I hope you’re all well and managing to keep your center amidst the Energy Waves of Now (and recently).

In alignment with Crazy Wisdom and the Energies of Now, I’ve been more deliberate about communication, gestating the ideas and that stirred up (Mercury Retrograde), and observing what I dubbed the Feast of the Appreciation (very Venus in Taurus) a couple of Sundays ago, and then decided, “Why not make it Feast of Appreciation Month?” Highly recommended improv practice.

For today, as other ideas and insights gestate and ripen for sharing outwardly, here is a pot pourri of four (4) insight-snippets and ideas that caught my attention in recent days.


The Wanderer (Holy Fool) in the Wild Wood Tarot (John Matthews).
(1) Holy Fools

The Holy Fool is a vibrant theme … one of my favorites (though there are several others).

It resurfaced recently a couple of times, including in several snarky comments about Western-calendar Easter being on April Fool’s Day (Orthodox Easter is this coming Sunday).

Ha ha, right? Isn’t that incredibly clever?

Sometimes snarky cynicism isn’t as smart or amusing as its spewers think it is.

When I heard the Easter-April Fool’s thing, The Holy Fool (a.k.a. Crazy Wisdom  and Crazy, Holy Grace) came to mind.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell said,

The Fool is the most dangerous person on earth, the most threatening to all hierarchical institutions. He has no concern for naysayers, and no one has power over him (or her). She is not limited, not stoppable, nor controllable. She knows what she has to do and is doing it, no matter what.”

The Holy Fool is one who says and does the unexpected, or in an unconventional way, that stirs up and confounds the stale, stodgy, sometimes nonsensical status quo on behalf of actual wisdom, consciousness, and creative breakthrough.

Kind of like Steve Jobs’ (or Apple Computer’s) misfits, rebels, creative trouble-makers, and constructive culture-shifters.(1)

Or a certain Christian-Shaman-Holy Fool associated with the (Christian) tradition of Easter (and yes, the mere concept of combining Christian and Shaman is a Crazy Wisdom thing … read here for more).

So Easter and Holy Fool’s Day make a crazy-wisdom sense to me.

The Worship of Mammon, 1909, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.
(2) ReWorthing – a Venus-Taurus theme

In sync with themes aligned with Venus in Taurus (as we speak), John Kim shared a musing on ReWorthing on his Angry Therapist blog (you’ll have to take a look to see what that’s about).

Taurus is an Earth-element sign ruled by Venus, and the gist is about exploring, and rediscovering, the deepest, truest definitions and experiences of value and worth — as in, what really is of value, what’s really worth something, beyond and deeper than the endless variety of shiny foil wrappers we’re taught to chase and value.

Kim writes, “And I say “keep believing” because believing you have worth is a process. It’s not just a decision or a one time thing. We have to constantly reworth ourselves. For me, it’s a way of living.”

Values and worth have pretty much been on the redesign board, collectively, for quite a few years now, but it seems always timely to look anew at this topic, because as the late Gen-X Phoenixer David Foster Wallace reminded us, we all worship something.

Might be worthwhile to get clear on whether, in the grand scheme of things, what we’ve been worshipping is linked to what matters most to us.

A Tree Grows From Rock, Wittenoom Gorge, Australia. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.
(3) Failure does not exist

“Failing does not exist. With each failure, we change paths. To arrive at what you are, you must go through what you are not. The greatest happiness is to become what you are. In every sickness there is: A prohibition: You are prohibited from being what you are.”

So said the Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. Talk about Crazy Wisdom!

(Kind of reminds me of the similarly inspiring Crazy Wisdom of filmmaker Godfrey Reggio – can’t believe I’ve not included his brilliance in a post already; it’s on the list).

(4) Hungry College Students

This one isn’t what you might think, ‘hungry’ often being a word used to describe ‘ambitious’ or ‘industrious’.

In this case, it’s literal.

Common Food Waste – Discarded bagels in a NYC bagelry’s dumpster. By Sachi Yoshitsugu, CC via Wikimedia.

A Wisconsin HOPE Lab study (and others) found that hunger and homelessness (or near the brink of homelessness) are “widespread among college students.”

The research showed that more than one-third of college students are ‘Food insecure’ and/or ‘housing insecure’ — the research terms used for ‘hungry’ and ‘homeless’ (or close).

The research intel points out that this is more of a problem — perhaps not surprisingly — in the non-affluent populations (e.g. the Middle Class, or what’s left of it, and/or ‘lower income’ populations).

Of course, that’s just one segment of the population more frequently experiencing ‘food and housing insecurity’ — the reality of these things, who’s experiencing these things, often blasts our narrow biases and assumptions right out of the water.

Be the Light, Help Illuminate the Way … [Image shared in an e-message from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism]
Which kind of leads us back to the need for an upsurge in Crazy Wisdom, Holy Fools, and Re-Worthing, don’t’cha think?

Why not? Even seemingly humble daily shifts and contributions by more and more people add up to a Quantum Leap (and Quantum Tipping Point).

Thank you, as ever, for visiting, reading, and sharing. I appreciate it, truly.

Big Love and Crazy Wisdom,


Featured Image Credit: Greening in the Stream. PD photo courtesy of Gentle07 via Pixabay.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

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