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Quoteworthy: A Serving of Holy, Sacred Life

"We serve life not because it is broken but because it is Holy.” ~ Mother Teresa Big Love, Jamie

A Flower

Churchyard Posey, Woburn, England. Photo by Jamie Walters. Share under Creative Commons with source attribution and a link to this post.
Churchyard Posey, Woburn, England. Photo by Jamie Walters of Sophia’s Children.

A lovely bouquet and very sweet reminder from Laurel Loves on this auspicious day of Friday the 13th. Enjoy.

Big Love,

Mind Body Soul


There was a flower in her heart, it just needed more room to bloom. And when she let it free, she showed the world that sometimes the most beautiful things can grow in the darkest of places without the need of light. – rm drake

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The Via Feminina: The Garden of the Senses

Continuing on the very Venusian-Taurean theme of coming to our senses... The Garden has long been a metaphor for wholeness, for the mystical Heart, and for the Divine Feminine. In a mechanized, techno-distracted age, the Garden (and all that comes... Continue Reading →

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