We’ve had, and are in the midst of, some energy and theme shifts in recent weeks and days.

On May 15th, humanity’s maverick, rule-bending champion, Prometheus, returned to the Garden on the New Moon to join a Posse of the Feminine.

Though called Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius is decidedly more Promethean in nature — and Prometheus, in Greek mythology, is the rebel-champion and liberator of humanity against the tyranny of the old (and rather crotchety, territorial, and ill-behaving) gods.

Uranus, after transiting Fire-element and Mars-ruled Aries from 2010/2011 to yesterday, entered Earth-element and Venus-ruled Taurus — the garden of the senses, the sacredness in matter, the deepest and truest of values, the garden of Eden within the niche of our hearts and around us.

A big shift, with historical lessons, and powerful currents and possibilities around themes of resacralizing Earth and matter — which shares the root of Mother — and re-worthing, reconnecting to deeper, truer values and appreciation; or continuing to lurch madly into the cesspool of greed, hoarding, and mistaking lots of stuff for something of true value and worth.

Returning to the garden of our senses, and actual common sense.

More on Prometheus and Taurus’ story, but first a couple of Life Milestone alerts, and a bit of history — it really gives us a sense of the themes here.

Is Uranus in Taurus a Life-Milestone Transit for You?

Uranus in Taurus will be a life-milestone transit for a few groups:

• a beautiful (and welcomed) graceful Trine for the mid-60s-born Gen-Xers with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces.

A bit of Grace after all of those Mutable Sign activations and Chiron Returns. It’s your time to Phoenix!

• the Uranus Opposition for those with Uranus in Scorpio;

• Uranus Squares for those with Uranus in Aquarius or Leo.

Schedule a Sophiastrology consultation for intel and inspiration on more skillfully and gracefull (or at least more clue-fully!) navigating these life-milestone gateways and other adventures.

Uranus in Taurus: Insights From the Rearview Mirror

In the rear view mirror, by Ouroboros, Pixabay.

Here’s a snapshot of Uranus in Taurus historically.

Uranus last transited Taurus:

• from March 29, 1935 into May 1942 (after transiting Aries from 1927 into 1935);

• from July 9, 1850 to 1858/1859 (after having transited Aries, along with Pluto, in the 1840s).

If you think of those time-frames — and the years immediately before, when Uranus transited Aries — you’ll get a good sense of the dynamism with Uranus transits.

You can reflect on what was happening in your culture, lineage, or country during these years while these (and so many more) events were unfolding around the planet.

The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and WWII. The New Deal, and Liberation.

While Uranus transited Taurus from 1935-1942, the U.S. President, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, launched the Second New Deal as remedy against the horrors of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl environmental catastrophe.

Dust Storm Near Beaver, Oklahoma, July 1935. FDR’s NARA.

The Dust Bowl was a horrendous drought that occurred as a result of “The great plow-up” — a frenzy of speculative land-grabbing and plowing the natural scrub in the 1920s in order to plant wheat. The resulting Dust Bowl — drought and great storms of dust — came to be known as The Dirty Thirties.

The documentarian Ken Burns did a beautiful job of showing the cause and the horror, and the ultimate remedy, of the Dust Bowl.

So FDR’s New Deal initiatives were visionary — Promethean — remedies to shift from epic problems into healing.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits farmers in drought-stricken areas who participated in New Deal and drought-relief programs. Living the New Deal, PBS.org.

This was also the time-frame of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany, in the aftermath of a financial crisis that affected the quality of life for many, and ultimately World War II, colossal destruction, the holocaust, the use of the atom bomb, and the liberation of many from concentration camps.

Uranus and Pluto had been Square through the Great Depression and into the 1930s, so Uranus entering Taurus followed in the wake of that Uranus-Pluto Square.

Neptune was in Virgo (another Earth sign) and Pluto was in Cancer. Neptune is now in Pisces, and Pluto is in Capricorn — in both cases, directly opposite their positions in the 1935-42 Uranus in Taurus transit.

• What have we learned?

• How have experience and the lessons of history caused us to mature and evolve … or have we matured at all since then?

an Gorta Mór – the Great Famine Holocaust in Ireland
Whiterock road, Belfast. An Gorta Mor. CC image courtesy of Miossec, Wikimedia.

When Uranus transited Taurus from July 9, 1850 to 1858/1859, there was a great diaspora underway from Ireland as a result of an Gorta Mór, an epic famine (and more) that took hold, creating starvation, approximately 1 to 1.5 million deaths, and a million-plus more emigrating from that land during that period.

The long silence has been broken more recently, with historical analysis of and prominent books about the famine in Ireland that make a powerful and damning case that while the ‘potato blight’ might have come from Nature, the resulting famine, starvation, death, and diaspora was man-made, systematic, and possibly fitting the definition of genocide, given that an abundance of food was being shipped off the island.

During this mid-1800s transit of Uranus in Taurus, Neptune was transiting Pisces, as it is now, and Pluto was transiting Aries, which Uranus just left.

• Again, what does history teach us — what do we learn from it so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly?

• What does the experience of and the legacies passed along by our ancestors and lineage teach us? How can we re-root — restore vital roots that were severed or damaged?

• How does the experience — and with Neptune in Pisces, the suffering, including spiritual loss or abandonment and a failure (or achievement) of faith and imagination — shape us to respond with greater heart, vision, imagination (in a good way), on behalf of the whole, where the dignity and wellbeing of all beings and people are respected and honored?

Uranus in Taurus Theme Lines

The Bridge of Tears (Droichead na nDeor in Irish) in West Donegal, Ireland, near Falcarragh. Family and friends of emigrants would accompany them as far as the bridge before saying goodbye, while the emigrants would continue on to Derry Port. PD-CC Wikimedia.

In both of these examples, we see events unfolding that are the direct result of previous actions — and systems — oriented around greed, speculation, supremacy (the result of the rule of the elite-privileged power class that privileged a some at the expense of many others).

In the aftermath years — the Uranus in Taurus years, give or take — we see some ongoing effects and challenges, but also movement, either in visionary and compassionate policies and leadership, or the literal movement of people if the visionary and compassionate leadership and policies are absent or in their toxic shadow expressions which are often enforced in a punitive, martial, power-over kind of way.

In both of these cases, the land itself (Taurus) was affected by drought and blight, and there were ‘land grabs’ and resource/wealth hoarding or redirecting, and in both cases there is evidence that a profound lack of empathy and a resulting system of greed and exploitation of ‘resources’ for the benefit of the few at the expense of many contributed to the problems.

• Can we evolve and mature past fear and its children, scarcity and greed?

• Can we mature and evolve out of selfish, short-sighted self-interest into a vision and intention for our own and others’ wellbeing?

Uranus in Taurus This Time Around – 2018 – 2026

Once again, we’re in the aftermath years of the Uranus-Pluto Square, as was the case in the 1930s.

Black Lives Matter rally in the Minneapolis City Hall, 12-3-15, by Tony Webster. CC Wikimedia.

Uranus enters Taurus now in the wake, too, of various bankster-catalyzed economic difficulties and what some call the Great Recession (while others compare it statistically to the Great Depression of 1929 and into the 1930s), along with environmental crises and climate change concerns.

As with the 1960s, we’ve also seen issues related to women and black Americans come back to the fore, with Black Lives Matter and the #metoo movement, and refugees everywhere struggling with displacement and assaults to their dignity.

And we’ve seen a rising wave of women and men reclaiming — however tentatively or awkwardly — their (our) sense of authenticity, our body sense and body wisdom, and our appreciation and then actual caring for these amazing, miraculous bodies and the body-wisdom gifts, drawing our power back from the Consumption Machine that profits from keeping the Shame & ‘Never Enough’ Flame burning brightly.

It’s another powerful call to heart, soul, conscience, remembrance, humanity, and, may it be so, healing and wholing that’s underway.

As is always the case, the Uranus in Taurus Effect isn’t happening in isolation — it’s part of a symphony of other archetypal energies that play into an unfolding story.

And it depends, ultimately, on what people choose, what they do, whether the Promethean Angels of Our Natures, and our heart intelligence along with brain intelligence, are summoned into action — and in full enough force — or whether once again the scoundrels are allowed to run amok and create yet another round of catastrophe.

A Few Orienteering Questions for Uranus in Taurus

Azerbaijani refugee from Karabakh. Photo by Ilgar Jafarov. PD CCA-SA via Wikimedia.

We revisit the questions that emerged above — and there can be others, based on these theme lines and archetypes:

• Again, what does history teach us?

• What does the experience of and the legacies passed along by our ancestors and lineage teach us?

• Can we evolve and mature past fear and its children, scarcity and greed, and reclaim the deeper, truer, healthier values that so many ancient root traditions hold in common?

• Can we mature and evolve out of selfish, short-sighted self-interest into a vision and intention for our own and others’ wellbeing?

• How does the experience — and with Neptune in Pisces, the suffering, including spiritual loss or abandonment, soul loss, and a failure (or achievement) of faith and imagination — shape us to respond with greater heart, vision, imagination (in a good way), on behalf of the whole, where the dignity and wellbeing of all beings and people are respected and honored?

• Can we all just get along, understanding, finally, that the web of life — including each and every one of us — really is connected, and what we do to one we do to ourselves?

• Can we be more mindful and considerate stewards of the Earth and one another, in this shared garden in which we live?

Can we choose to appreciate the beautiful diversity that proliferates on this Earth and in one another, rather than follow Industry’s ever-changing “idealized normal of the month” like hypnotized drones?

Can we choose to say “enough is enough” because we’ve reclaimed our sense that there is enough and we are enough?

We’re surely capable of it. And we may have a little bit of help, or the push of a strong current gathering force.

Prometheus Returns to the Garden … with a Posse for the Feminine

“I wasn’t afraid. I took a stand in Baton Rouge because enough is enough.” ~ Ieshia Evans

Protester Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US. Photos: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

As I thought about Prometheus returning to the Garden — Uranus returning to Venus-ruled Taurus — the powerful image of Ieshia Evans (above) came to mind; it was one that had ‘gone viral’ a couple of years ago.

Another image comes to mind, too — that of the Fearless Girl statue in New York City, facing down the Charging Bull of Wall Street (below).

Uranus speaks of Prometheus, the rebel, maverick champion of humanity who wanted to help liberate humans from the tyranny of the old gods (the old guard).

Venus-ruled Taurus and the Venusian Mysteries include the garden of the senses, sensual presence, body wisdom, Earth wisdom and magic, the Garden of Eden in our heart-niches and around us.

Venus in Taurus asks us what really matters — what’s sacred, and worth standing for?

What’s calling out in pain because it’s been severed from its sacred roots and yearns to be resacralized, appreciated for the sacred matter (tangible or not) that it is, because it’s an expression of Life in abundance?

Fearless Girl, a bronze statue by Kristen Visbal, New York City. Image courtesy of Charlot B, CC-Wikimedia.

Once again, Uranus-Prometheus returns to the Garden — Venus’s Earth-element Taurus — this time with a decidedly Feminine-oriented theme.

All outer planets are now in Feminine-element signs: Uranus in Taurus (Earth), Neptune in Pisces (Water), Pluto in Capricorn (Earth).

Right now, in the Uranus Ingress Taurus chart — kind of like the ‘birth chart’ for this Uranus in Taurus transit — Jupiter is in Scorpio (Water); Saturn is in Capricorn (Earth); Mercury is Taurus (Earth) conjunct Uranus; Mars is in Capricorn (Earth).

The beautiful ‘water bearer’ is Circe by John William Waterhouse (1892).

Plus — and this is an unusual element — Uranus just entering Taurus is neatly in graceful Trine alliance with the fixed star Regulus at the gateway of Virgo; both Earth-elements, both Feminine-oriented archetypes.

Regulus’s journey through Leo is aligned with the time-frame of what some call the system of Patriarchy. Now in Virgo, this Watcher, as Regulus was known, is in the Earth-Feminine territory of the Virgo Mysteries.

Uranus’s entry into Venus-ruled Taurus comes hours after a New Moon in Taurus that featured beautiful aspects to Venus, Taurus’s ruler, and the posse currently in Capricorn.

The New Moon was also conjunct the fixed star Algol, the Feminine Wisdom Star deemed “the most evil star in the heavens” by the Cranky Paters of old.

Times, they are a changin’.

The New Venus is rising, and the initiated Wise Women, like Phoenixes, rising with it, and as it, with devoted warrior allies lending their strength to hold the space and protect the unfolding and emergence of that which wants to balance an epic imbalance and foster wholesomeness once again.

Can a new era dawn, where what truly matters is sacred (Taurus, plus Neptune in Pisces)?

How will our own Promethean nature be called into renewed devotion and sacred action in the day to day?

We’ll be reflecting on these and more questions and possibilities over the next seven or so years of Uranus’ transit through Taurus, and we’ll be digging deep into our ancestral memory (Capricorn), the lineage and legacies, to pull the most humane (Uranus-Aquarius) and spiritually mature (Neptune in Pisces) visions for what’s possible.

It’s our choice, really. But it’s a new moon, so what better time to align with a guiding intention that benefits all beings in truly healthy, healing, inspired, well ways?

Where in your being (and chart) are these energies and themes calling and stirring you into greater wakefulness and devoted expression?

Schedule a consultation and we’ll take a look.

Big Love, and Happy New Moon.


Featured Image Credit: Japanese Garden, by Linnaea Mallette, PD Pics.

Dancing in the Rain. PD Pics.

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