Do you feel your Virgoan angels (or demons) being stirred right about now?

How can you tell?

When Virgo facets and essences are activated — as they might be during a Virgo Moon time or when we have other Virgo-activating aspects like there are right now, we can be reminded of Virgoan themes, gifts, and ‘magicks’.

The earth-element Virgo part of us can devotedly tend to all that is sacred both in mystical realms and in the mundane, and lends the healing presence and sense of wellbeing, right where we are.

It may also be a lens through which we can more easily become aware of the sacred that is infused in the everyday matter which we often take for granted, or worse, dismiss or abuse when and if we’re acting from … how shall I say … the less savory demons of our nature.

Ruth St. Denis shining her Aquarian Light, and evoking the Lady of the Lake?
Ruth St. Danis expressing her Virgoan Vestal Priestess, and evoking the Lady of the Lake?

But from the ‘better angels of our nature’, as Abraham Lincoln called them, our more Virgoan facets are the qualities and traits that allow us to devotedly tend to what’s around us; to recognize and thus invite out the sacred (whether it emerges or not is another story, but that’s not within our control, drat it all!).

Perhaps most of all, we can have the Virgo quality of seeing that small gestures and kindnesses can in themselves be big magic.

What’s more, that Virgo part of us also knows that each word, each detail, has its own magic (so knows that by changing one word, one detail, one element of practice, we make bigger shifts).

With Virgo archetypes, we have the theme of thought and word that comes forth from a mindful, heartful, wise place, and thus has the power to be healing and encouraging rather than cruel, diminishing, blisteringly critical, vulgar, or eviscerating (as heart-disconnected thought and word too often are these days!).

For now, remember Virgo’s message:

There is magic and sacred meaning in being attentive to and tending the sacred-heart of the smallest of things, both within and around you.

The Light of the World (Detail), c. 1900-1904, in St. Paul's Cathedral, London. By William Holman Hunt.
The Light of the World (Detail), c. 1900-1904, in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. By William Holman Hunt.

Everything is sacred at its core, because at the core of everything is the Divine Spark or flame.

At the center of everything is the opportunity for the welcoming hearth, and heart.

And we can find unexpected magic and meaning in tending that graciously and with devotion (and in the face of these very intense times, that can truly be ‘tall practice’ and challenge us to the core!

And yet doing so can also be healing to us as well as others, helping us to center into the present, call back our scattered bits and pieces, and focus with healing devotion on what’s right here … and what’s within (that’s where it begins, at heart and hearth!).

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; one deep, nourishing breath; one kind smile; or one word that’s mindfully and well-spoken. That’s a very Virgoan message.

And so on. You get the gist.

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Featured Image Credit: Love’s Messenger (1885), by Marie Spartali Stillman

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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