In my recent musing, Appreciation to the Tribe of Invisible Mothers, I promised to share a couple of examples that were in my mind and heart as I gestated and wrote that post.

These are just a few of the examples in my life of, as I wrote a few days ago, “Women who have, and who in a whole spectrum of ways share, an abundance of wisdom, loving, nurturing, nourishment that gets shared out into home and community and world, depending on the unique purpose and gift set of each woman.”

They may be teachers, Anam Cara, Believing Mirrors, mentors, nurturers for those who otherwise experience a deficit of nurturing, or a more quiet and compassionate presence — but no less powerful for it.

I’ll share three for now — a trinity of Tribe of Invisible Mothers members whose unique caring and attention benefited others (perhaps beyond these women’s knowing!); the third in today’s sharing will remain nameless for now for privacy reasons but no less appreciated in my mind, heart, and awareness.

Cheesy Soup from Cooking Classy (link below). While this one has broccoli added, it’s the closest I could find to Mrs. Lamb’s cheesy noodle soup!

First, I’ll mention Mrs. Lamb, an elder woman who lived in my neighborhood when I was a girl of maybe six or so, if that, and to whose home I’d go in the afternoons after school for reasons I can’t remember now.

Whether Mrs. Lamb was part of the Childless Women’s Tribe or was a long-time empty-nester I knew not. She lived alone, and had for quite a long while.

What I did know was that each time I’d arrive at her door, she welcomed me with the aroma of homemade soup — my favorite being a cheesy noodle soup that she made more regularly knowing that I really liked it.

Seems a small thing, but obviously not — I still remember her care, nurturing, and nourishing homemade soup with gratitude and fondness all of these years later.

Secondly, I’ll pull another from my deep Well of Appreciation:

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Kebbe, who was the absolute coolest third grade teacher anyone could have.

Honeycombs for Sale – Saraeyn, Iranian Azerbaijan. By Adam Jones, CC Wikimedia.

She engaged her students, brought in lots of cool things like fossils from her various expeditions and dripping honey comb from the bee hives she and her husband kept — distributed to each of us in tiny paper cups.

She’d also have us take breaks for what might now be called ‘eyeball yoga’ — leading us through some exercises to give our eyes a break from focusing on book and blackboard.

She did a lot of other cool and caring things, too, to make school fun by involving various senses and giving the kids some freedom from the chairs here and there.

Because I was pretty much into things like fossils and bee hives and honey comb, her unique, authentic, and visionary approach is still prominent in my memory.

I’d wish that kind of teacher for every kid.

Tender, mindful care and affection for our elders, who are experience and wisdom rich. PD pic by Matthias Zomer, CC Pexels.

The third of my Trio of Wonderful, Caring Women who came to mind and appreciation when I wrote the Tribe of Invisible Mothers post a few days ago is a Magdalena sister of mind whose name I’ll keep private for now.

Her beautiful caring, nurturing, nourishing presence and mindful tending goes to elders who are in need of daily visits and tender care so that they might be (1) cared for (some of whom are in their final days or months), and (2) in a way that respects their dignity. These are people, too, who are often isolated, at home, and invisible in our culture.

She shares her caring and compassionate presence in other ways, too.

She’s an inspiring example of the “Women who have, and who in a whole spectrum of ways share, an abundance of wisdom, loving, nurturing, nourishment that gets shared out into home and community and world, depending on the unique purpose and gift set of each woman.”

There are many, many more examples of women who may not have children of their own, but shower a wealth of wisdom, devotion, caring, expertise, compassionate presence, and heartfulness with others around them or out in their corners of the world or beyond.

I feel such deep appreciation and inspiration for each of these women who shared, or share, their wise and caring presence and tender caring, each in her own way, with those who no doubt feel a deep, deep appreciation for it as well.

How about you?

Do any such examples arise in your awareness, whether from years ago or more present-day examples that inspire you or made a difference to you?

Big Love,


Featured Image Credit: A Bond, CC image from Pexels.

Other Image Credits: Cheesy Soup from Cooking Classy;

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