Rosina Ferrara, 1878, by John Singer Sargent. {PD-US}

“Find your healing in the music that calls you
the voice that enthralls you
what do you belong to?

~ Medicine, Rising Appalachia

The themes in this song, Medicine, are very much aligned with the Energies of Now (and moving forward, too), the current Dark of the Moon, and the upcoming New Moon in Luna’s realm.

These themes also very relevant to those with Chiron in Pisces in the transformative Chiron Return lead up, through, or wake … and others in the Wise Wo/man, Wise Warrior, Spiritual Warrior ‘activation’ or initiation zone.

Get some intel about that (and what key activation passages you might be journeying through now) in this Sophia’s Children post:

Life Milestone Cycles and Big Energy Activations Underway

Fellow Astro-Wisdom Muse Kimberly Maxwell describes the current Energies of Now invitation beautifully in her Sher Institute AstroCast:

“We may wake up infused with the desire to create experiences of love in whatever conditions exist in our lives at this very moment. With or without a significant other, we can express love authentically to anyone no matter their station. In that act we may open to the kind of love that is beyond the Saturnian need for logic, rules and well-defined order, love that is all-encompassing (Neptune) and all-powerful (Pluto).”

Love’s Messenger (1885), by Marie Spartali Stillman

Ahhh, can you feel it?

From the Big-Love, we also receive the higher vision, inspiration, creativity, and more expansive sense of meaningful belonging as well.

Live into a question like this to help you align with these possibilities:

“How does Life, the Big Love, that flows in me and as me want to express through me wherever I might be today?”

Then follow the voice of the Muse within you to “the music that calls you, the voice that enthralls you” — this supports your exploration into the Love facets of your nature, too.

Listen in for the full song, Medicine, from Rising Appalachia:

You can check out the Medicine lyrics — and see more from Rising Appalachia — at the Bandcamp page, and also their web site.

What’s your Big Love ‘medicine’, and how is it stirring and yearning to be expressed?

Big Love,


Proserpine (Persephone), 1874 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

See and express your ‘medicine’, and amplify your “acts of healing artistry.”

Explore & awaken your possibilities…