Emerald Green Butterfly. Image courtesy of Nature's Crusaders.
Emerald Green Butterfly. Image courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders.

I originally wrote this musing in April, when the Taurus Mysteries were rising on the wheel of the year.

Then I revisited the Venus-Rising theme, when the Libra Mysteries — the other zodiac archetype ruled by Venus – were rising with the equinox.

When one of the Venusian-ruled signs is activated, all of those Venus-infused, Earth-magic and ‘Beauty Way’ thought-lovin’ facets of us get stirred, enlivened, greened.

With the Venusian mysteries in Taurus, an Earth-element territory, we have an infusion of Earth energies with a very Venusian essence.

25 Sep 2009 — Castle Geyser with Rainbow, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming — Image by © Gustav Verderber/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

With Libra, an Air-element archetypal breeze, the Venusian yearning for beauty and harmony moves into the Air-mental realms where beautiful notions and visions are conceived, and we have the Beauty Way of Relating and notions like ‘right speech & right relationship‘, sacred relationship, and harmonious relating … social artistry.

Jupiter still transits Libra, bringing the expansive benevolence and beneficence — or the possibility of that — into our presence.

The Venusian-inspired combination — enriched by other ways of being — opens into beauty and harmony in thought and intention that spirals out into more artful expression and action.

Or … The Beauty Way of Relating … and Sensual Presence.

Earth Lushness at a Rainforest Stream. Image courtesy of PDpics.

Right now, we still have the Ally Earth-magic of transformative Pluto in Earthy Capricorn, plus North Node nearing the end of its Virgo journey, and Mercury soon to be returning to Taurus post-retrograde, giving us access to that expansive, beneficent Earth magic to the energetic and sensory environment.

And of course, New Moon means the Sun is early in its own voyage through the Taurus Realms.

Just now, another ‘personal planet’ (a.k.a. self-facet), Mars — Lifeforce in abundance — is freshly in mentally (and verbally) quick, variety-loving Gemini.

Eruption des Stromboli (Isolde Eolie, Italien). Photo by Wolfgang Beyer, GNU Free via Wikimedia

As always given the intense energy cocktail, for better and for worse, mindfulness and awareness continue to be helpful.

That’s an understatement, particularly as we see much verbal-spewing ‘afore-thought’ and myriad hissy-fitting Tantrum Yogis‘ blah-blah filling the public spaces.

In Five Elements, and other element-oriented traditions, Earth helps to ground and slow the excessive ‘hot air‘ and ‘fire in the head‘ (and spewing out of too many heads!) that happens when there’s just too much Air and Fire in the alchemical mix.

In Taurus Season …

We are extended an invitation to “come out of our head and into our body (and Earth).” Yes, our head is part of our body, but in Western culture, much of life is lived wholly in the head. Not optimal, as we can see.

The Venusian Mysteries are inspired and led by Venus-Aphrodite … The Great (and Sensual) She, known by many names.

Venus-Aphrodite and the Taurean Mysteries are, at their core, about remembering the sacred in matter, the sacredness in our connection to all, the Garden of the Divine and the sacred body temple.

The Slow Movement, to whatever it might be applied, is very Taurean. Savoring, giving the gift of presence and attention, moving deliberately, sensing.

Sensual mysticism.

Sensual Presence, as I’ve written about before.

Being the bridge between Heaven and Earth, actualized in and through us.

This is a worthwhile Earth ‘medicine’ or remedy for those bad habits of being all up in the head and intellect, out of touch with body and Earth, all about ascension and transcending instead of embodiment and presence.

And harmonious presence is also an artful and healing antidote to the rather unfortunate behavior we see mindlessly and manically (or maniacally) splooeying all around us just now.

It’s ‘beautiful thought brought down to Earth’ time, in the sensual, artful, beauty-and-harmony loving Venus-Aphrodite style.

How delightful. So much nicer than all of the rude, uncivil, coarse, vulgar, hater stuff. Ick.

Here are a few Sophia’s Children’s musings in honor of the Taurus-Venusian & Libra VenusianMysteries.

The Garden of the Feminine

Garden of Eden, by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805 – 1900), American Folk Artist.
Garden of Eden, by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805 – 1900), American Folk Artist.

Welcome to the Garden.

The Garden of the Feminine.

Green, lush, fertile

Abundance overflowing.

Life expressing.

As Above, So Below.

The Garden is within you, too.


The Garden of Eve. Of Venus,

Lilith, Sophia, and Ta’Nit.

The Garden of the Feminine.

The eternal Feminine Divine.


Awaken your senses,

Feel the greening.

The desert blooms again as

the waters of Spirit flow

rich and alive into

the valleys carved deep

from our grief, now

composted into rich

and fertile soil,

teeming now with new life,

alive with Love,

Greening once again.

Emissary of the Greening,

Welcome to the Garden.


Big Love & Full-Sensory Blessings,



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Green labyrinth in Luxembourg City. PD image from Lode Van de Velde, PDpictures.net.

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The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)
The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)

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Labyrinth image credit: Green labyrinth in Luxembourg City. PD image from Lode Van de Velde, PDpictures.net.