Confidences, 1869, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
Confidences, 1869, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

“One person alone can’t do it. I’ve learned that. But two people? That’s a done deal. If two people believe in the same thing, it’s automatically real.”

~ Bulahdeen, in Lost Lake, by Sarah Addison Allen

There’s that age-old saying: Where two or more are gathered, all things are possible. All things. Just like Bulahdeen said.

That’s why — when you’re in a valley-time and your confidence has been shaken (not stirred), and you’ve forgotten what you’ve created, who you are, what you’re capable of, and what’s possible – you need Believing Mirrors, not Diminishing Mirrors.

The same is true when you’re nurturing a budding vision, starting a new adventure, or keeping your focus and commitment when the path to vision is a bit more challenging or tenuous.

It’s both powerful and vital to have Believing Mirrors in your midst to remind you that you can, to shine that beauty and a bold, brilliant, heartful possibility back to you, to stir your confidence, encourage, and help you reclaim (and maintain) your mojo.

This is golden and precious and rare, and has the effect of the most wonderful, rich, nourishing organic fertilizer.

The Puritans [Image source unknown]
The Puritans
[Image source unknown]
But it’s equally powerful, in a much more toxic way, if you’ve got Diminishing Mirrors in your midst who, wittingly or unwittingly, consistently seem to reflect back the more meager vision, the lack of possibility, the lesser potentials and more miserly options.

Negative Nellies (or Neds). Nattering Nabobs of Negativity (as one former U.S. politician called them). The folks who can take the wind out of your sails in a New York minute.

Those who have a Diminishing Mirror effect seem more than willing (or goddess forbid, even eager) to discourage, deflate, diminish your idea, your vision, your confidence, your sense of possibility, you.

Believing Mirror. Diminishing Mirror.

There’s a huge difference in the quality of influence each has on  us. You can feel it, right?

Needless to say, we want to spend more time with Believing Mirror peeps and minimize or carefully manage our time with the Diminishing Mirrors in our midst.

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And here’s a clue about ‘Diminishing Mirrors’ — those who can take the wind out of your sails in a New York second — in The Wake-Up Juice edition, “Vision and Inspiration Zappers.

I’ve been musing deeply on this, and noticing it around me, so there’s more on this topic (and others) coming up. It’s an important topic. Stay tuned.

Big Love,