Greetings, my friends! I hope you’re well. I’ve been more quiet in recent months where posting here at Sophia’s Children is concerned, but I’ve not been absent. Far from it.

Life’s had me sharing gifts and presence a bit more fully out in the local community, face-to-face and with (mostly) women navigating challenge-crossroads and/or spiritual questing; as well as delving deeply into research for a gestating body of work (I’ve hinted in a few Sophia’s Children posts, but will share more when the right-time arrives!).

Mystery in the Galactic Center. Image courtesy of NASA.

Plus, in astro-language, it’s a 12th House Sun- (and Mercury, and Venus) transit time, which always seems to re-task at least one of my main “satellite dishes” towards deep-space listening, even if my other facets are very much attuned, present, and busy in the day to day!

Here’s something to share with you in the meanwhile…

My kindred-spirit friend, Leeby of Shamagaia, shared a reflection on the Dark Night of the Soul as a call to awakening as well as a pathway of service in our times.

Our forebears traveled these pathways in their times to pass the wisdom through the generations, so that we might piece together the map that guides us through, too.

Leeby’s post on Shamagaia begins:

“Remember yourself,” and that’s really what it is.

Gateway at the Cistercian Abbey of Thoronet, in Provence, France. Photo by Jamie Walters. Use with Creative Commons citation and link.

Leeby shares a perspective on how the true Dark Night and/or Underworld experiences — often symbolized by Pluto (and Pals) transits in astro-language — are aimed at precisely that: Remembering, and revealing gifts and gnosis-insights to share and pass along in your own way.

Sounds powerful, and it is, nor is it the easiest or most ego-stroking journey. (Amusing, right?)

Whether through the experience itself, or what it unlocks and activates within us; by becoming Healers of the Ancestral Tree, and/or sharers of whatever wisdom-gems we learn along the way to provide signposts to our fellow travelers, there are gifts to be gained and shared.

And that journey continues to unfold.

Read Leeby’s Dark Night: Call to Awakening at Shamagaia.

Hoping you’re all very well!

Big Love,


Featured Image Credit: Expulsion – Moon and Firelight, 1828, by Thomas Cole. {{PD-US}} 

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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