A Street Altar, 1883, by Sir Lawrence Alta-Tadema.
A Street Altar, 1883, by Sir Lawrence Alta-Tadema.

I wrote recently on the ‘power word’ benediction, and today it’s blessing and welcoming hospitality that arise, deliciously, for reflection.

In the February message from Friends of Silence, the reflection theme was friendship, but moreso a quality of blessing and welcoming hospitality that seems the gift of the anam cara or soul friend.

Even more beautiful, as we cultivate and work with these ‘power words’ or qualities, we notice their essence rise and spread within us as well as overflowing outward to friends and even strangers alike.

When I feel out of sorts — and that’s easy these days — these are among the simple practices I return to to restore a sense of center and graciousness (another power word!).

The Friends of Silence message started with, “…the value of a life well-lived is not measured so much in accomplishments as in the way we treat each encounter with another person as an opportunity for welcoming hospitality.”

In the various reflections included, is one from the late beloved poet, author, and former priest, John O’Donohue, whose inspiration I’ve included in Sophia’s Children meditations before:

A Clear Well With a Little Field, 1883, Marie Spartali Stillman.
A Clear Well With a Little Field, 1883, Marie Spartali Stillman.

“It is such a blessing and privilege to have people who continue each day to bless us with their love and prayer. These inner friends of the heart confer on us inestimable gifts.

In these times of greed and externality, there is such unusual beauty in having friends who practice profound faithfulness to us, praying for us each day without our ever knowing or remembering it.

There are often lonesome frontiers we could never endure or cross without the inner sheltering of these friends.

It is hard to live a true life that endeavors to be faithful to its own calling and not become haunted by the ghosts of negativity, therefore, it is not a luxury to have such friends; it is necessary.” ~ John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us.

Kitten, 1900, by William Clarke Wontner.
Kitten, 1900, by William Clarke Wontner.

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May you be showered with a thousand golden blessings (or another color, if you prefer!). And may you increasingly be blessing and hospitality embodied. (Sounds like fun!).

Big Love,