“There’s a famous quote: ‘Every man who knocks on a brothel door, he’s looking for God,’” he says. “Crack houses and these dens of suffering and illicit activity, they’re all people trying to feel good, trying to feel connected. People are trying to escape. People are trying to get out of their own heads. To me, this is a spiritual impetus.”

~ Russell Brand, in Relevant Magazine (Jan-Feb 2018 Issue)

Russell Brand isn’t a wallflower, and hasn’t been quiet. He’s known for his provocative and status-quo-challenging style in his work as a stand-up comedian, actor, and activist, and has his own radio show.

But he may well also be something of a fiery prophet, challenging norms and complacency that needs to be stirred up, like the prophets of old (and any other time).

Relevant Magazine, January-February 2018 Edition.

In this Relevant Magazine feature article, Brand draws from his own experience with addiction and his long, persistent road to recovery — along with what he sees as a parallel struggle for people and culture as a whole.

“Essentially, Brand believes that instant-gratification culture has led to a culture of addicts …,” Jesse Carey, the Relevant Magazine writer, notes.

Brand “…  now feels the answer to breaking out of this vicious cycle—not just as an individual struggling to get clean from drugs, but as a culture—is a spiritual one.”

This perspective isn’t new — it’s ancient, and crosses myriad cultures, times, and traditions. It’s wisdom and insight that he, as with many of us, discovered (often thanks to those low places where Grace flows in).

It’s also a shift in how we might harshly judge or view certain people and things, and may find us “seeing with fresh eyes,” looking with a bit more compassion, opening the way for fresh insights, creative ideas, and renewed sacred activism as we go through our days and weeks.

Have a look at the full interview/article in Relevant Magazine.
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Featured Image Credit: Russell Brand, by Eve Rinaldi, CC-Wikimedia.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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