Mother of the World
by Sophian, Nicholas Roerich

Perhaps you’re one of many who feels  called to greater authenticity, purpose, and heart-and-soul-aligned meaning for your own life and for the collective dream?

What clues might be find about our Big Purpose, our dharma, if we clue-hunt and pattern-track in the story of Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess?

While we can look to things like our astro-natal blueprint, clues from Human Design ‘intel’, and inner-guidance (via guided visualization, etc.), here’s a bit of ‘starter’ Sophian Muse Food for reflection and exploration.

In the Sophian Mysteries conversations I had with Sophia peep John Lamb Lash, we talked about our sense that Sophia, “counts on the human species to wake up and break free from the matrix of the Archontic powers and engage the divine opportunity of life on earth, interactively with her own awakening to the nightmare of human history.”

Hmmm, wake up and break free from the Matrix. How very now.

The Sophia Mysteries also point to several Divine Gifts — our endowment from Sophia — that assist us in disengaging from the Matrix and dreaming something more heartful, life-and-soul affirming, and altogether more delicious.

Temple of Vesta by C. Hölscher

Other wisdom-stories of the Goddess reorient our focus and stir our Divine gifts, too. Remember Artemis, her gifts, and her example of being true?

This is just one example, and as we explore in The Academy of the Divine Feminine, there are others that spark and guide us.

Ultimately, fingers can point the way, candles lit by others can guide us, but no one else can free our minds and hearts but us. It’s an individual path, but we can find good company.

And it can be its own kind of joyful effort and fun, as we reclaim our Goddess hearts and the wise, feisty Feminine. Every remembrance, however seemingly small, counts.

Fresh musings on that coming soon; stay tuned.

Lots of Love,


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