”

~ Rubert Sheldrake, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, and Philosophy

Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.
Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.

“A field of dominance is exhibited by high energy patterns in their influence over weaker ones. This may be likened to the coexistence of a small magnetic field within the much larger field of a giant electromagnet. The phenomenological universe is the expression of the interaction of endless attractor patterns of varying strengths. … Somehow, the M-field acts as an organizing principle, like a sort of general magnetic attraction.”

~ David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., Power vs. Force

Divers descending into the main cavern of Blue Hole, Palau_Islands, Micronesia. PD image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Divers, Micronesia. PD-US, Wikimedia.

“We live in a sea of physical and mental forces that affect our moods, actions and decisions. These forces are subtle and in a constant state of flux.”
~ Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Rootlight (May 2013)


Longboard Surfer On The Wave Crest at Huntington Beach, CA, 31 December 2007, by Andrew Schmidt. Public domain photo via pdpics dot net.
Huntington Beach, CA, 12/31/07, by Andrew Schmidt. PDpics dot net.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn, M.D. and Mindfulness Teacher

First, the gist. Then a more indepth conversation.

Trumpler 14, Hubble Image Gallery. NASA, ESA, and J. Maíz Apellániz (Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Spain).
Trumpler 14, Hubble Image Gallery. NASA, ESA, and J. Maíz Apellániz (Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, Spain).

The Empaths & M-fields gist:

There are various energy fields and consciousness streams that reflect different qualities of consciousness.

Some of them are more powerful, reflecting much-repeated, entrenched, dominant systems and beliefs. Others are weaker, or reflecting a different quality of consciousness and energy from the dominant fields.

Some are what we’d call higher quality and healing — Love, compassion, joy, creativity, collaboration, and ‘power with’.

Some are what we’d experience as low-quality or toxic, dominated by fear, greed, envy, competition, violence, and ‘win-lose’ games.

We can see, feel, sense and hear the difference between the two.

We exist in these overlapping fields of energy, and can be affected by them, just as different planetary bodies exist in the various ‘gravitational fields’ in the cosmos, and the ultimate One Field that embraces and infuses all that is.

As we become more conscious of the different fields and qualities of energy — from dense, low-consciousness fields or what we might call ‘negative’ or life-sucking; to lighter, higher-consciousness fields we associate with ‘higher vibe’ emanations like joy, compassion, love, creativity — we become more aware and hone our focus towards the more life-affirming, healing fields of experience.’

A simple notion, though for most of us, an ongoing mastery-practice that requires our vigilance and commitment.

To go a bit more deeply into this …

A dominant collective energy field — defined as the attractor fields or M-fields that new-era scientists such as Sheldrake and Hawkins are talking about — acts like a magnetic field of a particular quality of consciousness and energy, drawing us into it just as our moon was drawn into the magnetic field of our Earth, and that our solar system planets and bodies are held in the gravity field of our Sun.

If we simply look at our natural environment, including the sea and space, littered with human-made and human-tossed garbage and detritus, like the ‘garbage barges’ and floating ‘garbage islands’ adrift in the ocean, and increasing fields of ‘space junk’ litter, we’ll have a good idea what’s in the ‘Unseen’ environment and dominant collective energy field.

Garbage in the ocean / Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Image from Cookiesound (see the link to the post below).
Pacific ocean ‘trash vortex’ aka Pacific Garbage Patch. Image: Cookiesound.

This is also true if we find ourselves in a ‘dominant field that is polluted, e.g. low-energy, dense, unconscious, and characterized by norms of fear, greed, pride, arrogance, violence, envy, vindictiveness, and so on.

A powerful, dominant stream or field can emit from someone’s thoughts and energy presence, but can also reflect the larger dominant collective attractor field they’re caught up in or entrained by.

The same is true for any of us.

The work of physicist David Bohm, biologist Rupert Sheldrake, psychiatrist and consciousness teacher David Hawkins, and the late Dr. Emoto, as well as the teachings of the mystics and wise men and women of the ages reflects this understanding.

Water crystal image from Dr. Masaru Emoto for the word-vibration Love.
Water crystal image from Dr. Masaru Emoto for the word-vibration Love.

This is the reason behind the age-old teachings about clearing, transmuting, and alchemizing certain lower qualities of energy, and encouraging us to turn our predominant focus towards the more ‘positive’ attractor field via higher-quality thoughts, words, reflections, images, and practices that strengthen the ‘higher vibe’  or a higher quality energy field.

It turns out that such teachings and practices are not so “woo woo” after all, but eminently practical.

I know – I say this again and again (reminding myself as well as others within ‘ear-shot’). There’s something in each of us that already knows this.

This understanding syncs with the reminder to be mindful what we empathize strongly with … what we focus intently on, identify with, become very very curious about, or get drawn into as if by a seductive magnetic pull.

To be more present allows us to be more conscious and aware of just what qualities of energy and thought are present within us and in our immediate surroundings at any given moment.

Water crystal image after exposure to harsh music. Masaru Emoto.
Water crystal image after exposure to harsh music. Masaru Emoto.

To have a repertoire of practices to alchemize those less healthy energy streams allows us to respond to rather than react from a lower-consciousness ‘wave’ that’s washed over us, or a powerful M-field that has drawn us like a tractor beam into its magnetic field.

Because we are deeply conditioned by the dominant-culture M-field, we can be drawn into or receive waves from the dominant field, and blend with these things very easily if we’re wired empathic- sensitive, and can ‘take it on, take it in’ and mistake it as our own ‘stuff’.

That’s why it’s super helpful in these times, given the potency of the dominant-culture M-fields, to find at least one tribes-woman or tribes-man, one kindred to ‘buddy with’ — where two or more are gathered in kindred-spirit collaboration, the higher-consciousness and thus higher-quality M-field is strengthened.

If we have more than one kindred-spirit buddies-in-the-quest, near or far, we’re very fortunate indeed. The internet has made it more likely to find communities of kindreds, and we give thanks for that.

To have kindreds in the same geographical area, with whom we connect ‘in person’, is fortunate indeed, as it can seem that we’re strewn out over the planet.

Given what David Hawkins’ work shares about percentages, this begins to make more sense. Read on for more about that.

Focusing towards a different M-field …

NASA and Hubble Heritage Project.
NASA and Hubble Heritage Project.

In the Catholic tradition, perhaps hinting at a deeper wisdom that’s been forgotten by many, the Seven Deadly Sins and the corresponding virtues speak to this very theme — what Hawkins’ research, shared in Power vs. Force, measured at ‘negative’ (below 200 on the scale used) or ‘positive’ (above 200, and moreso as one reached above 500 on the scale).

The complement or opposite (or ‘remedy’) of The Seven Deadlies is the corresponding Seven Virtues … or the virtue-qualities taught and encouraged in just about every spiritual tradition.

If we think of these as qualities of energy, the teachings take on a whole different meaning, and practical good sense.

Hawkins, citing Rupert Sheldrake’s works, among others, noted that powerful lower or negative dominant fields could just as easily draw someone into their magnetic field — like a whirlpool or vortex — as could a higher energetic field elevate one who came into it.

Whirlpool in a wee pond. CC-SSA image courtesy Shutinc via Wikimedia.
Whirlpool in a wee pond. CC-SSA image courtesy Shutinc via Wikimedia.

Hawkins’ research emphasizes that higher-consciousness fields would be life-affirming and life-serving, and associated with such qualities as compassion, Love, creativity, joy, collaboration, and ‘the peace which passes all understanding’.

Lower-consciousness fields would be life-diminishing, and associated with conditioned-ego qualities such as fear, greed, envy, arrogance, ‘win-lose’ competition, and violence.

Higher-consciousness is associated with true power and Truth, and ‘power with’, or collaborative alliances. Lower-consciousness is associated with brute force, deception, and ‘power over’.

Hawkins gives various clear examples of “the enormously destructive power of negative energy fields” that draw weaker ones just as easily as powerful magnets gather metal shavings.

He cites more than a few examples of how common modern-culture experiences or trappings weaken one’s energy field and make one more susceptible to the more powerful dominant fields, for better or worse.

Interestingly, the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto with his ice crystals demonstrated this as well (see images above).

Exterior shutters of The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymous Bosch c. 1480-90. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Exterior shutters of The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymous Bosch c. 1480-90. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

So if we’ve found ourselves — as I did, for example, when I was in several living situations — in the midst of energetic, psychic, and/or actual filth, negativity, extreme clutter, abuse, or what we’d call the ‘lower’ psychological states of envy, spite, vindictiveness, volatility, etc., we’d be in the midst of powerful negative psychic and energy M-fields.

In such strongly dense, negative, and/or ‘highly polluted’ environments, we find ourselves not only affected by that dominant energy field, but sometimes feeling like we’ve been hit with a tsunami or have flown smack-into a very, very sticky and toxic web (like Frodo in Shelob’s cave in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King).

As Hawkins notes in his work — and as any of us who’ve worked with energy for a fair bit of time will likely have observed and experienced — it can require more than the usual effort to free ourselves from or ‘rise out of’ the ‘toxic tsunami’ or ‘sticky web’ and the magnetic force of such a field.

Hope in a Prison of Despair, 1887, by Evelyn Pickering de Morgan. PD-US.
Hope in a Prison of Despair, 1887, by Evelyn Pickering de Morgan. PD-US.

This is often when a little help from our kindred-spirit buddies can make all the difference — where two or more are gathered, more is possible than we might be able to accomplish by ourselves.

The uplifting news, which Hawkins also found in his own research, as have others, is that a relatively small number of ‘higher vibe’ (or higher calibrating, to use his term) people counterbalance much greater numbers of people caught in powerfully negative or deeply unconscious, Seven Deadlies states.

From his research, Hawkins states that 15 percent of the human population is currently at various levels of consciousness above the egoic-survival, Seven Deadlies-immersed consciousness (below 200 on his scale).

Within that 15 percent, there are ever smaller percentages as the level of consciousness rises.

Hawkins posits that as of 2002, when Power vs. Force was published, 0.4 percent of the human population was at the 500 (Love) consciousness level.

Though these numbers seem tiny and perhaps depressingly ineffective, he highlights the following:

Ancient Abode, by Gilbert Williams. Copyrighted image shared with the artist's permission.
Ancient Abode, by Gilbert Williams. Copyrighted image shared with the artist’s permission.

One avatar — who is maximally conscious and thus emanating a powerful field into the collective one — counterbalances the whole of the population operating at lower-consciousness states.

One individual operating at Love-consciousness (500 on his scale), for whom Love is a primary motivator, counterbalances 750,000 people operating at the ‘below 200’ egoic survival-greed-pride-driven states of consciousness (which, he says, includes 85 percent of the population).

So we might say that a small percentage of people ‘calibrating’ at higher levels of consciousness counterbalance all the rest, and that a higher percentage of people living at the higher levels of consciousness help ‘tip’ the collective field.

The number influenced rises exponentially as the one individual (and thus more) at higher-still levels of consciousness influences ever-growing numbers of others operating at low and less-conscious states.

This, it seems, is a core purpose of most if not all spiritual and wisdom traditions and the root teachings of them.

To create a rising tide of consciousness that lifts all boats.

And each person consciously participating contributes to that rising tide … and strengthened M-field.

High-Vibin’ Big Love,

In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

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