Jamie Walters, Transformation Guide, Inspiration Partner, and Creatrix & Curator of Sophia’s Children.

In a nutshell, I support, encourage, and guide fellow change catalysts, ‘creative nonconformists’, and transformation seeders-and-leaders as they (we) experience activation, move through transformation cycles, and emerge (or re-emerge) to share their (our) unique gifts in the world and corner of the world.

It’s an experiential more than an academic calling for me — I share from what I’ve walked, drawing deeply from the well of my experience, the research and ‘maps’ that I found helpful, and the work I’ve done with others before, during, and since.

Sophia’s Children is one pathway for this vocational calling of mine — as were the vessels I created before that (like my long-time change and communication consultancy, Ivy Sea, and its highly regarded online resource portal) and since.

I devote and focus my gifts, skills, and experience in support of both this purpose, and you wonderful people I’m honored to work with: my writing, mentoring, coaching, consulting, astrological and wisdom-tradition experience, speaking, listening, presencing, and myriad trainings along the way.

For the curious among us — and I’m such a one — here’s a bit more ‘intel’ on me (Jamie) and about the how-and-why of Sophia’s Children.

About Jamie

The ‘how-and-why’ of Sophia’s Children

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For a more personalized conversation, send me an email (info ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com) or, if it’s more beneficial to you, schedule a consultation.

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