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Aquarius and Uranus-Prometheus

Energies of Now: The Train (Finally) Leaves the Station.

In the film Sliding Doors, Lydia makes a frustration-laden comment that's a fair expression of the recent weeks (or couple of months). Ever found yourself thinking like this? "I'm standing on the platform at Limbo Central with my heart and... Continue Reading →

Heartistry and Whole-Heartedness: Lùnastal, Edgy Energies, Pivot Points and Possibilities

"An awakened heart is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be honored, protected, and expressed, with all of the fierceness of the regal Lioness and Lion." In these days and times, an awakened heart -- individually... Continue Reading →

Big Love and Hard Places, Redux

In recent weeks, I've heard from more than a couple of peeps and clients experiencing some really challenging times and energies, in various ways. One, a long-time reader and client, requested that I share this particular post anew. It seems... Continue Reading →

Energies of Now: The Fiery Indie-Dragon Stirs (and Some Elemental Help)

It's Independence Day week in the U.S., and the Energies of Now feature the fiery electrical currents of the metaphorical fire-breathing Dragon, along with elemental support to soothe and ground. Depending on our awareness and discernment, of course. As always.... Continue Reading →

A Culture-Shifting Rebel Who Inspired A LOT of People (You May Have Heard About Him)

I appreciated and enjoyed reading Robert Alan Rife's InnerWoven post about a particular historical culture-shifter who: • defied hatred with love, • practiced inclusion and invitation rather than exclusion, • annoyed the Powers That Be (of his time) by opposing... Continue Reading →

Energies of Now: The Rebel Champion Returns to the Garden of the Feminine.

We've had, and are in the midst of, some energy and theme shifts in recent weeks and days. On May 15th, humanity's maverick, rule-bending champion, Prometheus, returned to the Garden on the New Moon to join a Posse of the... Continue Reading →

Energies of Now: Liberating our Warm, Wild-Hearted Genius

Happy Lùnastal and Full Moon lunar eclipse at the mid-Aquarius power gate. I've already written a bit about some of the Heartistry-inviting Energies (and themes) of Now, so I'll share a few things that surfaced intuitively this morning as I... Continue Reading →

QuoteWorthy: The Courage to Follow Inspiration

“I used to think I wasn't compromising enough. Now I realize in making the leap from mainstream technologist and marketer to an artist, I've consistently compromised vision and inspiration to the point its power is diluted. Following inspiration isn't sissy... Continue Reading →

Perdita and Our Divine Gifts

This is such a beautiful and evocative painting from Sandys. I saw it when I was browsing images in my files and, though I wasn't aware at the time its connection with Winter and, in a way, the Spirit of... Continue Reading →

Jung on Separating from the Herd, and Vision Quest Stirrings

Archer at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games -- an exquisite and elegant moment!
Archer at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games — an exquisite and elegant moment!

It’s a fine time to re-feature this rather dry-witted, Saturnian insight from Jung on Separating from the Herd.

It’s nicely attuned to this Friday Sagittarius New Moon and new lunar cycle (neatly trined Uranus in Aries, igniting those rebel-sparked ‘fiery arrows’ of stirred-and-centered vision … are you noticing them as they arise?), and for stirring the vision-cauldron for the months and year ahead.

For a few more themes aligned to the current archetype-energies, vision-quest impulses, and possibilities stirring around and within us, check out the recent post and the insightful and ‘co-lucid’ comments, Rebels and Mystic Sells (and related articles that pop up in the links).

The Trickster and rebel-system-agitator (Uranus-Prometheus) is afoot, but so is the Master Teacher (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Aquarians will recognize the weird, unlikely collaboration of this duo, as Uranus/Prometheus and Saturn are the co-rulers of Aquarius. But at the early cusp of the Aquarian Age, we may all be feeling such stirrings and the agitation of creative friction.

Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).
Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).

Together, Uranus and Saturn are now holding the torch to illuminate and spark the fiery arrows of the vision quest we’ll undertake in the coming months and year, and to transmute … that’d be reduce to ash … the energy of the calcified beliefs or ‘cultural norms’ that are past their expiry date and have gone sour, rancid, or downright toxic.

‘Tis the season.

Reflection Questions:

What purpose clues, vision stirrings, and far-off-horizons call to you?

Where will you aim your ‘fiery arrows’ for the coming vision quest journey?

How will your Phoenix rise over the coming year?

To gain fresh clarity & spark a sense of momentum — schedule a “Commit to Progress” coaching trio or consultation series.

Big Love and Happy New Moon in the meanwhile,

In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
In the Orchard (1912) by Franz Dvorak. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

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In 'The Path', by Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), the artist depicted his own arduous journey through the Himalayas, and also symbolized the 'Narrow Path' taken by true spiritual journeyers. In ‘The Path’, by Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), the artist depicted his own arduous journey through the Himalayas, and also symbolized the ‘Narrow Path’ taken by true spiritual journeyers.

“The words “many are called, but few are chosen” are singularly appropriate here, for the development of personality from the germ-state to full consciousness is at once a charisma and a curse, because its first fruit is the conscious and unavoidable segregation of the single individual from the undifferentiated and unconscious herd.” ~ Carl Jung, The Development of Personality

This is what, in the Hero and Heroine’s Journey, is known as answering the call, which takes the journeyer or heroine, “out of the society that would have protected them, and into the dark forest, into the world of fire, of original experience,” as Joseph Campbell mused.

It’s a powerful notion, and if you’ve answered the call and left the interpreted path

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Heart, Value and Purpose: Venus and Uranus at the Leo Gate

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