Ceridwen (1910) by Christopher Williams (1873 – 1934). Image from WikiCommons.
Ceridwen (1910) by Christopher Williams (1873 – 1934). Image from WikiCommons.

“We can rediscover the wisdom of Cerridwen’s Cauldron, or the underlying support of the Stone of Destiny, if we are ready to venture beyond the confines of this frantic world into the silence of past realms.

If we enter the stillness of a meditation, walk the wandering mindways of the ancient peoples, recognizing their sacred places and times, we can draw strength and calmness from the mystical regions.”

~ Marian Green, in the Foreword of the very lovely little treasure of a book, The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations, by Claire Hamilton.*

Cerridwen was the Great Dea of inspiration, magic, transformation, and renewal, among other things, for the ancestors in what’s now called Wales.

The Stone of Destiny was one of the four treasures of the Tuatha de Danann of the ancient Celt traditions. More on those gifts in later posts (stay tuned).

Here’s what I’ve written in a previous Sophia’s Children post about Cerridwen and her cauldron of inspiration, magic, regeneration, and renewal:

“In some tellings about Cerridwen, her cauldron was called Awen, a word that referred to the Otherworld in Druidic tradition.

Cerridwen’s cauldron was filled with the elixir of Life, from which all that is manifested comes. And the cauldron, like the chalice, is a symbol of the Feminine.”

Pythia, 1917, by Jacek Malczewski.
Pythia, 1917, by Jacek Malczewski.

In many cultures over eons, the gifts of inspiration, magic, transformation, regeneration, and prophecy were seen to be part of the realm of the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, and of the women assigned those gifts in this world.

Those ancestral lines, along with their wisdom and gifts, were violently severed by those whose greed and lust for power was threatened by the ancient ways of knowing and of clear-seeing, the deep connection with Life and the  awareness of our Divine Gifts and how to use them.

The ancestors and Life itself call to us to remember those ways and that wisdom because it’s needed now.

Quite a few of us have the purpose or dharma to hear that call, feel its yearning, and follow it so that the wisdom-way can be rewoven and the wisdom itself remembered.

As we follow the call and seek it out on those spirit-byways of the ancestors, we quicken the fire and stoke the cauldron, and find ourselves walkers between the worlds who bring back the insight and wisdom needed now.

Quicken your cauldron-fire and acquaint with Cerridwen – have a look at the Cerridwen’s Creative Cauldron post in the Sophia’s Children archives, or access the Cerridwen’s Cauldron audio program available to the FeMojo Mystery School supporters.

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