The year 2020 is now in the rearview mirror, never to return — something that most people seem glad about, even while a lot of vital conversation was stirred, old norms and unhealthy complacency shaken up, and ongoing dialogue and growth is still well underway.

As the saying goes, “You never step into the same river twice (even if you step in at the very same spot each time!).” Life, like that river, is always flowing.

As far as fresh writings for the Sophia’s Children blog was concerned, 2020 was something of a sabbatical for me, though I tended, pruned, and updated more than a few existing posts behind the scenes.

We’re now into mid-2021 already — how did that happen? And to me, and more than a few people I know, 2020 seems like one of those epic, altering “year of of time” kind of years. A whole lot of norm-challenging events that invite us to evolve and grow our limited perspectives (and open compassion and heart along the way), and of course the inevitable backlash to those forces from those who’d rather maintain the norm or “go back to the good old days” (which were “good” depending on your perspective, and not so golden for many).

I’ll be back with more musings to share and themes to explore in the coming months, so stay tuned. Until then, you know I’m wishing you well. Need to explore more personally? Check out those services above.]

In the meanwhile, this post is like a retrospective of life in January 2020, when anything was possible, hardcore challenge was written in the stars for the year, and Covid-19 was still lurking in the shadows. What a difference a year-plus makes!

[Written: January 2020] Happy 2020 to you, and Epiphany, too (the latter, just past on one calendar and upcoming on another – either way, it’s a really good theme for the Energies of Now).

Were you happy to see the 2019 calendar-year come to a close? Relieved?

I know that for me, 2019 had me much more in the on-the-ground, out in the community, person-to-person realm, which meant more time away from the laptop, writing, and my beloved Sophia’s Children cyber-garden where kindreds stop by from time to time, as well as my own visits to some of your wonderful blog-spaces.

How about you?

When you reflect on the end of 2019 and 2020, do you feel the uncertainty or anxiety swirling, given the events catching the news headlines and the underlying gut-knot energetic of it all? And the underlying medicine or potential?

Fiery Lantern. Photo courtesy of Myriams Fotos, Pixabay.

Yes, there is a lot swirling, to be sure, and more than enough to have sane people feeling on edge, if not at the edge of the collective concern and despair.

No fake-sugar coating or spiritual bypass here, sorry to say – it’s more empowering, ultimately, to engage rather than to bypass. Neither Saturn preparing for a square-off with Uranus, nor Pluto still drilling the depths of Normal, will let us get away with La La Land for long. Even hard-core cognitive dissonance addicts will find their cog-dis shaken and stirred.

Heavy stuff, which is pretty well aligned when we start a new year with a full-house (a.k.a. a Stellium, in astro-language) in well-earthed, sometimes leaden, and always Saturnine Capricorn just now.

That said, there is always a lot of good, a lot of beauty, invitation to learn and grow, and much worth noticing, appreciating, building on, and standing with and for, too (as the steadfast Samwise told Frodo in Lord of the Rings). It’s important to keep a balance with that, because it’ll come in handy as 2020 unfolds its mysteries, surprises, challenges, and gifts for us.

Some years ago, I wrote a post called Transformation Fatigue and Keeping Heart — an ongoing issue for any of us who, well, actually give a sh@!, er, care, for what happens and what unfolds, and whether there is an element of compassion, caring, healing, insight, and wisdom to counter-balance the seemingly endless malfeasance of the Narci/Psychopathic folks in our midst.

That does keep us on our toes, yes?

Cosmic Question Mark. PD from Nafpatkia wallpapers.

What About the Saturn-Pluto Thing Happening Now?

Yes, it’s a cycle coming to a close — this cycle having started in November 1982.

What does that mean, collectively and personally? There’s a lot of insight to be found in looking at the astrological cycles.

For a really, really good and wise overview of the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction — and just what kinds of things actually happen in these cycles historically (including our own personal history), read one of my favorite astro-Wise Women, Anne Whitaker of Writing From the Twelfth House, here:

In the End is My Beginning: Paradox and the Saturn-Pluto Cycle (by Anne Whitaker)

Regardless of the challenges to the “old normal” that may lay ahead, may 2020 unfold with grace, joy, and wellbeing for you and for all, and may you find lanterns along your path and restorative wellsprings and sources of inspiration when and where you need them.

For self-care in the meantime, here’s a refresher: Amidst the Whirlwind, Center.

There is always the possibility for healing, renewal,  creative, compassionate problem-solving, and some wild, Holy Grace, and it begins with each of us, wherever we are.

Big Love and Fierce Compassion,


Featured Image Credit: Expulsion – Moon and Firelight, 1828, by Thomas Cole. {{PD-US}}

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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