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Energies of Now: Venus Rising (and Friday the 13th)

I originally wrote this musing in April 2016, when the Taurus Mysteries were rising on the wheel of the year. Then I revisited the Venus-Rising theme, when the Libra Mysteries -- the other zodiac archetype ruled by Venus - were... Continue Reading →

Blog-Share: So Few Degrees of Separation – Finding Gifts in the Family Tree

Blog-sister Leigh Gaitskill, through her Not Just Sassy on the Inside blog, shares a wealth of discoveries from her Ancestry DNA test and subsequent sleuthing into her roots. As Leigh writes, she learned of family tree roots and branches that she'd... Continue Reading →

The Feast and the New Greening (Freshly Re-Greened)

"We cannot live in a world that is not our own, in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not HOME. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, to use... Continue Reading →

Energies of Now: Receive, Reflect, Restore … Love

In Dark-of-the-Moon-esque times, we rest into and align with the very Lunar, receptive, reflective energy of the coming New Moon in the very waters ruled by Luna. And then some. Tending, nurturing, slowing, receiving, rejuvenating, listening, dreaming, visioning, flowing, loving.... Continue Reading →

On Slowing Down and De-Cloning.

“It is harder than it used to be because everything has become speeded up and overcrowded. So everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. There... Continue Reading →

Home and Exile: Uprooted and Growing New Roots – May Sarton

Deep Roots and Spring Growth. Photo by Jamie Walters, 2011.
Deep Roots and Spring Growth. Photo by Jamie Walters, 2011.

Since I’m in the midst of ‘moving house’ as some of my friends say, and thus only marginally ‘plugged in’ for another week or so, it seemed appropriate to share this Sophia’s Children post from a year ago.

Musings on ‘home and exile‘ include a few of my favorite insights from May Sarton and John O’Donohue, though they also connect in to the long tendrils and whispers of ancestral memory and voices, too.

You’ll see related posts and inspirations just below, too, if you want to follow this thread of reflection to see where it leads you (and what it evokes from within).

While I’m ‘shifting roots’ and moving into my new flat, I’m wishing you the blessings and inspirations of your own deep-rootedness, and also the heart-yearnings that sometimes lead us into new growing grounds!.

Big Love,

Sophia's Children

Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan. Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.

“I too have known the inward disturbance of exile,

The great peril of being at home nowhere,

The dispersed center, the dividing love;

Not here, nor there …”

– May Sarton, From All Our Journeys

In Plant Dreaming Deep, Sarton writes that, despite teaching at various American universities and living in university town, she still didn’t feel rooted where she was.

“What I meant by “life” was still rooted in Europe,” she writes. “During those years I went back whenever I could to the strong ties in England, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. I had not yet cut the umbilical cord.”

Then she asks the essential questions:

“And how long would the life in me stay alive if it did not find new roots?”

“If ‘home’ can be anywhere, how is one to look for it, where is one to find it?”

Ariadne in Naxos, 1877, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. (Images courtesy of Wiki-Commons) Ariadne…

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The creative adventure of ‘uprooting from false ground’

Seems a fine time to fan the (metaphorical) flames of the Spirit of creative adventure, which helps us to more creatively navigate in-between times and transformation zones.

Or just get an inspiration boost when we need one.

Plus any time I can revisit and share a bit of John O’Donohue’s (or May Sarton’s) inspiring wisdom, well, that makes me happy.

Big Love,

Sophia's Children

The first of the Voyage of Life paintings by my fellow Imbolc-born Aquarian  Thomas Cole (1801–1848) The first of the Voyage of Life paintings by my fellow Imbolc-born Aquarian Thomas Cole (1801–1848)

“As far as you can, hold your confidence.
Do not allow confusion to squander
This call which is loosening
Your roots in false ground,
That you might come free
From all you have outgrown.”

~  ‘For the Interim Time’ by John O’Donohue

There is an amazing freedom and possibility in the unknown — just as a marshy eco-tone is teeming with emerging Life yet is neither firm land nor water-body. It’s an in-between zone.

We don’t always see the places or times of in-between, with their great tension, transition, or life-altering shifts as an invitation to creative adventure or liberation, though, do we?

It can be a challenge when we’re caught up in the stress of change or that place of creative tension —standing at the precipice of the Unknown, or…

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