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Flame-Tending: Who (and What) Feeds Your Flame?

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Energy Hygiene, and a BlogShare: Why I Quit My Dream Job – Brennalea

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The Three Illusions That Keep Us From Stepping More Fully Into Life

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Fresh Beginnings: Who’s Your Muse?

New Solar Year. New Lunar Year. New Moon. New vision. New beginnings. New adventures. New mindset. Any time we begin anew -- or want (or need) to stir new inspiration and meaning into what's already underway -- it's a fine time to invoke our Muses. This Sophia's Children article explores the tradition of the Muses of Inspiration, and how we might connect with our own Muse ... or Muse Posse! You'll even find clues about how to spot the Muses in your astrology chart (which itself is a clue-map from a long-running wisdom tradition!).

Creativity, Vision, Renewal, and Deep-Yin Time

Wherever we are, whether we're moving into the season of shorter days and longer nights, or easing from daylight to the dark of night, we move into the Deep Yin cycle of Nature. Ancient wise ones -- and some of... Continue Reading →

There’s A New Story Being Born

Fog meets the Golden Gate, San Francisco. By Sandiegoguy30, generously shared via Creative Commons and WikiMedia.
Fog meets the Golden Gate, San Francisco. By Sandiegoguy30, generously shared via Creative Commons and WikiMedia.

Another world is not only possible, she’s on the way and, on a quiet day, if you listen very carefully you can hear her breathe.” ~ Arundhati Roy*

There’s something compelling about being reminded that a new story is trying to be born into being — and be born into the world through us.

Have you been feeling that … the uncertainty, the pressure, the pull of something trying to be born through you, to be midwifed into being by you and your fellow midwives?

It may be something you’ve been feeling, following, and stepping (or stumbling, or getting dragged kicking and screaming) into for quite awhile now.

A sense of purpose that sometimes you can see and feel clearly, and sometimes not, as if you’re moving forward step by step across a bridge between old — what’s passing, and new — what’s being born — in one of those thick San Francisco fogs, in which you can see maybe one step, one foot in front of you?

On the cusp between two worlds, two ways of being, with a bridge in between, as showed itself in a vision I saw in meditation some years ago.

Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons.
Bridge in the Woods (1885-86), by Rafail Sergeevich-Levitsky (1847–1940). Image courtesy WikiCommons.

I feel that way, a lot, as I know some of you do.

I love the places of clarity and certainty, of course; who doesn’t?

It often seems so much nicer than that seemingly perpetual uncertainty, doesn’t it? Yet uncertainty is what we’ve got, in boatloads.

So uncertainty becomes the mastery path, the invitation, the question to live into.

More often than not, it’s that step-by-step feeling and sensing my way over the bridge — with the uncertainty keeping me company all the way — through the thick fog, not wholly seeing what’s ahead, just knowing that’s just the direction to walk.

It pulls, even as the uncertainty of not seeing through the fog stirs anxiety. And then, pause, gather, center, tune into the inner seeing and the inner knowing, and another step forward.

Letting Life lead … letting the Spirit lead me, you, us, forward, into the new yet not yet seen and away from the old normal (and as Aunt Francis reminds us, “Normal is not a virtue, my dear!”).

It’s so different from what I was taught, and most of us are taught, in the ‘Western’ culture: to ‘make it happen’, to push, muscle it through, ‘conquer life’. Ha ha. What a bizarre and somewhat delusional control-freak fiction, and it does take quite a bit to be shaken loose of it!

But the new story will be born, bizarre, delusional fictions of cultural conditioning (and a rather big side-dish of pride!) aside.

A wee, green oasis in Death Valley, CA [Photo courtesy of PD Photo via Creative Commons]
A wee, green oasis in Death Valley, CA [Photo courtesy of PD Photo via Creative Commons]

As Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shares, this is:

“… a new story, arising from deep within the psyche of humanity and the world soul at this moment in our and its evolution.”

“… the story of life evolving, recreating itself anew, but we are needed to midwife it into existence.”

A new story that requires us to remember and reclaim the ancient, ancestral wisdom, even as the new story that’s being born pulls us forward.

Thanks to Anna Lin from Healing Streams for sharing the following snippet from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee today (continue on to see the excerpt, and a link to his full article).

I felt glad and deeply appreciative for the reminder of Llewellyn’s words … that something’s being born, and the birthing process isn’t without moments of discomfort.

No matter how long I’ve immersed in the Wisdom, or how long I’ve been step-by-stepping across that bridge in the fog, letting the new be born through me (and the old to be shucked off and die from me), I appreciate the reminders, always.

Can you feel the bit of that new story pulling you, nesting in you, drawing you forward through the fog?

Another world-story is possible … can you hear her breathing?

Big Love,


* Arundhati Roy’s quote is from a speech entitled Confronting Empire given at the World Social Forum in Porto Allegre, 28 January, 2003. (Source: WikiQuote – Arundhati Roy)

Healing Soul Streams

lily valley  b975d29a2a69045ed5a54b1f706fc1b6

“There is a new story waiting to be born, waiting to redeem the planet and nourish our souls. It is a story of a oneness that includes the diversity of creation in a self-sustaining whole, a story that can bring back the magic within nature that is needed to heal our damaged planet. It is a story of co-operation rather than competition or conflict. And it includes the mystery of life as well as the understanding that science can give us. It is also a new story, arising from deep within the psyche of humanity and the world soul at this moment in our and its evolution.

We are not the sole creators of this story, because it is the story of life evolving, recreating itself anew, but we are needed to midwife it into existence. As with all births it needs to come from the inner to the outer…

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