Wykoff Run, Elk State Forest, Cameron County. Creative Commons photo by Nicholas, April 2010, WikiMedia.
Wykoff Run, Elk State Forest, Cameron County. Creative Commons photo by Nicholas, April 2010, WikiMedia.

I must have been a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. ~ Anais Nin

I’ve found myself resonating more and more with this musing from Anais Nin, as the blueprint for my own life and being has taken on a decidedly more watery essence over the last 12 years.

Many more people will soon be resonating with it, too, given the energies now unfolding.

Over the 12 year re-introduction to my own watery empathic, intuitive-psychic Feminine nature, I’ve had to re-grow my gills and mermaid tail. Part of that time was pure confusion, with a healthy dose of panic and a certainty that I was going to drown as what had seemed solid dissolved like a sandcastle in the rising tide.

Then, the remembering slowly emerged: that we all start out in this life swimming in water.

Welcome to Water World, where heart-field, body field wisdom, right-brain flow, and associative pattern-tracking intel reclaim their rightful (and healthful) place after a long era of left-brain, intellectual, uber-linear dominance.

Eddie Van W's Water Reflections (Creative Commons - thanks Eddie!)
Eddie Van W’s Water Reflections (Creative Commons – thanks Eddie!)

The shift has really been on since Neptune and Chiron returned to Piscean waters after years of cruising the airy altitudes of Aquarius.

But more recently, and right about now, as big archetypal energies wade into these waters —  the water element intensifies, begins to wash over us, and invites (or pulls) us into its depths.

Solar-yang consciousness will pay homage to Lunar-yin wisdom, like it or not. For those who live largely in the upper chakra intellect zone, the intensity and increasing empathic sensitivity of the Water Bath may feel uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Turn to those who’ve made that Heroine’s or Persephone Journey who’ve been living into that transformation or shift. Information travels and is received and perceived differently in water realms, and it can take some practice to get a feel for it.

I’ll write more in the Resources for Empaths & Sensitives Series and other facets of the watery realms, because there is a different intelligence, a different transmission frequency, for swimming in Water consciousness.

It’s all part of the reawakening, the shift in consciousness and restoration of Feminine wisdom to bring much-needed moisture and nutrients to the yang-scorched desert wasteland.

For now, take a look at the links I’ve included above to related posts, plus splash over to fellow mermaid Molly Hall’s musings and most definitely listen into this Red Ice Radio interview with Penney Peirce on this Info-to-Intuition shift that’s underway. Both are spot-on, and very much aligned with my own experience and the guidance I’m receiving.

The info-intel will help to reassure as you — and we, all of us together — feel the waters rising and/or dive more deeply into the depths.

More soon, and if you’re feeling the awakening and the increasing sensitivities and need some intel on how to use your water wings and mermaid tail, give me a shout-out (or whisper, via email).

Lots of love in the meanwhile,