“An awakened heart is not a problem to be solved,

but a gift to be honored, protected, and expressed,

with all of the fierceness of the regal Lioness and Lion.”

In these days and times, an awakened heart — individually and collectively — is the medicine for the times, the purposeful mission. And, of course, giving that awakened heart generous expression.

The Energies of Now … have you noticed …

If you’re more sensitive to and aware of subtle (and thus not so subtle) energies, you may have been feeling tired and wired, teary and rage-y, almost-unbearably edgy; as irritated as ever at others’ more-idiotic-than-usual insensitivity, bullying, or passive-aggression; and more scattered as thousands of ideas and insights spark all at once.

Or you may have noticed (and sensed) this in greater abundance around you, or feeling the tension as if it was just about to burst up through the surface.

An Active Zap-Zone Time

Eclipse, time-lapsed photographer. Apod-NASA.

It’s been (and is) busy.

Eclipse cycles underway, tetchy Full Moon past, potential-full New Moon with Solar Eclipse on the horizon, and a bountiful mix of retrograde planets (more inward, Yin effect, in contrast the more outward, Yang … generally).

Just Add Thin Time & Stir.

In the mix, we also have Lùnastal or Lughnasadh — the Gael-inspired early August cross-quarter mid-Summer ‘thin time‘ — on Tuesday the 7th in the morning, Eastern U.S. time.

(In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Imbolc, between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.)

The ‘thin time’ combines with the upcoming New Moon (and Solar Eclipse on the same day), that bunch of retrograde planets involving the Fixed-Sign Leo-Aquarius duo, Retrograde bounty.

The particulars, and the energies and effects, possibilities and potentials, Soul-Force intentions and clues, depend on your particular astro-chart or makeup. (Schedule a Sophiastrology and/or mentor-coaching consultation … more below.)

Edgy, Discordant Times.

There is a lot of disconcerting and disturbing stuff happening — naturally and unnaturally — all around us: fires burning, earth shaking, Hot-Heads spewing, bullies bullying, grand-standers grandstanding, manipulators manipulating, the Conflict Chefs cooking up entire Conflict Buffets.

I know. Yuck.

Thin, edgy, pivot-point times that gives us a sense that the Quest stands upon the razor’s edge, as Galadriel of Lord of the Rings prophesied.

And Yet …

And amidst it all, behind the scenes, a whole lot of people cultivating and doing good, despite it all, and/or maybe inspired to do so because of it all.

That’s encouraging, just when we think we’re ready to lose our minds and feel too vulnerable with our open, raw, tender hearts.

In such ground, we rise up with renewed creativity and inspiration, plant vision seeds and entertain more desirable possibilities (including desirable and actual more-skillful responses to current devastations and Conflict-Chef messes).

More on that below.

The Energy of Now Cocktail & Kundalini

Fire-Breathing Dragon. Image courtesy of Josch13 at Pixabay.

These fiery, electrical macro-energetic may also stir the kundalini energy that Gopi Krishna and others have written about.

Lifeforce. A lot of it activating and firing away within.

If you’ve had kundalini awakenings or Epically Transformative Experiences that heighten sensitivity, the self-care is even more important.

And Then There’s the Heart of It

Even with the fiery electrical watery-emotional stuff getting stirred, we might also be feeling the stirrings and yearnings of the Heart and Soul Force the powerful heart field and heart of (our) matter — calling to us more loudly and insistently than the more easily ignored whispers.

Artless and heartless? Or Cultivating Heartistry? 

Coeur et Coucher de Soleil. Image courtesy of AxelleB via PDpics.

That’s just one of the choices — and not just in the coming days, but the months to come (Eclipse Cycle, etc) — to clarify Soul-Force yearnings, cultivate our Heartistry, and practice and express that in the coming days, weeks and months.

Another choice is to spew toxic stew (a.k.a. psychic vomit) or be a bit more mindful and discerning with the word flow (thought and spoken). Facial expression and body languages counts.

Being kind and considerate of someone else — or even considering that someone else exists — has a nicer ripple effect than the toxic-ripple of being a self-centered, mindless jerk (ouch, right?).

Being a champion of humanity and ambassador of humaneness is a choice, in contrast to opting for cruelty and inhumaneness … which is a lack of heart and imagination at work (deep, deep wounding making itself known).

Astro-Energy Weather: Feeling Tired and Wired (and then some)?

When Uranus (electrical) and Mars (fiery) square off, that’s often a challenge to contain and feels pretty wired. It also increases the potential for offloads and hissy fits (see below for links on that!).

With Mars and Mercury retrograde just now, in the midst of a Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle (another Solar eclipse coming up on August 11th), you may feel and sense an inward pull as well as a seemingly diminished energy.

Mars is in Airy, Maverick Aquarius and Mercury is in Heartful (or Stage-Hogging) Leo … more in the Leo-Aquarius axis to amplify the Eclipse cycle energetics.

Château de Syam, by Arnaud25. CC via Wikimedia.

Take a break from the tech and the EMF/Tron-Smog, get some Nature and grounding (or at least some Slow-Down Time and decent rest), and be discerning about what you take in and what might want to come shouting out of you (mindfulness and discernment are our friends in the Zap Zone times particularly!).

Astro Assistance (Energy Angels)

Why not? Within, and around us as well.

Some lovely Trines (a graceful alliance) between Uranus (about to station and join the Retrograde Crew) and Saturn currently retrograde — both in Earth signs (thankfully) offer some grounding, stabilizing assistance.

Another lovely Trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces — Water, Water, Flow, Flow, Alchemize, Alchemize.

The beautiful ‘water bearer’ is Circe by John William Waterhouse (1892).

Soothe. Shapeshift. Transmute. Evolve.

Venus will have just shifted from Virgo into the second of her home signs, Libra, the Beauty Way of Relating lending some Divinely Feminine mojo to … yes please, more of that just now would be timely medicine, and that does start with each of us, moment by moment, choice by choice.

And it’s almost always a choice, what we intend and how we (practice and) respond … or react.

Themes for the Energies of Now

There is transformative power in releasing the white-knuckle grip and relaxing into non (or less) resistance to what is and instead draw from Divine inspiration for what could be if we put more of our attention, focus, and Life-Force and Soul-Force there.

Where is visionary, maverick Mind and Intellect (Aquarius) not acting from the Heart (Leo) and with an awareness of its effect on humanity (is it humane)?

Rebel without a just and humane, humanity-championing cause, is pretty much a bust-it-up (for nothing) hot-air bag. Unfortunately, they can do some real harm and wreak some real havoc.

Mind without Heart becomes sociopathic/psychopathic. We are seeing some of that bubbling up from the Great Muck Pool just now.

Think Prometheus (remember that one? Refresh your memory here) — champion of humanity and humaneness over the tyranny of the (men who deem themselves) gods, who’ve forgotten who they are and whom they’re serving … that ancient Grail Question.

In times like these, a maverick kindness, Leonine-heartful warmth, generosity of spirit, and wild creativity are revolutionary ways of being.

The Royal Lion and Lioness. Image courtesy of PD Photos.

Themes for the Leo Mysteries include creativity for creativity’s sake, a dignified and regal bearing, joy (that magical self-facet), the magnanimous and benevolent Lion or Lioness, generosity of spirit, fierce (and trustworthy protection of the vulnerable), and whole-heartedness.

In shadow or unconscious mode, we see more egomaniacal, bullying, grandstanding, stage-hogging Divo/Diva or Narci-Narci expressions.

If we intentionally orient towards the themes of the Leo and Aquarius Mysteries, and make smart self-care a priority, we can put this infusion of Soul Force to good purpose on behalf of humanity, as well as ourselves and our neighbors, friends, and family members (human and otherwise).

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And, since it’s yet another Zap Zone, here are some soothing remedy strategies for centering, grounding, and calming the nervous system.

Ceridwen, 1910, by Christopher Williams, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. Image from WikiCommons.

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Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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