Dream Idyll - A Valkyrie, 1902, by Edward Robert Hughes.
Dream Idyll – A Valkyrie, 1902, by Edward Robert Hughes.

The topic of this musing is very much linked to the reminder that resurfaced recently — that I shared in the most recent post, In This Moment, I Begin Anew.”

The topic on the table?

Being present and in the body.

We’re usually not. At all.

I totally own up to it. I ‘fess up to it, right here, right now.

Even with all of the practice and training and knowing about these things, it’s deep practice to stay mindful, conscious and embodied.

My conditioned ego-mind has ever more clever ways of seducing me back into its realm of mental wrangling and storm-crow alert stream … “squaaaaawk … trouble ahead! Raaaaghk … you should feel very afraid about this!”

Blah, blah, blah.

Round and round and round it goes, like a perpetual spin-cycle in the washing machine from hell.

The conditioned ego-mind is good at it. The nattering nabob of negativity thing is what it’s been deeply trained to do. It’s just not helpful, nor healthy. It just thinks it is.

Whirlpool in a wee pond. CC-SSA image courtesy Shutinc via Wikimedia.
Whirlpool in a wee pond. CC-SSA image courtesy Shutinc via Wikimedia.

There are more than a few consequences of being in the cray-cray tyranny of the conditioned mind and not in the body and ‘creative mind’, just as there are marked, tangible, feel-it-immediately benefits when we are present and in our body.

For example (and more on this in the full post that I link to below) …

When we’re in our heads and not inhabiting our bodies, we are:

(1) not rooted or grounded, which makes us more ‘mental’ (not good, cuz our mind will drive us crazy); and

(2) more prone, then, to the fear- and anxiety stirring ‘programming’ as well as the energy and psychic pollution that wafts through the energy field we all share.

When we’re not in our bodies, it leaves a vacuum to be filled by whatever’s wafting by … pollution and all.

As we know, there are various people, groups, and agendas that thrive on this imbalance and thus foment it all the more.

So it amazes me how often this reminder and lesson about Presence and re-inhabiting my body spirals back around for me, usually precipitated by some ‘rock and a hard place‘ passage (that is just sooooo Saturn-Neptune!).

The Priestess of Bacchus (1889), by John Collier.
The Priestess of Bacchus (1889), by John Collier.

At the same time, given the ego-mind’s fear-centric chatter-frenzy ingrained in the culture and the conditioning, and the ‘negative brain bias‘ I’ve written about before, it really isn’t all that surprising.

Thankfully, each time, I (often) recognize and shift it a bit more quickly, drawing from an increased understanding of it and a better-equipped ‘magic backpack’ of both practice and practices; and I notice an increased gentleness and humor around it where I’d once have been harsh with myself for ‘not getting it the first time’.

Progress is our friend.

On the Initiate’s Path, it’s more about the Spiral than the ‘one time good deal pill’ sort of experience. Onward!

Read the full, updated Being Present to Your Holy Self musing here.

The post includes mentions and links there, too, on Energy & Psychic Hygiene and my Presence: Coming to Your Senses audio program (available to consultation and coaching/mentoring clients) … plus some other ‘intel’.

Big Love & Joyful (Embodied) Presence,


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The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)
The Fair Face of Woman, by Sophia Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903)

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