Here’s an updated (5/25/18) summary about privacy and security of information, in keeping with the new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

(The Washington Post has an excellent article about the GDPR if you’re wondering what the heck is going on with all of these posts and emails about it!)

Sophia’s Children

I value and treat your intel just as I’d value and treat my own, meaning I use a platform ( that has opt-in and opt-out — meaning you choose to follow and/or subscribe. I also don’t spam … hate getting that stuff myself, and don’t want to do it to others.

I also don’t share or sell the information that I receive and see — meaning your email address or ‘follow’ information — with others, so that they can contact you without your permission or sell you stuff.

I don’t collect your private information or store it on my own server.

If I think something’s worthwhile, or think someone’s posted some great content or an inspired post, I’ll just include it in a blog post and let you choose to take a look if it speaks to you.

That being said, Sophia’s Children uses as a platform, and provides links that you choose that will take you conveniently to eJunkie and PayPal to help you process secure payment transactions.

WordPress, eJunkie and PayPal take info-security and privacy seriously, and have done for a long time now.

Sophia’s Children has long partnered with, e-Junkie, and PayPal to provide all of the great complimentary content, as well as access to consultation and coaching options.

These reliable partners collect only the information needed to help you access the content that you want freely, post comments, share or reblog (just like we may share or reblog your great posts!), ‘like’ comments, create WordPress profiles or Gravitars, or access consultation services via links to e-Junkie or PayPal — both of whom/which are very serious about your privacy and facilitating secure transactions.

Each of these great partners has a history of taking privacy and security seriously, doing all they can to ensure reliable and secure payment transactions, and protecting your private information, as well as respecting information you choose to share publicly (and maintaining security, as well as anyone can do these days, against annoying spammers and phishers and scammers who scout the internet for intel).

They collect only the information needed to support your participation, the services you choose or opt into, and/or process the transactions that you choose, e.g. supporting your ability to access blog posts, make comments, create a profile or Gravitar, ‘like’,

From what I’ve read of their GDPR-compliant Privacy Statements, they do have a GDPR-compliant Privacy and info-security program already in place, and they don’t hang onto your information to do creepy things with it or collect information not necessary to any participation or transaction you’re choosing.

Information and related links … 

… so you can take a look for yourself how Sophia’s Children partners, and Automattic, eJunkie, and PayPal take the business of honoring and protecting the information you share:

WordPress (the blog/site platform) & their Umbrella, Automattic: and Automattic communicate that they are on top of it with regards to privacy and security of your intel. You can read their Privacy Statement here:’s Privacy Statement

e-Junkie, my long-time and wonderful go-between (Sophia’s Children to PayPal) for readers who choose consultations:

“In a nutshell, E-junkie’s policies and practices are compliant with the GDPR. Accordingly, we will be able to remove/anonymize on demand any personal data we collect about our seller clientele and/or their buyers, and we have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and drafted a new End User Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum.”

PayPal, my very long-time partner for securely processing payment transactions, has its Privacy and Security statement here.

And here’s a more formal GDPR-aligned Privacy Statement if you want more information.

As ever, I value your presence in my Sophia’s Children community and in our global tribe of those seeding wonderful things into the shared field, and lighting lights of encouragement, inspiration, awakening, and upliftment in our corners of the world (and cyber-garden).

Big Love,


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