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[Clue: Cultivate The Way of Creative Adventure]

[You’ll find Creative Adventure: ‘Unrooting from False Ground after the Intro.]

There’s a whole lot going on with most of us these days, isn’t there?

Navigating change and uncertainty is, to me, a real art, and takes an artist’s perspective. I should know ~ I’ve experienced a whole lot of Big Change over the course of my life.

Along the way I’ve learned that, just as with art, it takes inspiration and lots of practice, as well as a willingness to be taken on a journey whose destination isn’t quite clear.

Whether I’ve liked it or not, whether I felt ready for it or not, all of that Big Change gave me a lot of practice not just with change itself, but also in surfing the big waves of uncertainty.

The fear that gets stirred up, the fatigue, and the constricted mind-chatter have sometimes been too familiar to me.

I’ve known well the constriction in my body and breathing, too, once the fear-chatter gets triggered.

But there’s something else, too: an unexpected excitement when I can relax the constriction and find a certain perspective — and shift the stories and ‘broken record’ chatter that I’m holding about what’s going on.

That’s where the art and the practice come in — a sort of creative, curious ‘beginner’s mind’ that also makes good use of the resources and tools I’ve gathered along the way.

And stoking the courage that’s tucked away inside of me, too.

I’m still practicing, because these days, it seems that there’s always something changing, and some new challenge popping up just to keep me on my toes.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’ll find an article below that includes a “mind-shifting” perspective on Creative Adventure that I’ve found helpful, even if I have to remind myself daily and then practice it some more (that’s how it works, you know).

The article includes one of my favorite bits of wisdom from the fab John O’Donahue.

I also shared more tips and practices I’ve learned along the way — and continue to practice — in the “Navigating Fear & Uncertainty,” including much shared here at Sophia’s Children and various other resources, like my fear-busting audio class “Goddesses of Now: Durga & Akhilandeshwari.

For focused attention, you can schedule individual consultation sessions with me to help you “root in true ground” (see the article below), Navigate Fear & Embrace (the Possibilities within) Uncertainty.

Send me an email at jamie ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com to explore and schedule.


We don’t always see tension, transition, or life shifts as an invitation to creative adventure, do we?

It can be hard when we’re caught up in the stress of change or that place of creative tension, standing at the precipice of the Unknown, or being cooked in the crucible of it, to see the possibilities for something new and wonderful wanting to be born and experienced, and to give ourselves over to it.

No matter how many times I’ve been immersed in the creative process, or found myself in that tense, creative transition-space between something ending and something new beginning, I’ve felt the tension and an almost unbearable restlessness in it.

After all, creativity and stepping into the Unknown take a lot of courage, along with a sense of heartful conviction and a strong vision. We find all of these within us, though it may seem at times that one or all have temporarily gone missing and we move forward one Faith-step after another.

There have been times, in that ‘Unknown’ place, when I’ve retreated to the known and seemingly comfortable. There have been times, too, when there was no retreating to the ‘known and comfortable’ because it no longer existed, so the creative adventure of the Unknown was the territory in which I found myself, like it or not.

Sometimes, I’ve found the courage to wait there in that tension, be enveloped by the Unknown, and let some new thing find expression through me.

When I’ve found my way to the latter, it’s because I’ve immersed myself in inspiration.

Along the way, I’ve found inspiration from the late Irish Poet, John O’Donohue, among others, who wrote in his book, Beauty, that when “we begin to awaken to the light of soul … we learn to befriend our complexity and see the dance of opposition within us not as a negative or destructive thing but as an invitation to creative adventure.”

The ‘light of soul’ that O’Donohue speaks of must be tended, nourished, and brought back to life through regular inspiration.

These are often parts of ourselves — inspiration, imagination, our wild and creative hearts — that have been exiled in our focus on the ‘business of survival’, yet they’re vital to our creativity, expression, authenticity, and sense of deep meaning.

When we heed their call into the Unknown and begin the journey to reclaim them, we begin to feel whole again — we feel the depth of inspiration returning to us, awakening our hearts so that we may bring our fuller selves into our relationships, our work, and all else that we do.

Between each of the stages in the creative cycle, we feel the tension and friction that gives heat to the creative process. It can be almost unbearable to wait in that place of tension, and we feel the pull to return to the familiar, the old.

Yet O’Donohue also wrote, in his poem ‘For the Interim Time’:

“As far as you can, hold your confidence.
Do not allow confusion to squander
This call which is loosening
Your roots in false ground,
That you might come free
From all you have outgrown.”

If we have the courage and patience to wait, to engage that place of tension as ‘creative adventure’, something new — something that has long awaited to finds its voice and expression through us — can be born.

And then, we find ourselves free, and rooted in ‘true ground’.

Wishing you a spirit of creative adventure & unexpected joys.

Plentiful Blessings,

Jamie S. Walters
Inspired-Thought Partner and Transformation Guide
Creatrix & Curator, Sophia’s Children • Founder Emeritus, Ivy Sea Communication & Change Management Consultancy (1992 – 2016)
Author, Big Vision, Small Business (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) + a few other writings, too.

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