“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice

from those who have never left home.”

~ Rumi

Hope in a Prison of Despair, 1887, by Evelyn Pickering de Morgan. PD-US.
Evelyn Pickering de Morgan. PD-US.


A Skillful Transformation Partner.

A Graceful Communication Guide.

The Creatrix & Curator of Sophia’s Children.

And … She is …

A calm, kind presence.

A Pattern-tracker.

A Sense-maker.

A Meaning-finder.

An Inquiry adept.

An Insight and inspiration catalyst.

An Idea-Jam partner.

An Underworld & Hero’s Journey Returnee.

An Ancient-Wisdom, Modern-Times strategy weaver.

An experienced guide for Change Agents & Transformation Leaders.

A Writer and “content” strategist and creator.

A Skillful-communication coach.

All with warmth and a fair bit of humor woven through.

Yours Truly, Jamie. Transformation Guide & Sophia’s Children Creatrix and Curator.

Most of my clients, apprentices, and ‘mentees’ over the years have wanted (or needed) to get ‘from here to there’, preferably with some grace, skillfulness, and effectiveness.

They’ve asked …

• How do I navigate this rough patch?

• How can I move more gracefully through this change cycle?

• How can I communicate this more skillfully … and authentically?

• How can I manage this heightened sensitivity and ‘mind chatter’?

• Where has my sense of clarity, motivation, and purpose gone?

• How can I more deeply explore the re-emerging Divine Feminine and the ‘fruits’ of all of the loss and/or transformation I’ve experienced?

The Question is the Lantern

Questions like these make the most of the gifts I’ve been given … the skill, understanding, and perspective that I’ve earned through deep ‘in the trenches’ experience with change, transformation, and communication.

I enjoy making the most of my experience to help someone else navigate these ‘from here to there’ patches more gracefully, confidently, effectively.

So I serve in these roles:

Coach, mentor, idea-jam dialogue partner, believing mirror, content-strategist, wordsmith, and experienced counsel.

Reflecting my own journey, I draw from and weave in multi-tradition timeless wisdom and practices that help do the above more skillfully … and keep-center and stay sane (sort of) while traversing the in-between patches.

Highlights of courses-of-study and/or certifications include:

• Strategic Change Facilitation (Interaction Associates, San Francisco)

• Coaching for Performance (Interaction Associates, S.F.)

• Skillful Meeting Facilitation (Interaction Associates, S.F.)

• Crisis Communication

• Energy & Intuition Medicine, Emei Qigong, and other Ancestral-Wisdom and Energy Healing studies (mid-90s into the present — for more, see the detailed Bio).

• Berrett-Koehler author, and published writer and blogger over many years and in many formats.

(See Jamie’s full professional bio for more details.)

How can you schedule a coaching or mentoring session, or consulting engagement?

Leap right in — schedule a coaching session or trio of sessions (that’s really optimal for getting some momentum).

Explore the Current Featured Offerings.

For more in-depth consultations around communication, content, or navigating change, send me an email (info ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com) and we’ll see what might work best given where you are and where you’d like to be … here to there.

For a bit more on my own ‘journey story’ and the ‘why’ of this blog and my work, read on. You’ll find more below.

Big Love,


Oh, and What’s With the ‘Sophiastrology’ Thing?

Certain astrology traditions can help shed light and insight where purpose and transformation-cycles are concerned.

I’ve tapped the astro-wisdom for years now, and it’s helped shed light and illuminate clues where light and clues were most appreciated.

Since I often drew up a chart for clients moving through Big Change & other ‘W.T.F.’ Cycles, some started asking for Sophiastrology checkins and sessions specifically.

So that’s an option, though it’s usually best when it’s part of ongoing coaching. Even so, you can schedule a Sophiastrology ‘reading’ and go from there.

Grass maze at Dalby, Yorkshire, England. Public domain photo from Simon Garbutt via Wikimedia.
PD from Simon Garbutt via Wikimedia.

A bit more of my own story …

I’ve lived a fair bit (just post-Chiron Return now), and had the good fortune to do and experience some things I never really thought I’d be able to do or have the chance to do, like creating a business, getting my writing published, traveling, being a coastal-Californian for two decades, learning from some amazing elders, and having some truly wonderful friends, and so on.

And in some cases, I’ve navigated things I never thought I would ever have to do…like a Near-Death Experience (and the common NDE ‘aftereffects’ and other Epically Transformative Experiences).

Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons.
Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons.

That landscape included some real-deal Dark Night sleepovers, Underworld excursions, and Life As I Knew It crumbling into rubble and ash.

All so I could be stirred alive and remember what’s truly real and valuable and investigate what it’s like to do the Phoenix Thing (and the ‘Return’ part of the Hero’s Journey!).

Sounds glamorous to some, perhaps, and while it surely had its dazzling moments and gifts, there were also some core-challenging rough patches that knocked me flat.

A real buffet of experience!

So I’m moved to write, consult, and otherwise draw from experience as well as research to hold a lantern and share ‘intel’ that might make my fellow NDE/EPErs and Underworld Journeyers way just a bit easier in places than my own has been.

Particularly when those in the Transformation Zone are also those who are the horizon-edge, paradigm-shifting transformation leaders, change catalysts, vision ‘seeders’, and creative nonconformists of our times.


Because I know only too well that every little spark of light, every graciously extended hand, every bit of heart-sparking inspiration, and every bit of true care and kindness can make such a huge difference in the dark or seemingly forlorn places we find ourselves in sometimes — or even just at the beginning of some audacious, seemingly impossible endeavor or vision that other people seem a bit too keen on diminishing and discouraging.

Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.
Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.

As it happens, I’ve gathered up more than twenty-five years of experience consulting on things like high-conflict communication scenarios and navigating big — or epic — change and transformation.

I’ve also logged a couple of decades studying a variety of ancestral and spiritual wisdom traditions with some amazing elders and wisdom keepers, and like all good students do, I practiced, practiced, practiced. I’m so genuinely grateful to my teachers.

Drawing and weaving the best from both streams of experience, I write for and consult to the transformation leaders and change agents who are in the crazy-wilds of transformation, and/or who are doing their bit to “tip” things in the direction of an emergent conscious, sustainable, Wisdom-centered culture.

I’m definitely a geek for the latest findings coming out of food-medicine (aka conscious and ancestral nutrition insights), neuroscience, and consciousness research — both the Ancestral Wisdom and contemporary sciences offer clues and practices for navigating change, renewing vision, rejuvenating from burnout, and staying sane in these crazy times of ours.

Circe, the Priestess, 1911, by John William Waterhouse.
Circe, the Priestess, 1911, by John William Waterhouse.

I created Sophia’s Children, founded Ivy Sea, and had the good fortune (and writing discipline!) to be a Berrett-Koehler author (and researcher and writer of many things along the way).

Chocolate and Other Wee Tidbits…

I’m really fond of these things …

Quality conversation; dark chocolate; stories of heartful daring, graciousness, and magic; explorations of how strengthening our roots helps us to weather transformation-storms; conversations with anam cara (over food, or at least an enjoyable beverage!); moments of genuine connection, delicious sensuality, myriad walkabouts, my beloved felines Luna & Baby Cat, and various other explorations and adventures.

To learn more about working with me via coaching, consulting, multi-tradition spiritual direction, mentoring, or self-study resources, begin here.

I can be found through this Sophia’s Children blog, the Berrett-Koehler Author web site, or you can connect and send a direct message or inquiry via email (info ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com) or social media:

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If you want to know more about my longer-running history facilitating and advising on Skillful Communication & Change/Transformation Leadership, send me an email and I’ll be happy to speak with you about that!

jamie ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com

Thanks so much for stopping by! I genuinely appreciate it.

Big Love and Be Well.


Collaborations with Kindreds

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