Yes, I’m resurfacing after a sabbatical (of sorts) from the Sophia’s Children blog, though no sabbatical at all from practicing the Way out in the world. No complaints – there’s been (and remains) a lot to do.

How are you? The last year has been action-and-challenge-full, yes?

So much so that “2020” has become its own inspiration-sharing umbrella meme. There are many 2020 retrospectives to choose from, but one of my favorites is Mad Skillz’ “Throw it in the Trash 2020”.

The epic drama and evolutionary nudges (or full on “Wake up and come to your senses!” or Cher-in-Moonstruck “Snap out of it!” head-butts) continue as we begin a new calendar year, as we’ve seen and heard, shook our heads over, and felt shocked and enraged by.

No rest for the transformation-fatigued (read about that here): This is no time to fall back to sleep; we still have the demons of toxic “isms” conditioning that need exorcising, transmuting and healing, and the humanity-stirring work of (and that flows from) that, both within and around us.

I’ll be back soon – like the stirring fires of Spring, I’m stoking the inner writing and blog-community fires, just as I continue my “busy” out in the world (like so many of you do, too!).

In the meanwhile, I’m wishing you heartful restoration and rejuvenation to stir and strengthen the Big Love we’ll all need to presence and express more of in the coming year.

Gather more inspiration during this Imbolc-Candlemas and Là Fhèill Brìghde with this refreshed Sophia’s Children musing.

Big Love,


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Featured Image Credit: Brigid’s Wayside Well, County Kildare, Ireland. See this link from the University of St. Thomas blog for the wonderful article of this and other Brigidian sacred wells.