Abandoned guardhouse, located next to the cycle path of the Ecological Park of Mexico City, Tlalpan delegation, 2015. Image: Itzriv, CC via Wikimedia.

I wrote recently on “The Hidden Meaning and Beauty” of vandalism, neglect, and graffiti — including the graffiti that we might not see as beautiful or sacred, but as (and fairly so) an example of ugliness and desecration.

Blog brother Jeff Japp shared a post from his What Jeff Reads blog archive that furthers the conversation on expressions of both spontaneous public art and, perhaps, what is vandalized, ‘marked’ or ‘tagged’,  abandoned or neglected, or reflecting the ugliest of possibilities born out of a cesspool of fear, disconnection, and alienation from what’s most beautiful and humane within and between us.

These are examples of how what expresses outwardly — whether in graffiti, neglect, vandalism, or overt and covert forms of aggression and violence — is really a reflection of what’s going on beneath the surface, in the shared and individual ‘unconscious’, and erupts outward, or is given voice and expression, in artful, healing ways, or harmful, desecrating ways.

Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, November 9, 1989. Photo by Sue Reem, shared CC via Wikimedia.

Just now, there’s a stronger energy-theme or current of dissolving walls that are truly not helpful, reflecting what has been ‘vandalized’ and ‘abandoned’ — desecrated — within us; and creating instead, artful, healing pathways, and healthy (rather than toxic, reactionary) boundaries.

The current Energy Weather encourages a flow towards the more creative, inspired, higher vision, ‘bigger Love’, and ways of embodying, exploring, ‘presencing’, and expressing that.

Here’s Jeff’s post:

The Writings on the Wall, and what he found moving, inspiring, and hopeful.

Big Love, and meaningful creative explorations in artful, healing expression.


Proserpine (Persephone), 1874 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

How might we amplify and increase our own “acts of healing artistry” literally and metaphorically?

What is your unique “healing artistry?”

Explore your possibilities…