I originally wrote this musing in April 2016, when the Taurus Mysteries were rising on the wheel of the year.

Then I revisited the Venus-Rising theme, when the Libra Mysteries — the other zodiac archetype ruled by Venus – were rising with the equinox.

Today, it’s Friday the 13th — both Friday, and 13, with ancient associations to the Divine Feminine and Lunar ways.

That’s Astro-Speak, but remember — astrology is simply a symbolic, metaphorical, and mythic energy for the energies, patterns, and cycles we’re born into, embody, and that we dance with after that.

The symbols and metaphors equate to qualities, themes, and the core values that move us and express in and through and between us. The cycles are just like various acts in a play or film.

Botanical garden, Forth Worth, Texas.

Just now, Taurus season is on the horizon, but Venus is visiting her home territory (Taurus) in the Energies of Now.

Given all of the Air and Fire stirred up in recent years, and even now, any elements, inclinations, and actions that help to ground, calm, center, and harmonize are ripe and timely ‘medicine’.

All the more the case with Tax Time in full throttle, myriad conflict and Scary Stories being broadcast, and Saturn readying to station Retrograde in Capricorn just after the New Moon.

When one of the Venusian-ruled signs is activated, all … (read the full post, and check out links to related inspiration).

Big Love, and as my late father used to say, keep your feet on the ground.


Featured Image Credit: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Venus Verticordia (1864-8), Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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