Bird of Paradise at San Francisco's Botanical Gardens. Photo taken by Jamie S. Walters of Sophia's Children. Use it with credit given and link to this post per Creative Commons guidelines.
Bird of Paradise ~ Photo by Jamie.

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We’re living in times that constantly test us – challenging life-long beliefs and norms, and (if we’re lucky) shaking us free of internalized or inherited toxic-normal patterns.

Wise elders like Joanna Macy, David Korten, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, and Desmond Tutu — and others — have given these times names like The Great Turning, in which “the Great Work” of everyone who wakes up and lives with greater awareness of our interconnection with all of Life is vital.

What I share here at Sophia’s Children grows out of my own ‘real world’, lived experiences at the ‘fierce edges’ and horizon-edge frontiers. Given who I am, I can gather, learn, and distribute the deep research that I do along the way.

I gather and share that ‘intel’ with other kindred spirits who are seeding and leading the ‘new paradigm’ while being and often living through the change, transformation, and consciousness shifts.

Things like:

— Living through ‘perfect storms’ that up-end “life as you knew it” – something that can only be understood by someone who has experienced it;

— Increasing your awareness and mastery of “energy hygiene,” healthy self-care, discernment, and the truly epic power of habitual thought and word patterns;

— Timeless (and time-tested) spiritual or philosophical foundational teachings — they’re still around for a reason. Understanding and practicing them intensely practical;

— Turning those lovely, timeless ideas into practice (expression and action) — resilience, presence, kindness, skillful communication, ‘right livelihood’, conscious attention, embodied leadership (whether you think you’re ‘leading’ or not).

If you feel moved by the practical value of timeless wisdom and stirring awareness & consciousness alive in our age of epic distraction, uprootedness, and uber-bullying — and/or find inspiration and insightful clues here at Sophia’s Children —  there are several ways to help sustain the work.

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Sunflowers at a California Street Market in San Francisco. Photo by Jamie S. Walters. Use with source attribution and link per Creative Commons.
Sunflowers at a California Street Market in San Francisco. Photo by Jamie S. Walters. Use with source attribution and link per Creative Commons.