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Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting. Why … and For Whom?

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• You are experiencing (or have you experienced) life-altering (and consciousness) “quakes,” non-negotiable change, or “We’ve definitely left Kansas, Dorothy” life-transformation;

• You feel like the bottom has fallen out from beneath you or Life’s gone topsy-turvy;

• You’re spinning in neutral — You’ve got a strong sense of purpose and a lot bubbling, but aren’t sure about timing, pacing, or whether to turn right or left at the crossroads;

• You’re a transformation ‘seeder’, change catalyst, horizon-edge walker, and/or “creative nonconformist” who feels like you’ve got a unique, “not necessarily normal” calling and … what to do, what to do?

• You often feel or sense that a lot of people around you don’t seem to see, hear, or ‘get’ you;

• You’d really appreciate the benefit of having an (experienced as well as book-taught) Anam Cara, Believing Mirror-style mentor/coach who can ask the right questions, reflect back, help you reframe challenging experiences, and remind you of your golden thread of purpose, passion, and innate gifts — your Mojo;

• You’re likely an Empathic-Sensitive and/or socially intelligent introvert in a culture that has neither recognized nor appreciated those gifts — and you’re ready to both appreciate and put those gifts to good and skillful purpose … and do that in your unique way and style;

You sometimes need to prevent (or restore from) the “transformation fatigue” and “change-agent burnout” that can come with being a transformation catalyst and/or empath-sensitive in these wild times we’re living in.

I get it. I really do.

These are the things I’ve personally lived deeply, navigated for real, and continue to live, explore, and adventure into still.

As a transformation-catalyst who has experienced these life-altering changes, I’m devoted to holding the lantern and helping others to find their way … so they, too, can discern, inspire, and live into that path and purpose with awareness, wisdom, grace, and skillfulness.

For a lot of years now, I’ve also worked with others navigating these very things.

The services I offer grow out of that deep, personal and professional experience, along with plenty of research along the way.

Coaching, consultation, or Sophiastrology with Jamie can help you:

• open to or refresh a meaningful sense of purpose & a “vision that pulls you,” anchored in your truest values;

• feel more centered and focused, less scattered and overwhelmed;

• navigate big change and epic transformation more skillfully;

• restore and rejuvenate from transformation fatigue and change-agent burnout — or avoid it; and

• recognize what your unique ‘medicine’ is to offer the world through your presence and actions;

• explore various questions, adventures, and possibilities as you look forward.

Client’s Say …

“This was really energizing, really inspiring … so much more than I expected from the session! This was the kind of high-level coaching and presencing where you’re using a range of things, guiding me through the practices, listening, and reflecting back phrases that painted a canvas where the language spoke to … alchemizing. The coaching sessions helped to transport me.”

~ Lawrence Ellis
Founder & President, Paths to Change Consulting
& Horizon-Edge Thought-Leader, California
Garden of Eden, by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805 – 1900), American Folk Artist.
Garden of Eden, by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805 – 1900), American Folk Artist.

“I had been feeling trapped and stuck.

But while speaking with Jamie, all kinds of little doors in my head began pinging open, and today they’re still wide open — wider open, even. Now I feel full of possibilities and potentials again.”

~ Terri R., New York

Clarity & Purpose Boost or Breakthrough Coaching & Sophiastrology+Intuitive Consultations

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Current Special Offerings

Want to explore other ‘hybrid’ coaching or more indepth consultation options?

Send Jamie a direct email to jamie ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com to explore what will best support your full, meaningful, joyful expression moving forward.

For more about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Sophiastrology– my personal hybrid-approach to astrological wisdom and readings, and why I include astrology in my repertoire for guiding change-agents and transformation-leaders, check out the Sophiastrology page.


17th-century fresco, Cathedral of Living Pillar, Georgia of Christ in the Zodiac circle

“I just wanted to take a little “time out” to let you know how “Rich” your reading truly is for me.

Having this information in this format (for the first time) has been of huge benefit for me. I continue to marvel at the extreme accuracy of the information!

I honestly don’t think I would have found a road-map like the one you have given me ANYWHERE else. 

Your Sophiastrology reading has given me so much validation for what has ‘played out’ in my life. It’s a great inspiration!”

~ Carolyn, Florida


More In-Depth Transformative Leadership & Change-Agency Consultations:

* Clarify how best to communicate your vision and gifts with your particular audiences, and language your communication content accordingly.

* Given a lot of years of experience with sensitive-issues communication, organizational and personal change and transformation issues/cycles, I do continue to consult with leaders and change agents looking for inspiration, clarity, and skillfulness in these areas.

  • Navigating transformation-leader and change-agent burnout and “transformation fatigue.”

For more on leadership and transformation-related communicating consulting, contact Jamie directly at jamie ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com — we’ll begin a conversation.

“Jamie creates an atmosphere of warmth and humor, and at the same time holds the center and focus as her clients move toward their goal.

Most importantly, she is a joy to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I recommend you don’t miss the chance.

~ Julie Daley, San Francisco Bay Area, California


“Thank you for appearing as an angel at this time in my life. Your presence, our conversations, and the guided imagery session you led me through brought me great peace and inspiration.”

~ K. Ely, Arizona

“Jamie, it is invaluable for me to be seen by someone who has walked the path. It’s the only comfort I have been able to find during this passage.”

You have an ability to hold and understand the incomprehensible. You’ve been a clear mirror for the chaos that is psycho-spiritual clearing and evolution.”

“You bring your own experience in to make someone feel less alone. You have done the work, personally. But you also bring in wise words and concepts and frameworks to aid in the almost impossible task of putting “it” into perspective.”

~ Kim, San Francisco, CA


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I do ‘walk my talk’ and take time away from technology, so if you don’t hear back from me immediately, you’ll know why — and know that I’ll be in touch as soon as I log back on!

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Big Love, and Be Well.