Jupiter and Juno, by Gavin Hamilton (1723-1798). Pubic domain image due to date prior to copyright term.
Jupiter and Juno, by Gavin Hamilton (1723-1798). Pubic domain image due to date prior to copyright term.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

~ Gospel of Thomas, Saying 70


“The hope of the world lies in the restoration of the ancient magic that is part of your lineage.” ~ Steve Nelson

(Updated on May 11, 2016 from original August 2015 article)

As Jupiter continues to emanate its expanding archetypal-energy essence from the earthy-Feminine Virgoan fields, we may find remedy for what ails us (and culture) in the authentic service of the ‘my cup overfloweth’ variety.

Or by Phoenixing, but more on that in a bit.

First, The Service Thing. Then the Gen-X Phoenix Thing, though non-Gen-Xers may well recognize some of these themes as well.

Here’s a review of the time-frame and the key highlights, and how this archetypal energy cycle might affect you.

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Now, on to the Jupiter in Virgo (and Mutable-Shapeshifters Axis) & the Phoenixing update …

The Jupiter-Virgo transit timeframe:

Earth and the 'great benefic', Jupiter ... and moons. Public domain image courtesy of NASA-U.S.
Earth and the ‘great benefic’, Jupiter … and moons. Public domain image courtesy of NASA-U.S.

In astro transits, Jupiter travels through the Mutable-Axis, Earth-element sign of Virgo from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016.

Known as a ‘great benefic‘ in astrology, as in a benevolent energetic, Jupiter shifted into Vision-Questing mode, stationing retrograde on 7 January 2016 at 23° Virgo.

More recently, the Great Benefic stationed direct on 9 May 2016 at 13° Virgo, bringing to the surface the various gems and fresh insights gathered during the Virgo-Territory Vision-Quest.

As above, so below, so when Jupiter (or another planetary archetypal energy) goes retrograde or stations forward, we may notice it within us, in our own lives, and/or around us, too.

Earth-element Virgo is part of the Mutable Shapeshifter Axis that includes Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, so the Neptune and Chiron transit through Pisces, and the Saturn and Mars transits through Sagittarius add their own archetypal energy and power. And Venus will head into Mutable Gemini after her visit to her home territory of Taurus.

So it’s a Mutable-Shapeshifting Activation.

How this energy cocktail and archetypal meet-up might influence you depends on where you find them in your astrology natal chart and how the transits interact with those placements.

The Jupiter-Virgo Themes:

Real service (vs. the deadening, soul-draining, martyr-ish kind) comes only when we bring the freshly activated whole-heartedness of risen-Leo and root it in the taproot of the sacred, aligned with and tending the Holy Divine in big and little ways.

Example: The Vestal Virgoan Priestesses of old, devotedly tending the sacred flame and cultivating and sharing the priestess arts of healing and benevolent magic.

Contemporary keepers of the Flame do still work this way today, building a reservoir of blessing-juju that just overflows in service of self, other, all that is.

The Eastern Lily, by Edwin Long (1829-1891). The lily has long been one symbol associated with Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine in many times and traditions.
The Eastern Lily, by Edwin Long (1829-1891). The lily has long been one symbol associated with Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine in many times and traditions.

When we feel drained or the Spirit flows in but not outward, and blessing juju gets jammed up like a clogged stream, it can go sour and manifest as the ‘unredeemed’ qualities of any sign or archetype.

In Virgo, jammed-up Spirit and life-force that doesn’t have constructive focus and purpose becomes the hyper-critical, hypochondriac, nit-picking nabob of negativity, extreme micro-managing, diminishing-mirror extraordinaire that Virgo has been tagged with.

So the medicine is to find ways to let it flow … like ruach, breath and inspiration or Divine Spirit, it flows in, circulates, and flows outward as blessing. In, circulate, outward, circulates, returns.

There are valid concerns about just how we are in service, as Virgo can also be associated with the victim-martyr archetype, the ever-sighing, ever-suffering doormat (and making sure people know it, overtly or covertly), and/or one whose genuine inclinations to be of service are taken for granted and abused by others.

Fair enough to want to bring that into healthier balance.

Again, awareness is our choice.

We can call forth others from our Council of Archetypes and Allies and draw help in setting healthy boundaries from Saturn, among others, and center and root in the authentic vision and purpose planted in us by the Holy Divine and be in service in a way that feels more true and more graceful.

A phoenix depicted in a book of legendary creatures by FJ Bertuch (1747–1822). Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.
A phoenix depicted in a book of legendary creatures by FJ Bertuch (1747–1822). Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.


The Sixties Babies with both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and particularly the core Generation X subgroup with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo (1962-1968), have been activated like nobody’s business over the last 12 or so years — particularly as Pluto transited Sagittarius, and Saturn transiting Virgo danced in lengthy opposition to Uranus transiting Pisces.

Yeah, ouch.

And we’re about to get ‘lit up’, or activated, again. Or rather, still, because that’s likely what it feels like (since I’m part of this group, I can say that with the wry wit of one who’s experienced it).

But this activation can feel much more healing, integrating, gathering, whole-making.

For some in this core Generation X sub/soul-group, depending on particular specifics (indicated in the natal chart), this included a protracted series of reconditioning initiations, Dark Nights, and Underworld intensives that were of the more extreme and unrelenting variety. That’d be Pluto for you.

With ‘false foundations’ thoroughly turned topsy turvy and conditioning ‘rubbled’ (as Andrew Harvey aptly puts it), and ‘reminder sessions’ coming in steadily, we Uranus-Pluto-Conjunct-in-Virgo soul-peeps have been (potentially) tenderized enough to actually make some use of the ‘pattern revealing’ Chiron-Return lead-up years and then the actual Chiron Return — waking up the Wounded Healer, to turn poison into medicine and Wisdom — as Chiron has been transiting Pisces.

Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).
Hebe Giving a Drink to Jupiter, 1767, by Gavin Hamilton. Public domain image (date precedes copyright).

To put it simply, as the saying goes:

Many have been called and some have responded (others are still actually in this process, and some others still are in the Chiron-Return lead-up preparing them for the actual Chiron Return).

Some opted out and ‘returned to the Matrix’, as two in this group chose to put it in personal conversations, perhaps speaking for more than a few others.

That might have been perfectly in-sync with their purpose — not everyone has a chart that is primarily about ‘other’ and ‘service to others’.

For some others in this core Gen X group, though, denying The Call didn’t even seem a viable option. The ground opened up, swallowed us in, and Underworld Training commenced.

After all, you can’t be a light in the darkness if you don’t understand or speak Underworld, like Persephone. Darkness and Underworld wisdom in our culture has been forgotten and is thus misunderstood and feared.

And Darkness and Underworld pretty much mean everything from challenging times of epic uncertainty to the deep, darkness that are the realms of Wisdom and Mystery (what we see being only a small fraction of what is.).


What’s troubling, and interesting, is that Generation X has been called “the Lost Generation,” and in fact if you watch the statistics (created no doubt by marketers), it’s also shrinking as the “Baby Boomer” Pluto in Leo group and who-knows-what-they’re-called — it was ‘Generation Y’ for awhile — Pluto in Libra and subsequent so-called Millennial groups are in the spotlight (and seem to get statistically larger).

What’s even more troubling is that this is the same group that had higher incidents of depression and suicide in research done from 1999 through 2010.

Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.
Demeter Mourning for Persephone, 1906, by Evelyn de Morgan.

To be clear, there was a shocking rise in depression, anxiety, and suicide in all age groups — something that should stir more of us out of the bling-bling media-hypnosis “it’s all good, just keep shopping” haze than seems the case.

And it doesn’t take a genius to look at that timeframe, 1999 through 2010, to figure out why people would be more depressed, anxious, and so on.

Nor would it or should it be a surprise that those entering so-called ‘middle age’ between 1999 and 2010 might be particularly prone (as indicated by the research and resulting stats) to an intense experience of grief.

Grief, after all, is not something that our culture ‘does’, as highlighted by the recent ‘DSM’ notation that grief lasting more than two weeks is now counted as mental illness — when in fact we’re likely still in shock after only two weeks, with the grieving process just getting started. So grieving joined daydreaming in the mental-illness roster. Another for the ‘wtf’ category!

This just gives a tiny clue to why it’s no surprise, but it’s still a heart-wrenching horror that depression, anxiety, suicide — and narcissism, while we’re at it — have increased notably since 2000 (as the research indicates and we can pretty much see if we have the eyes to do so).

SO WHERE EXACTLY IS THE SO-CALLED ‘LOST GENERATION’ — the core Generation Xers born in the Sixties with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and in the process of their (our) Chiron Returns?

This is, and should be, and perhaps will be, an article/post in itself, because it’s been stalking me for awhile now and it seems prime time with Jupiter and then other cosmic archetypal energy-catalysts shifting into Virgo, and thus activating in a more personal way those of us who are part of this soul-group.

Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.
Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander, 1885, by Evelyn De Morgan.

But here’s a bitty bit:

After getting whomped by initiatory transits — receiving The Call, if you will, of The Hero/Heroine’s Journey or the Persephone Underworld Journey; and maybe, if it was part of our purpose or dharma to answer The Call, experiencing the actual initiations of the Dark Night, the Underworld intensives, that reduced us and Life-As-We-Knew-It (metaphorically speaking) to smoldering ash heaps, ripe for Phoenixing.

Yes, you heard it right — Phoenixing. I’ve just broken a rule and made a verb out of a noun. On purpose.

Phoenix: A beautiful bird risen out of the ashes of its former self. ~ Sal, 2010

Here’s the Phoenix Alchemy for my fellow Uranus-conjunct-Pluto-in-Virgo kindreds:

I’m going to speak more astro-lingo here and invite you to notice the themes or keywords if it’s not a familiar language for you.

Jupiter in Virgo, then other personal planetary peeps joining the party (like Venus), could be seen as The Phoenixing for those Gen Xers with Uranus-conjunct-Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces (and perhaps, like me, Jupiter in Pisces, too).

While in Virgo, Jupiter will transit the natal Uranus in Virgo, Pluto in Virgo, Juno in Virgo, and Chiron (and Jupiter, if you have it there) in Pisces, and will trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Activations and clues aplenty there.

These will be the heralds delivering our invitations to The Return — said to be the most challenging part of The Hero or Persephone Journey. (I’ve written on The Return here, and for some of us The Return is already underway.)

The Accolade, 1901, by Edmund Blair Leighton.
The Accolade, 1901, by Edmund Blair Leighton.

Core Gen X peeps will be invited to Phoenix — to rise and shine from the ashes of our former selves — in whatever way is appropriate to their (our, since I’m in this group) purpose or dharma or reason-for-being (hinted at in our astro chart/blueprint).

Yes, to rise and shine, Phoenix-style, but in that Virgoan way — which is very, very, VERY different from the more public, center-stage, extroverted way-of-shining of Leo or Libra, which came before and after the Uranus-Pluto-in-Virgo Gen X group and who have, understandably, seemed more visible. More on the Virgo Mysteries here.

Like the proverbial Middle Child, or the empathic-sensitive child, in the family dynamic whose gifts are long-overlooked (while being disrespectfully pressed into service none the less) are now finally recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated — first, finally, and most importantly, by the Uranus-Pluto-in-Virgo natives themselves!

And then, the cup can overflow in the ways that the waters of spirit, the juju of blessing, pour through us in service to and blessing of others.

And this is something to remember:

Market Girl by Candle Light, by Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870)
Market Girl by Candle Light, by Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870)

While our Uranus-Pluto Leonine and Libran, Etc. fellow-humans and siblings may have expressed in their more extroverted way (generally speaking), the Uranus-Pluto Virgoans have been more quietly and reservedly (Virgo), and for some, more empathically (Pisces), shamanically (Pluto, Scorpio), introspectively– in true Virgo fashion — tilling the soil, doing the work, being of service, and getting lit up with initiatory archetypal activations in a concentrated, relentless way.


(1) Jupiter joining Astro-Pals in the other Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini) activating us in the coming months+, and…

(2) with the initiations of recent years now integrating and …

(3) (with Chiron-in-Pisces people having Chiron Returns) being turned from poison to medicine of the Wounded Healer archetype …

it’s time to shake off the haze-and-daze of culture, gather the pearls of experience and Wisdom, and, in the way that’s true for us, choose — because it’s always a choice — to become the Phoenix.

With the particular alchemy literally embodied in this mid-Sixties-born Gen X group, the service is of a very down-to-Earth, embodied, indigenous-soul-remembering, sacred-honoring, ‘shamanic’ transformative kind, expressed in various ways according to the unique blueprint of each individual within the soul group.

More on this soon.

In the meanwhile:

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As I know from my own experience, having the maps, mythic lenses, and fresh inspiration really does help.

Big Love and Happy Phoenixing,