Fireflies at Ochanomizu, by Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915). US-PD.

In Dark-of-the-Moon-esque times, we rest into and align with the very Lunar, receptive, reflective energy of the coming New Moon in the very waters ruled by Luna. And then some.

Tending, nurturing, slowing, receiving, rejuvenating, listening, dreaming, visioning, flowing, loving.

That’s the invitation, anyway, if we choose to receive and rest into it (more intel on The Invitation below).

Our frantic, frazzled, angst-ridden, over-tasked and over-teched bodies and minds (and nervous systems) will thank us for it.

But so will the very heart and soul of us.

Why? Here are a few possibilities to consider:

“We live in a culture that celebrates activity. We collapse our sense of who we are into what we do for a living. The public performance of busyness is how we demonstrate to one another that we are important. The more people see us as tired, exhausted, over-stretched, the more they think we must be somehow… indispensable. That we matter.”

“I know I matter each time I look into the eyes of she who matters most to me.”
~ Omid Safi, The Thief of Intimacy, Busyness, OnBeing (link below)

The Valkyries Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes (Image courtesy WikiCommons)

The New Moon in Cancer waxes exact at 10:31 p.m. tonight in New York (for the time where you are, check The Time Now).

We likely feel the fiery electricity and urge-to-urgency that’s also present.

Saturn is in Saj near the energy intense Galactic Center, Uranus near Eris in Aries, North Node freshly in fire-hearted Leo; plus more Yang than Yin Jupiter in Air-element (though Venus-ruled) Libra and the Aqua South Node.

And there’s all manner of energetic and psychic pollution wafting around in our ‘shared field’.

Be that as it may, the currents of Water and the liminal, the yearnings of Heart and Soul, pull more strongly at us. These are strong currents and tides afoot in the coming couple of days.

In astro-symbolic language, that’d be the New Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Luna’s sign of the Crab, and Neptune and Chiron in oceanic, boundary dissolving, Unity seeking Pisces.

Those who are particularly empathic and sensitiveEmpaths & Sensitives to subtle (and not so subtle) energies may find this an even more sensitizing time. Make it a priority to allow spaciousness, slow time (find Energy Hygiene intel here).

But everyone’s mind and body benefits — a lot, in many ways — from slowing down, gathering back, and rejuvenating.

The Invitation
The Moon. PD Image: NASA.

Can we set aside the #FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out (on “something,”) via not checking the tech every minute — and the compulsive busyness, and allow the space for nurturing, nourishing, being receptive, opening to the yearnings of Heart and listen for our Soul’s voice?

The Moon is often associated with Yin, the Feminine, and it’s effects of pulling and releasing tides. Farmers have long known that roots reach more deeply at night, under the influence of the Moon.

We, too, receive nourishment — vital nourishment and inspiration — when we reach (or rest) deeply into the temple that is our body, into the Earth that is our home and our source of nourishment as well as inspiration.

It’s also in this still, grounded, embodied, receptive, and more present space of being that we are more likely to sense, hear intuitive guidance and Divine guidance.

We also gather our energy back from its frantic reaching ‘out there’, and find ourselves feeling more calm, more centered, more luminous, more loved … and more Love.

Crescent Moon Rising and Earth’s Atmosphere. Image: NASA.

And as the Moon gathers and reflects back the light of the Sun — the only way the Sun can possibly know its own brilliance — we, too, gather and then reflect nourishment, nurturing, kindness, graciousness, and Love back to others.

It’s easier to see and feel that in others and be able to reflect it when we’re gathered, centered, and nourished by Love ourselves.

That’s a core, foundational requirement for Sacred Relationship or the Beauty Way of Relating, and yes, that’s a calling, a path, and an intentional ‘North Star’ and practice.

Even if it’s not our calling or purpose and path, each of us can bring a bit of Beauty Way and the magic of Sacred Relationship into our being and the presence we are every day.

As Omid Safi writes in his beautiful reflection:

“Intimacy is what we all crave. We all want to be loved. We want to give love and receive love. We all crave for others to be with us. And that love is often the slow, patient kind. It doesn’t show up on any list of tasks that have been crossed off.”

That requires Yin-time — like the Inner Way of Mary Magdalene.

Amazon Rainforest. PD image by Stac Finkel via MrOwl.

These next couple of days offer some additional energetic support for ‘doing’ just that. You can even schedule it, and cross it off once it’s ‘done’.

For more on how these energies flow and invitations extend themselves in you (and from Life), have a look at your chart.

Feel lost in the currents and fog-zones of your own Life Path?

Want some navigation assistance and the most illuminated clues reflected back to you?

Schedule an astro-Wisdom consultation or ‘reading’.

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It’s one of the vital ways to ‘be the transformation (or ‘medicine’)’ in these times.

Big Love,


Find the full text of Omid Safi’s The Thief of Intimacy, Busynesshere (OnBeing) .