Wild Weather [Photo from NOAA via USFRA]
Wild Weather [Photo from NOAA via USFRA]
Yes, we continue to navigate the ongoing Touchy Tantrum Zone that accompanies times of intense energies, archetypal pinches, and overall Big Transformation cycles.

Perhaps you’ve felt it? Or maybe you’ve noticed it (or have been psychically vomited on … see below for more on that!)?

Awareness is our friend, as I always say, despite the fact that much awareness and wisdom comes from experiences we’d have much preferred to avoid.

C’est la vie.

We may as well gather those pearls of wisdom and choose to exercise the better angels of our nature (and exorcise the lesser ones!), even as we’re bandaging the cuts from the razor-sharp shells (to paraphrase Rumi, albeit more directly and much less poetically).

Being aware of the extremely dynamic energies at play right now could turn out to be a very fine thing, when those around you (or you yourself) may be pinched, pressed, nudged, or cornered into having spectacular (and quite sudden) outbursts, temper tantrums, hissy fits (rivaling the most spoiled and cranky two year old!), or other kinds of ‘offloads’ of that hard-to-hold energy.

This is particularly important for those of us who are empathic sensitives (and there is much more  brewing in my creative cauldron on this topic for you, so stay tuned. The ongoing Empaths & Sensitives series offers inspiration and more than a few “been there, done that, learned the hard way” tips and strategies.)

Psyche Opening the Golden Box (John William Waterhouse)
Psyche Opening the Golden Box (John William Waterhouse)

But for now, in the current Tantrum Zap Zone, if we are the ones feeling the melt down and/or breakthrough energies — as in the dynamic, creative pressure to shuck off the false or no-longer-fitting identities grow and evolve — we can choose to engage with those energies in the spirit of creative adventure, rather than hurl what Father Thomas Keating amusingly calls psychic vomit all over other people.

After all, what’s coming up within us is something we can actually do something about if we’re aware of it.

With that mindfulness (which we cultivate through practice in just such gnarly circumstances), we can choose the various tools and resources in our spiritual or wellbeing practices repertoire and dance with the energies and invitations of the moment like any seasoned artist does when creative tension stirs.

But we know (don’t we?) that we can’t do all that much about the choices those around us make when the tension and friction gets amped up — particularly when there seems to be a lack of awareness or consciousness of what’s afoot, or of the harmfulness of dealing with the tensions by spewing them out onto others in less skillful and more toxic ways.

I’ve seen this happen several times this year at astro-energetic pressure points, where people who will say they “don’t believe in astrology or pay attention to that energy stuff” end up being textbook cases for it.

A still from the classic film Nosferatu (1922)
A still from the classic film Nosferatu (1922)

What’s more, such times are Prime Season for energy vampires (conscious or unconscious). Ahhh, the rich wonders of human interpersonal dynamics!

At these key stress points, people in default-mode end up having meltdowns, outbursts, and “can’t take that back” offloads onto other people, who are then left with the responsibility of not just dealing with the offloaded energy (which qualifies as an unintentional psychic or energy attack) but also left with the responsibility of taking the high road of understanding and forgiveness.

And while, yes, we are all human, there is a line that we or others can cross if we’re that unaware or unconscious, or are indulging our whims just a bit too mindlessly or inconsiderately where we cross into the unacceptable, potentially harmful and damaging, way over the line tantrum zone.

Rainbow Falls [courtesy of PD Photo via Creative Commons]
Rainbow Falls [courtesy of PD Photo via Creative Commons]
Alas, since life is a practice ground and we’re “building it as we’re flying it,” it’s better to be prepared, centered, grounded, and carrying a well-stocked magic backpack* of practices and tools at the ready.

We’ve been in just such a hazard zone with the astro-energetics (which mean the forces around and within us), so gather your Self and your magic backpack resources so that you can be not just more adept in dealing with the creative friction that’s arising (and possibly sanding away at those remaining rough edges!) but can actually create with it, all while being more skillful should psychic vomit come flying your way.

Send me an email if you’d like to move more gracefully through these portals with the benefit of a mentor, lantern-holder, and guide — we can schedule a tele-session or I can point you to some helpful resources or previous blog entries, like the posts listed in this ongoing Empaths & Sensitives Series.

In the meanwhile, stay cool like a cucumber in the face of whatever whackadoo hissy fits come your way, and focus as much of your energy and attention on what you want to grow, strengthen, and create in your life.

Big Love and Calming Juju,


* Magic Backpack is one of the brilliant metaphors that I learned from visionary activist and astro-maga, Caroline Casey.

The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)
The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)

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