It’s been a wild few weeks, on the macro and micro, and life’s kept me busier than usual in the local, interpersonal, in-the-thick-of-it realm.

Even so, quite a few Sophia’s Children musings have been brewing and incubating, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, I’m delighted to share a musing from a blog sister, about why she quit her Dream Job.

Sometimes once we’re ‘there’, we realize that ‘there’ wasn’t quite what we thought it would be … or the difference we were so committed to making seems hindered from every direction.

In some cases, ‘the System’ — the status quo and its keepers — bars any significant change, and change-makers.

In others, those obstacles may serve as “clarifying angels” for our vision and what has heart, joy, and meaning for us. The hindrances can lead us to consider other ways of making that difference, or strengthen our roots, resilience, and resolve.

Read Brennalea’s musing here:

Why I Quit My Dream Job (from Brennalea)

Tollymore Forest Stepping Stones. Image: Ardfern, 2010 – CC-wikicommons.

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It’s also a very good time to refresh and recommit to the Energy Hygiene awareness and practices — sensitizing Energies of Now (all of that oceanic Piscean juju!), with a bit of fiery electricity ‘live wire’ thrown into the pool).

Empaths & Sensitives / Transformative Experiences: Energy Hygiene

Big Love and Be Well.


Featured Image Credit: Sirene, by Gaston Hoffman (1883-1926). Public domain image {US-PD}.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

What might you create, live into, and affect in the coming months or year?

How might you reconnect with your unique Golden Thread?

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