How are you? We’ve had a pretty wild year or two, yes?

While I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical this last year or so from new writing here at Sophia’s Children — and social media and online time altogether — some of us have continued conversations, consultations, and text-a-thons (and FaceTime and Zoom!) behind the scenes.

Edvard Munch’s The Scream (1893), “masked” and shared by Lori Kresse.

I, like so many of us, have been beyond busy in-person and on the ground, working (and working through the Covid-19 Times, while some of you may have had the alternative experience and challenge of being sequestered and quarantined at home this Spring and early Summer).

Trying to keep well, help keep others well, and just keep up. Sometimes that’s been an actual-fact challenge!

We’ve been intuiting (or stumbling) our way into a “new normal,” and standing up and speaking up for justice and humanity — seeing anew that Dominator Normal isn’t a good or healthy normal; it’s a very sick one.

Ahhhhh, these relatively rare Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus meetups in play and on the horizon, are digging (and will continue to dig) it up and show us how we can do better!

Twenty Twenty seemed like a few years rolled into one – a year out of time, as I’ve shared in a more recent post. I’ve been hearing that from a lot of you, too.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

So, soooooo much stirred up and revealed, laid out bare (for better and worse) — important things (like how we humans, in the the Dominator Normal, for way too long treated, vilifyied,  scapegoated, and oppressed various groups of our fellow human beings) that some tried to sweep under the collective rug have gotten blown out into the open.

It’s time to clean up our acts, collectively, and in some ways personally since we’re all connected and the collective “normal” is in some way woven into us. We’re mending and reweaving our tapestries right now.

That Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn meetup in play will help make sure of it — as above, so below. Roto Rooter’s not just at the door, it’s in every room of the house.

But you know this already, yes? Me, too. (Yes, that too remains on the cleanup list, despite attempts to sweep it back under the rug!).

In mid-Summer (this one 2020, but we’ll see it in 2021, too) is what some call the Lion’s Gate — 8/8 — and we’re just past Lùnastal (or Lughnasadh, Lammas, and whatever our many ancestors in many times, places, and languages called this midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox).

Una and the Lion, 1880, by Briton Riviere. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

At it’s best, the Lion (and the Fire-element sign Leo) is a symbol for the big-hearted, massively generous of spirit and heart, inspired, creative, beneficent, magical-child expressive and protective, magnificent Solar Masculine or Yang.

If unhealthy or toxic, that magnificent, regal, creative, big-hearted expression devolves into an attention-craving, stage-hogging, Drama King narcissist — sometimes a rather malignant one.

Gee, haven’t been seeing that lately, have we?

Yes, that’s tongue in cheek, and it’d be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly tragic, being writ large (very Leo!) as it’s been.

Aquarius — as in the Age of Aquarius and a new kind of humanity expressed — is opposite the Zodiac (and archetypal) Wheel from Leo.

Aquarius’s humanity and humaneness-championing purpose, and its ability to detach a smidge from the shadow-Leo Drama Drama Conflama and self-centeredness, pulls Leo back into its archetypal Big Hearted greatness.

That’s how Aquarius’s unwavering focus on humanity and humaneness finds expression — through its partner Leo’s big-hearted, creative, generous-of-Spirit, magical-child liberating presence.

We were born for these times, like it or not. How do we know? We’re here, aren’t we?

Let Your Divine-Spark Heart Light & Shine! PD pic from Tao Bao.

And if we haven’t been battered into a sort of numb apathy, or worse, cycnicism, our Heartistry, heart-fullness, whole-heartedness, creativity, generosity of spirit and Big Love are all needed now, in whatever ways — big or small (or both) — we’re inspired to share them (often spontaneously — that’s Fire).

Lion’s Gate and Lùnastal — the perfect time to gather back to Center, breathe Big Love breaths into and from our Heart Center (Leo’s home), and share it out once more.

Here are a couple of related Sophia’s Children archive posts for centering into it:

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My Sophia’s Children sabbatical is nearing its end (sabbatical is a very 12th House thing!), even as I continue to be busy with the local, in-person, women’s health gig and other interpersonal and community matters to which I dedicate a fair portion of each week.

So I’ll see you soon here in our Cyber Gardens, with some renewed vision for the next cycle of Sophia’s Children and to see what you have brewing as we evolve our medicine to the needs of the times.

You too?

Big Love and Be Well in the Meanwhile!


Image Credit: Valley of Sunflowers, Public Domain Image (PD Net)

Coeur et Coucher de Soleil. Image courtesy of AxelleB via PDpics.

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