Water crystal image from Dr. Masaru Emoto for the word-vibration Love.

“Those who stand in the fires of uncertainty, despair and fear with presence, awareness and discernment are spiritual warriors. And in an age of digital distraction, emotional shaming and bypassing, we need all the spiritual warriors we can get.”

~ Allison Caw,  “For Those Still Uncertain, Grieving and Fearful Post Election

Amen to that, sister. (Read Allison’s full musing for the context of that insight.)

So the gist (duh) is this: Real Spiritual Warriors don’t rush into ‘insta-fix’ to bypass the tough stuff.

To experience and embody the fullness of joy and other virtue-gifts (that overflow out of presence and bless many), one has to experience — versus bypassing and burying — the whole spectrum.

It’s interesting to see what’s spiraling back around and resurrected anew these days! (I’ll post soon on just such a topic … stay tuned.) In the meanwhile …

Fierce and Fiery Wisdom — 16th Street Goddess, Mission District, San Francisco. Photo by Jamie Walters (Share it with credit + link to this post. Merci.)

To stir your spiritual warrior self (and enliven hidden gifts, ripe for resurrecting now):

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If you’ve wandered the byways of Sophia’s Children for any time at all, you’ll know there’s a “wild bounty” more where these come from — it’s kind of the point of this cyber-seva space of mine!

Happy (Almost) Spring (or Autumn, if you’re in the Southern Hemi!).

Big Love,


Glengesh Pass in Ireland, by Jon Sullivan. Photo courtesy Mr. Sullivan and Public Domain Images.

p.s. I was going to post something apropos to St. Patrick’s Day, but the above-shared is what came up to share today.

I think the real St. Patrick might be pleased with that (and so would my “wild Gael” ancestors!).

(Find good perspectives on the real St. Patrick here and here … seems St. Pat was a spiritual warrior himself!)