Boreas, by John William Waterhouse (1903), Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

I’m writing this on Day Two of our snow-infused Winter Wonderland here in New York, with at least two feet of fresh snow since the wee hours Tuesday.

In case we were confused about it, Mother Nature has, once again, emphasized what real power is, eh?

When I was out walking yesterday early afternoon, in snow-induced quiet and streets that had not yet been plowed, I felt not only better for the fresh air and walk, but I noticed a certain light-hearted camaraderie amongst those of us who were walking about.

Here’s an Energy Weather update that brewed up over the last few days.

With all that’s been stirred up since last Autumn and into this new calendar year, more than a few of us have perhaps felt and experienced the ‘after effects’.

I’ve received more than a few reports from peeps and kindreds experiencing waves of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, grief, hopelessness, at the edge of despair even.

And, of course, there are other emotional states and resulting ‘bubbling over’.

It can be a challenging thing to mindfully manage such intense emotional and energy/psychic waves, even for those who are aware enough to notice it.

For those who aren’t aware of it, and lacking the inner or outer resources to deal maturely and constructively with it, well, out comes another wave of outbursts, hissy fits, tantrum yoga, and psychic vomit.

Look out, and wear your plastic slicker. 😉

Lightning in Atlanta, GA, from the NOAA Lightning gallery.

With the energy/psychic (and expressed) storms of recent months, some of us may have noticed a sense of shift even in our own purpose and progress — being aware of a sudden recalibration, in which there is a felt sense of the ‘tracks’ or ‘momentum streams’ shifting, and something akin to a pause as ‘new marching orders’ or purpose-clue-trails begin to take shape.

What’s playing out of the local, national, and world stage may very much reflect the energy & psychic weather — and thus the astrology that is one language for such energy/psychic weather.

That said, it’s an interactive kind of theater unfolding on these multi-faceted (and multi-dimensioned) stages, so just as behavior may be a projection or enactment of the prevailing energies and archetypes of now, it also creates its own ripple effects (or shock waves) that, like electrical currents, ripple back into and through the shared field.

That can be, and seem and feel, like a lot of stimuli and ‘input’ streaming in, for those who are more sensitive to it.

Needless to say, this requires the gathered-awareness and a handy repertoire of energy hygiene (including psychic hygiene) practices to draw from.

If you understand how energy works — the energy patterns behind the ‘seen’ activity — you’ll understand this metaphor.

For those whose soul purpose is, at least in part, being a frequency bringer and/or frequency ‘remedy’ (like a vibrational remedy, e.g. Flower Essence, sound healing, etc.), shifts in the dominant M-field would mean a shift in the particular remedy needed to balance it.

I’ve written posts in the Empaths & Sensitives reader-favorite series, about various NarciPath tactics and m.o.’s, and shared a few other blog sisters’ work on these topics as well (like the recent post-share of Shahida Arabi’s latest Narci-intel article).

One tactic and intentional effect of a NarciPath is being something of a shock-jock to unsettle, throw people off center (and often into reaction and/or self-defense, etc.), and getting off on the sense of ‘power’ that gives the shock-jock.

The harm that it causes is inconsequential to these types, since empathy and conscience are often lacking (if present at all) in these personality types.

So they actually enjoy — like an addict would enjoy a narcotic, for example — provoking others into reaction, upset, confusion, or resistance (since in the latter, all of the attention is still on the NarciPath(s) in question, rather than on the remedy).

Again — No blame or shame; it’s just that matter of recognizing behaviors and patterns and tactics so we can respond rather than “react all over the place.

Switching Tracks, by Aaron Walters. CC via Wikimedia.

We’re seeing this dynamic in abundance, too, on a few of the larger theater stages in recent months, and now.

So for some of us, this sudden sense of shifting purpose, happening at the same time that there would seem to be a need for urgent reaction or resistance, can feel pretty frustrating, overwhelming, anxiety-provoking, even if we’ve navigated such passages before.

If it’s a first-time or second-time passage through this particular ‘bog of confusion’, it can seem alarming for sure, so connecting with Wise Women who have actually experienced and thus gained some mastery through the various cycles and passages can be very, very helpful.

Remedy Clues?

A specific approach would likely be slightly unique for each person, since we’re not clones.

The Blue Bird, 1918, by Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877-1958). PD-US.

But generally, it’s never a bad idea to begin with energy hygiene basics, and this fundamental practice:


Gather your attention, and thus your energy, that’s been overly dispersed ‘out there’.

Concentrate the energy in and around you.

Sink roots (or feel the taproot that’s already there).

Inspiration and wiser action seem to flow more from this centered, rooted place than from being overly dispersed, thin, barely rooted, unmoored.

Regardless of how busy it seems or how quickly ‘time flies’, I’ve also found it wise — from learning the hard way — to ensure bits of time and space to go a bit more slowly and gently, and prioritize little oases of restorative practice.

As one mentor said (from experience), “If I don’t go to quiet, quiet comes looking for me.” We can make it a pre-emptive, proactive priority, or we can let Life whomp us flat in order to allow the mind and body the rejuvenation time it requires.

This is all the more important during energy-intense times and when there’s much change, shift, and general agida stirred up. We can feel it, for sure. Whether we pay attention to it and take mindful action, well, that’s the question and challenge, yes?

Check out the Empaths & Sensitives Series and Energy & Psychic Hygiene Mastery for more handy tips and clues on what unskillful tactics to be alert for, and what energy hygiene practices might be helpful.

Big Love & Joyful Mindfulness,