Anais Nin’s Mermaid Musing image from Raising Ecstasy.

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.”

~ Anais Nin

I’ve shared this quotation from Anais Nin’s writings before. There’s a truth to it, for some.

And yet it’s the perfect image and musing for the very, very watery energies of now. And we’re all swimming in these waters.

Even writing this entry, the energetic feels more like stream of consciousness flow of MerMusings. Ahhhh, the Water realm.

As you may sense, too, there is so much happening beneath the surface, behind the scenes, and between the lines now. Those of us who are naturally wired-and-purposed to be Walkers Between the Worlds are feeling that calling heighten now.

That’s been my experience — insights percolating rapid-fire from beyond the 3D ‘reality’; behind-the-scenes conversations with peeps exploring and unveiling new ways of seeing, being, and understanding; notebooks filled with the questions and the musings; and intuition-energy sessions with clients that reveal that the weather in the Field (or pool, sticking with the water theme) is as volatile as the weather in our surface world here in Middle Earth.

Whatever ‘reality’ looks like on the surface at the moment, the real action is in the Unseen, behind the veil — energy is on the move, shimmering, vibrating, getting ready to flow (if it isn’t already). But then, that’s always really the case — things are created and shifted first on the energy plane.

My previous Sophia’s Children entry, The Energies of Now: Rising Waters of the Intuition Age, mentioned that we’re in Water World, energetically and archetypally speaking, with what in astrological language is called a Grand Water Trine.

A lot of the mentions of the Water element and archetype focus on emotion … our felt sense. True enough. We dive from the airy world of intellect and thought into the ocean of feeling, sensing, and emoting.

Yet I also think of the Water element in the Five Element Theory, where it is flow as well as feeling and emotion; where it is the carrier of intelligence in the way that radio waves are. Too much water, and things get submerged and wash out. Too little water, and the land becomes parched.

Desert Photo from NOAA
Desert Photo from NOAA

The Water element is also associated with the kidneys — makes sense — and the emotion of fear, in particular. Something to be aware of, and remember that fear arises to be acknowledged and cleansed — it’s a sign, not a perpetual state to live in (and we’re all releasing conditioning around this!).

One of my favorite passages from the Judeo-Christian scripture is in Isaiah, referencing how the waters of Life pour forth, causing the long-parched desert to moisten and “blossom in abundance.”

The passage includes words like ‘glad’, ‘rejoice’, and promises that “those that are of a fearful heart, be strong, fear not….”

In working with the Water energies of Now (and beyond, really, with Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces for awhile), it’s more helpful to call forth your inner Mermaid (or Merman, as it were) — that part of your being and knowing that remembers how to swim the depths, surf the creative waves, and receive the messages that are conducted via Water.

This is a challenge for many in a culture that has long suppressed and diminished our Watery, oracular, empathic Mystic-Feminina natures, favoring instead the dry and airy intellect. Alas, we’re all in Water now, and that calls for a whole different strategy — you don’t push water; you flow with the currents or float, or, like the mermaid, sleekly undulate and swim with it rather than against it.

I just finished reading William Broad’s nonfiction book, The Oracle, about the once-revered force of nature and culture that was the Oracle of Delphi (and there were many over the years). The Oracle, too, was positioned over sacred springs of water than ran beneath that chamber of the Temple, and was assisted in her inspiration by what the water carried up with it.

The realm of Water carries or moistens our oracular capacities, the other ways of knowing, the carrier of insight and intuitive guidance (one of them), and of course, also receives the vibrational imprints of impressions that we take in.

For examples of the latter, look at Dr. Emoto’s work showing in clear photographs the way that the lovely or harsh vibration of words and sounds affects the water crystals for better or worse.

A Mermaid, by John William Waterhouse (1901)
A Mermaid, by John William Waterhouse (1901)

All of this conveys to us that it’s time to become more acquainted (again) with the realm of Water, more caring of our own Water nature and the waters of the world and in our corner of it. And remember, our bodies are in large part composed of water. NASA notes that about 70 percent of our bodies (healthy) are composed of water, and the same is true of Earth herself. We are, indeed, children of our Earth mama!

Interestingly, when Jupiter meandered in Cancerian waters a bit ago, several of us, unbeknownst to each other, were guided to do water blessings where we live. Only later did we learn about others similarly called at the same time.

We’ll continue to explore and I’ll continue to share the insights that arise from the depths, and my own swimming in them. And I’ll share more ideas for working well with the Water and other Five Element energies, so that the deserts — individually and collectively — will once again be cleansed and will blossom in abundance.

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And of course, I invite your to share your own musings, wonderings, and perceptions on these Waters as well.

More soon, and lots of Big Love now.


Image Credits: Mermaid with Anais Nin quote, from Raising Ecstasy; A Mermaid, by John William Waterhouse.