Pythia, 1917, by Jacek Malczewski.
Pythia, 1917, by Jacek Malczewski.

“Tell a wise person, or else keep silent;

for the mass-man will mock it right away.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s The Holy Longing

Many of us are conditioned to reach outward for confirmation, affirmation, approval, validation, and/or understanding from others, with mixed and often deeply frustrating results.

This is particularly true if we have been and are marching in any way, shape, or form to our own proverbial different drummer, which pretty much means that we’re in some way different from the cultural norm.

The different drummer category has long included introverts, empath-sensitives, psychic-sensitives, artists, creatives, innovators, and nonconforming horizon-edge-walkers of these and various other kinds.

In Human Design, those of the Projector profile, for instance, often live into greater awareness of this frustrating conditioned habit of seeking recognition, acknowledgement, understanding, and approval from those who cannot or will not give it.

The same is the case with empath-sensitives or any of the other types of constitution and expression mentioned above.

At Aphrodite's Cradle, 1908, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
At Aphrodite’s Cradle, 1908, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

The more we seek understanding, affirmation, recognition, acknowledgement, and/or approval from those who can’t or won’t give it (e.g. the withholding thing I’ve mentioned in recent posts and in the Empath-Sensitive Series), the more that one-way energy flow becomes a drain.

When there is a one-way energy flow, there’s a win-lose proposition afoot. There’s a lot of that in our culture.

When there is reciprocity or energy balance, called Ayni in the Andean tradition and by other words in other ancestral-wisdom traditions, there is energy balance … everyone benefits.

I’m always revisiting these reminders, and I’m glad for it.

With all of the churn-and-swirl in the psychic soup or collective ‘mind field’ now, it’s more and more important to tend this balance.

This is one of those ‘energy fundamentals’ that seems straight-forward and easy enough, yet can be one of the greatest challenges while also being one of the most important energy mastery lessons.

In Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo Baggins tells his old friend and wizard, Gandalf, that he feels like “too little butter spread over too much bread.”

That’s what being dispersed feels like. That’s what being dispersed is like.

We know this already — our energy follows our focus and attention.

Eddie Van W's Water Reflections (Creative Commons - thanks Eddie!)
Eddie Van W’s Water Reflections (Creative Commons – thanks Eddie!)

With so many people, circumstances, and an over-abundance of seductive distractions calling our attention (and thus our focus and energy) ‘out there’, we find ourselves again and again overly dispersed … ‘pulled thin’ like too little butter spread over too much bread.

When we’re ‘stretched thin’, we’re much less centered, rooted, anchored in our body and on the Earth, and we’re much more vulnerable to the chaos of all that’s swirling in the shared field or ‘psychic soup’.

It matters not how skilled we may be in being aware of and working with energy and the psychic stir that swirls in it, though the awareness, experience, and repertoire of practices we’ve gathered into our ‘magic backpack’ can help us to notice it and gather our energy back to center more quickly.

With so much upset and turbulence being stirred up on a regular basis, it’s become more and more important to tend to our own energy hygiene, and going back to the basics, the fundamentals, and drawing back from the over-complexity and into more simplified center-ground.

"The Goldfish Bowl" (c. 1870) by Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)
“The Goldfish Bowl” (c. 1870) by Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)

Needless to say, this also means drawing back from the conditioning of being in perpetual motion, busy-busy-busy, telling ourselves we don’t have time for the practices that help us to slow down, gather ourselves and our energy and our focus back, ground, and center.

It also asks that we draw back from and ‘re-condition’ from the old, deeply conditioned habits of being ever-‘nice’, ever-pliable, overly available, like the supply pipeline for others (and supply for the Narci-types as well!).

As a spiritual mentor once told me of her own experience, “When I don’t go to stillness, stillness comes looking for me.”

She meant that when she ignored the need to let the swirl settle and let herself slow, gather back, and center, she’d get sick or something else would very surely slow her down, but this forgetful way is much less pleasant, as we know.

Another ancestral-wisdom-traditions teacher reminded us that, “When we don’t consciously choose which energy stream we’re aligning with, we automatically align with whatever is dominant and swirling in the collective field. We know that’s not helpful.

Spring-water fountain. PD-US courtesy of absfreepic.
Spring-water fountain. PD-US courtesy of absfreepic.

When we choose to honor this energy hygiene need, and prioritize it, we’re reminded yet again that when we’ve slowed down, gathered back, and centered, we allow the chaotic swirl drain, calm, and become the ‘still, calm lake’.

From this, we tap the wellspring from which we restore and rejuvenate, and can be much more resource-full … and magnetic to what’s most aligned with us versus the strongest current of what’s wafting willy nilly in the psychic-soup.

We can’t control and sometimes we can’t even influence what’s ‘out there’, but we can choose to cultivate the quality of our own energy and focus, though it may take practice to overcome the conditioning otherwise.

In doing so, each time we do so, we not only feel better ourselves, and are able to be more resourceful and skillful in responding rather than reacting, but we’re more able to be a blessing and ‘good medicine’ by our very presence.

Reveling in the good-juju of a waterfall rainbow. PD image courtesy of Pixabay.
Reveling in the good-juju of a waterfall rainbow. PD image courtesy of Pixabay.

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