Beth Alpha Zodiac, 6th Century Mosaic, Biblical Archaeology. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Beth Alpha Zodiac, 6th Century Mosaic, Biblical Archaeology. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Sophiastrology + Intuitive Insight

First, let me just say …

My Sophiastrology & Intuitive Insights approach isn’t the old-school, kinda punitive and Nocebo-focused” astro-consultation or coaching that leaves you feeling depressed, limited and pretty much like crap.

Who needs that?

There’s too much of that soul-crushing discouragement out there already.

I’d rather empower and inspire you, so …

My approach and intention is this:

I look for clues that will help to inspire you, stir your gifts and heartful passion, and reflect back reminders of who you truly are — what makes you unique and amazing (and what that means in this culture and world!).

I weave in suggestions, recommended practices and next steps, suggested reading that stirs the inspiration all the more.

Because the world needs you to be you, fully and powerfully, skillfully and confidently!

The Sophiastrology + Intuitive Coaching readings are one of the ways I support that mission and purpose.

(PowerShift and other coaching/consultation options are some of the other ways).

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If you’re curious and want a bit more intel about how I approach it and how I weave my intuitive insights into a reading, here you go.


That’s what I’ve ultimately decided to call my hybrid approach to astrology as a “navigation tool” and one “map” for purpose clues, insights, encouragement, and wisdom as we move through the cycles and adventures of our lives.

Because I’m intuitive … it just stirs up and overflows … I include intuitive insights in the Sophiastrology consultations as well.

So the Sophiastrology+Intuitive Insights summary ends up weaving astro insights, purpose clues, affirming reminders, handy practice and next-step action tips … sort of astrology-meets-coaching.

Astrology, at its best, is:

An ancient wisdom tradition that uses mythic and symbolic language to reflect energies, cycles, patterns, storylines, archetypes, and specific gifts that are unfolding or be stirred awake at any given time throughout our lives.

More and more, as horizon-edge scientists find that all is energy, and that we are interconnected with all of it, the bridge between science and the ancient wisdom traditions grows stronger.

And that’s how I approach and offer astrology as a tool … a.k.a. Sophiastrology.

I’ve had the good fortune to learn from some visionary, wise, and insightful mentors and examples like Caroline Casey and the late Steve Nelson, along with several others over the years.

And through my own epic transformation cycles, I learned a lot more about the Wisdom tradition of astrology and it, in turn, shed light on the cycles, archetypes, and energies — the myths and stories — that I was living.

What clues and insights, wisdom and guidance, and timely reminders might be waiting for you just now?

What refreshed sense of purpose, confidence, and inspiration?

South Rose Window - Christ With the Zodiac, 1451, Cathedral of Saint Maurice.
South Rose Window – Christ With the Zodiac, 1451, Cathedral of Saint Maurice.

A Sophiastrology+Intuitive Insight-Coaching consultation can help you:

• open to or refresh a meaningful sense of purpose & a “vision that pulls you,” anchored in your truest values;

• gain insight into and navigate big change and epic transformation more skillfully;

• receive affirmation of your unique gifts and “how you’re wired … and how to live into those with more self-honoring and confidence; and

• explore various questions, adventures, and possibilities as you look forward.

The Sophiastrology+Intuitive Consultation can help you feel …

• more confident,

• more inspired,

• more purposeful,

• more clear,

• ready to take more empowering next steps.

I do NOT offer ‘fortune telling’ or Predictive astrology for if or when you’ll get married or win the lottery.

To do so would be disempowering to you, and I’m more into inspiring and empowering you.

Plus, ‘predictions’ or ‘predictive astrology’ tends to:

(1) come through the lens of the person making them, for better or worse,

(2) narrow the scope of possibilities, which isn’t helpful, and

(3) violate the ‘prime directive’, if you will … interfering with your own path and discernment.

I’m with Master Jedi Teacher Yoda – “The future is not yet written.” To implant specific outcomes for others is, to me, a sort of nocebo*.

I DO offer…

There are stories, themes, cycles, potentials, purpose seeds, and gifts that want to be stirred alive … by and within you.

Through the chart, I receive and share these ‘clues’ and Believing Mirror reflections help to stir your own innate Wisdom, soul memory, and genius … much more empowering and possibility enhancing.

There are also those initiatory or transformative cycles that some of us might live through, according to our path and purpose.

These  are the things I look for in and illuminated by your astro chart, which is a map of the cosmic patterns, energies, and archetypal influences that we live and dance with.

“I can’t tell you how helpful this Sophiastrology reading has been for me, Jamie.

It has helped me to accept certain experiences and release them. And it’s also so helpful to know that there really are cycles and greater patterns or initiations at work sometimes that we go through … that aren’t due to some mistake!”

~ K. Berley, California

17th-century fresco, Cathedral of Living Pillar, Georgia of Christ in the Zodiac circle

“I just wanted to take a little “time out” to let you know how “Rich” your reading truly is for me.

Having this information in this format (for the first time) has been of huge benefit for me. I continue to marvel at the extreme accuracy of the information!

I honestly don’t think I would have found a road-map like the one you have given me ANYWHERE else. 

Your Sophiastrology reading has given me so much validation for what has ‘played out’ in my life. It’s a great inspiration!”

~ K.C.B., Florida

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I welcome your inquiry.

Contact me by direct email at info ‘at’ sophias-children ‘dot’ com and we’ll see what new inspiration, encouragement, and sense of purpose awaits you.

Big Love,

* Nocebo is that which is presented as a strong, authoritative, and or foregone conclusion, and thus “appears to cause an adverse effect on a patient or participant although it has no known biological effect.” (Wikipedia is the source of that, and Lissa Rankin, M.D. has shared informed perspectives as well.)