Full Moon Eclipse, February 12, 2007. Image courtesy of NASA (Murray).
Full Moon Eclipse, February 12, 2007. Image courtesy of NASA (Murray).

In yesterday’s “Current Special Offeringsmusing, I referred to the latest swirl of ‘buzz’ related to the Energies of Now for the coming weeks.

Yes, it’s got it all, complete with the usual servings of catastrophobia and missives from the ‘End Times’ folk and other nattering nabobs of negativity.

As ever, and particularly when “all about you are losing their heads and (possibly) blaming it on you,” as Rudyard Kipling wrote, it’s a very fine time to stay centered, grounded, and discerning.

First, a summary of the Buzz (or Hype) Bits: what’s actually — and supposedly — up in September:

For those with wee, undisciplined attention spans:

Things are up, the Drama Junkies are making the most of that, so stay grounded and centered and discerning. You’ll find some related links below.

For those with more developed, disciplined attention spans, and those who know that awareness helps us to be present and act mindfully, and information supports awareness, read on:

First a bit of astro-lingo, then the Eclipses and Blood Moon, a “super X-Wave” thing, and a few tips and links for surfing these waves.

Morihei Ueshiba meditates on top of Haleakala, Maui, 1961. Shared in Spirituality & Health magazine and sourced from the photo archives of Maui-Ki Aikido.
Morihei Ueshiba meditates on top of Haleakala, Maui, 1961. Shared in Spirituality & Health magazine and sourced from the photo archives of Maui-Ki Aikido.

• Activation in the Virgo-Pisces archetypal-energy, with big-Yang Sun and Jupiter transiting Virgo and Neptune and Chiron across the wheel in Pisces.

Mars adds that hot, brash Yang-juice by entering Virgo on September 25th, just before the much-hyped “Blood Moon” of September 27th.

Venus follows suit in October. But the Sun will have left the Virgo party before Mars and Venus reach Virgo.

In the background, though hardly quiet, is Uranus in Aries still in square-orb with Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury joining that party in Libra.

So lots of Virgo-Pisces — it’ll offer both opportunities to work with, or shadow to be worked-over by. Our choice, as always. Free will, baby, free will.

• September Eclipses — A partial solar eclipse occurs with the New Moon on Sunday, September 13th (2:41 a.m. EDT); and a total full moon lunar eclipse occurs on Sunday, September 27th (10:40 p.m. EDT).

It’s the latter — the so-called “Blood Moon” of September 27th — that has a few catastrophobes’ panties in an adrenlin-spiking twist.

The “Blood Moon” is a full moon with a total lunar eclipse, with the Earth completely blocking the Sun’s light and thus leaving the moon looking reddish-brown during the eclipse.

Mabel Normand in the 1914 Chaplin film, Mable's Strange Predicament. Image is public domain and courtesy of Wikipedia.
Mabel Normand in the 1914 Chaplin film, Mable’s Strange Predicament. Image is public domain and courtesy of Wikipedia.

Plus this is the 4th lunar eclipse in a series of four that occurred during 2014-2015, making the full moon eclipse the 4th in the tetrad.

All of the apocalyptic hoo-hah stems from Judeo-Christian biblical references and those who enjoy recycling them for a self-medicating adrenalin boost, along with the likely attention they’ll get (or hope to get) from their prognostications.

Sort of like previous Blood Moons, or Y2K (remember that?), or 2012, and so on, and so on, and so on.

That’s what Barbara Hand Clow called Catastrophobia, and one of the women I interviewed way back when for my Big Vision, Small Business book called, “crisis junkies who are addicted to the adrenalin rush.”

So stay cool, Honey Bunny.

• Rumors of a “super Galactic X-wave” coming in September.

Yes, you’ve heard (or read) me correctly.

According to the buzz, or adrenalin-junkie hype, a mysterious X-wave will ripple our way from the cosmos, bringing a a super-dose of gamma rays.

Sort of like the Star Trek: Generations movie that bridged Star Trek eras, with Captain Kirk meeting Captain Picard and some rare galactic super-wave rolling in.

Plus there are those talking about yet another asteroid — and if you check Spaceweather or other sites, you’ll see that this happens all the time.

The Galactic Center, R. Hurt Kopan, U-Mass. Public domain photo gratis R.H. Kopan and 2MASS.
The Galactic Center, R. Hurt Kopan, U-Mass. Public domain photo gratis R.H. Kopan and 2MASS.

Look, I love science fiction, usually because it blends some degree of science with imaginative storytelling, and some writers and filmmakers do that particularly well, stirring our own vital creativity and imagination beyond the prison of habitual perception.

And I’m pretty sure that even astronomers and other scientists will admit that there are often various waves and rocks and other cosmic stuff regularly coming our way, including tron-streams from the Sun and emanations from the Galactic Center (which is also a potent indicator in one’s astrology chart, by the way!), among other things.

I’m also pretty sure that, just as with the Biblically oriented drama-and-attention junkies and doomsayers, there’s a healthy bit of New-Age and conspiracy drama-and-attention-jonesing happening here, too.

Here are several reasonably balanced perspectives on the X-wave and variations, first from Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., a toxicologist, author, and Mayan Prophecy scholar; and secondly from the New York Times’ article, Summer of Science: World Will Not End Next Month.

Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden (1905, John William Waterhouse)
Psyche Entering Cupid’s Garden (1905, John William Waterhouse)

The Gist for September and Onward

So there’s a summary of the primary Buzz Bits that have the Catastrophobia stirring up.

My sense? Who knows.

That’s just it, isn’t it?

The uncertainty is unnerving — anything can happen! — and when you have people taking advantage of that, or getting their Drama Jones on, or both, it’s not helpful, though it is toxic normal.

Then there’s the witty bit of wisdom:

“There are indeed (who might say Nay) gloomy & hypochondriac minds, inhabitants of diseased bodies, disgusted with the present, & despairing of the future; always counting that the worst will happen, because it may happen.  To these I say How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened!”

~ Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Adams, Apr. 8, 1816

Here’s what we know:

  • There’s a new moon and a full moon in September.
  • It’s a potent Virgo-Pisces archetypal energy.
  • There’s a partial solar eclipse and a “4th tetrad” total lunar eclipse in September.

Stuff happens, things come out of left field and knock us well out of the field of our comfort zones and known realities.

I know this very, very well, cuz I’ve had it happen a few times. I’m betting a few of you know it, too.

What happens then? We deal with it; if we’re fortunate, we figure it out, perhaps not easily, nor conveniently (for our ego, anyway), but we do.

Drusilla, 1906, by John William Godward. [Image courtesy of WikiMedia]
Drusilla, 1906, by John William Godward. [Image courtesy of WikiMedia]
And we often grow in the process, learning a lot and maybe even gathering gnosis and wisdom that we can share to help others on their Way.

A lot of other times, we worry ourselves into a shrink-wrapped mess over things that never happen, or were like itty bitty ripples rather than tsunami waves.

There’s a prayer I read once from a rabbi who said, “Thank you, God, for all the horrible things that could have happened but didn’t.”

For keeping our heads and our center, we evoke, invite, and call up what Abraham Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature,” or what I’ve taken to calling our “Inner Council of Archetypes” and the Holy Divine.

This is where the gifts of the Pisces-Virgo archetypes can be really, really helpful for us to know, cultivate, and more and more embody.

Here are a couple of refreshers on that:

Virgo Mysteries

Pisces-Neptune Empath Zone

Ignore the Nattering Nabobs & Hold to a Higher Vision

Empath Series: Be(a)ware the Energy Vamps: Tantrums, Hissy Fits, and Offloads

Keywords: Discernment, centering, grounding, calm and soothe, spiritual practice, active faith, Neocortex (new brain)

As always, along with the potential for doom are the potentials for incredible possibility, but we only discover those when we’re paying attention and not letting the doomsayers and nattering nabobs of negativity lead us astray.

I’ll leave you — and myself — with two of my favorite reminders about the possibility within uncertainty:

“If everything is uncertain, then the future is open to creativity, not merely human creativity but the creativity of all nature. It is open to possibility, and therefore to a better world. But we can only get there as we are ready to invest our moral energies in its achievement.” ~ Immanuel Wallerstein

And …

“In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty … in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the Universe.” ~ Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Big Love,