The Galactic Center. Image from Susan Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) et al., JPL-Caltech, NASA.
The Galactic Center. Image from Susan Stolovy (SSC/Caltech) et al., JPL-Caltech, NASA.

[11-6-17 Update: This is fresh once more, as Saturn in Sagittarius transits to its original retrograde degree and conjuncts the Galactic Center midpoint for the third and last time, and completes another Trine with Uranus in Aries. Some potent fiery electrical energy stirring!]

There’s a bit of Galactic Inspiration coming our way, just in time for the Holy Days and a fresh new calendar year.

Might you have a particularly powerful connection to this? Read on, my friend.

Saturn, and later this year, the Sun, will once again transit the Galactic Center (G.C.) astrological degree in late Sagittarius (26-27 Saj), completing a Trine with Uranus in Aries and stirring up some interesting conversation, possibilities, and perhaps even a few potent, fiery, and electrical Cosmic-Juju pulses into the shared energy field in which we all dance.

The ancients didn’t call it the Music of the Spheres for nothing; it’s a symphony, and we’re all both instruments and dancers in this grand cosmic dance.

I’ve long had an interest in the Galactic Center because, first, I’m a stargazing astronomy geek.

I once walked straight into a parking sign that had been plowed into and thus angled into the sidewalk, because I was staring up at a couple of planets sparkling in a rare clear night sky in San Francisco. True story, and I had a curious bruise on my forehead to prove it.

And secondly, my interest in the G.C. stems from the fact that my own astro-chart ruler … that’d be a ruling archetype-energy reflected in your cosmic blueprint … is smack-dab on this degree in Sagittarius.

Plus I’m super interested in just how these symbolic, mythic, archetypes and the energies and patterns associated with them do in fact seem to sync with experience and years of observing curious and quirky humans doing their thing.

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy, October 25, 2002. (NASA-APOD). Image credit: MSX, IPAC, NASA.
Journey to the Center of the Galaxy, October 25, 2002. (NASA-APOD). Image credit: MSX, IPAC, NASA.

Are you a Galactic Center transmitter or conduit of Galactic Center juju or consciousness waves? 

Or might you have someone in your midst who is … or who may be a G.C. killjoy?

The clues are in your chart (if you’d like to partner for a Sophiastrology Consultation for you, to see what clues and messages hint at your role in the Cosmic Symphony of Now, see below).

Whether you’ve got a personal cosmic connection between your astro-blueprint and the G.C. or not, certain astro-transits are said to act as amplifiers of the energies and archetypes involved.

For example, the Sun transits the point each year, as do certain other ‘fast movers’ in our solar system. Less frequently do the slower-moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto.

Pluto, epic transformer, transited the G.C. in the 2006-2008 timeframe, kicking up all manner of things during and in the wake of its transit. Uh-yup, I learned a lot about Pluto’s radically transformative transits during that one.

Here’s a very wee snapshot on the Galactic Center story:

The Galactic Center is a supermassive black hole and the rotational center of our cosmic home galaxy, the Milky Way.

It’s also the source, or the region, from which mega-Xray flares shoot forth and magnestars with super-powerful magnetic fields exist, as recorded by the Chandra X-ray Observatory launched by NASA on July 23, 1999. (The Chandra’s specialty is detecting X-ray emission from very hot regions of the Universe.)

Sagittarius A at the Galactic Center. July 23, 2014. Image courtesy of The Chandra Observatory, NASA.
Sagittarius A at the Galactic Center. July 23, 2014. Image courtesy of The Chandra Observatory, NASA.

Several of the most powerful X-ray flares have been noted in recent years, according to The Chandra Observatory media releases.

Could this be linked to prophecies about ‘time speeding up’ (or seeming to), Rainbow or Shambhala Warrior emergence (or activations), and seemingly amped-up energy frequencies?

The possibilities are … Divine.

Whatever the story might be, or what stories and reports unfold, it kindles the imagination and stirs up our mythic imagination, which can lead to inspiration and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

The Galactic Center in astrology.

In mythic, archetypal, and evolutionary astrology (to name a few ‘specialties’), there are various ideas about how the Galactic Center — with its super-dynamic, X-ray flare emitting black hole nature — might speak to us, inspire us, and perhaps ‘wire’ us.

In short, people with particularly potent Galactic Center aspects in their astro-chart are often found to be transmitters of that ‘frequency’, consciousness-frequency ‘seeders’, or be ‘ahead of their time’ with the ideas they receive, spark, and seed.

They might be horizon-edge leaders (whether recognized yet as leaders or not), or rebel-presences stirring up and disrupting the status-quo that’s become toxic and harmful.

This would be akin to what the late Dolores Cannon called volunteer souls. There have always been those at the horizon’s edge of the dominant culture or mainstream, after all.

So if you’ve long felt like an alien or a wee bit different, this could be one reason!

Some Galactic-Center aligned peeps may seem to be those who seem to block, stand against, or seem to want to repress that kind of forward-thinking, horizon-edge consciousness.

It all depends on the story the chart suggests.

However we might view it …

The mysteries of the Galactic Center, whether as they’re studied by astronomers or by astrologers or ‘Galactic Center People’, can be a source of wonder, re-enchantment, imagination-stirring, and fresh possibilities.

And that’s pretty powerful medicine.

Curious about whether you’ve got Galactic Center connections – and how that fits into your story?

Book a personalized Sophiastrology Consultation.

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These are also potent energy waves rolling through the shared field, so it’s a great time to re-dedicate to wise energy hygiene and self-care — it’s what allows us to share our gifts and presence more effectively and joyfully.

And whenever there are intensity-spikes in our shared energy field, there will be those who overflow into hissy fits and tantrums and offloads. To know it’s a possibility helps us keep our center and respond more skillfully.

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