Circe (1889), by Wright Barker.
Circe (1889), by Wright Barker.

We’ve recently gained some much-needed fire in the astro-energetic alchemy cocktail, which is likely most welcome after several years of depth-diving in watery realms.

At least I welcome it. Though I truly appreciate underwater cave diving and Lunar-gift reclaiming well enough, metaphorically speaking, I’ve been feeling a smidge water-logged.

So now a trio of planets meandering through Leo, Sagittarius, Aries. Fire. Yay.

Can you feel the spark yet, or see or sense a light at the end of the tunnel or an imminent clearing of a too-long fog?

With Jupiter in Leo, Saturn just having entered Sagittarius (after two and a half years in deep-water Scorpio), and Uranus in Aries, we have a trio of Fire-element archetypes of the Leonine fiery, creative, generous heart; the fiery arrow of a (more conscious) Sagittarius; and the Promethean fire-bringer of Uranus in Aries.

Archer at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games.
Archer at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympic Games.

So it seems a fine time to explore wholeheartedness and other Fire-element qualities, or the lack thereof.

With Jupiter in Leo representatives trining (teaming) with Uranus in Aries and Saturn fresh from deep-diving in Scorpio, we get the image of the fiery Phoenix, rising from the soggier-than-usual ashes, stocked with a master-archer’s bow and fiery arrow, ready to focus, aim, and whole-heartedly express the actual or newly initiated self in the world, on behalf of Life and Wisdom.

What of your own heartful, fiery-Phoenix nature was submerged, maybe a very long time ago, and calls ever more loudly (or maybe it calls you in a whisper) to rise from the ashes?

Read on, letting your beautiful, fiery, whole Heart to be stirred…

When I originally wrote the earlier version of this article, I wrote, “…the wind is whipping and howling, the rain is falling, as if the wild-heart of Nature is calling to our own wild, authentic hearts that part of us that’s natural, Divine, and hasn’t been tamed or squished into the box of the status quo.”

If anything, weather aside, this invitation is even more timely now than when I originally wrote it way back in 2010.

The Love Potion, 1903, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.
The Love Potion, 1903, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.

Speaking of our feral, untamed, juicy-wild hearts, maybe you’ve heard this:

“Where your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

You already know that there’s been major shift of consciousness underway, to return us to our hearts. After wandering around in our heads for an age, if not out of our bodies altogether, our beautiful, fierce, inspired hearts are yearning for reconnection and fuller expression.

Maybe you’ve heard the questions, or asked them yourself:

“Where is your heart?” “Is your heart in it?” or maybe you or someone you know has said, “My heart just isn’t in it.”

Or we just may feel like something’s off, or something’s missing. We feel the yearning of the heart. Something that was submerged, shut away, maybe even stolen. That joy, the fierceness, that wild, untamed heart of ours.

We can’t follow our hearts when we’re wafting around out-of-body, preoccupied and disconnected from heart- and body-wisdom.

Returning to heart, living from heart, and putting our hearts on the line, this takes courage.

Taking a stand for it in the face of the very forces that diminished or threatened the wild-hearted-self in the first place … that definitely takes courage, because those forces are both ancient and right in our midst even now.

Coincidentally, did you know that the root of the word ‘courage’ – cor, or coeur – means heart?

A Bacchante Dancing at Harvest Time, 1880, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
A Bacchante Dancing at Harvest Time, 1880, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

And did you know that the original usage of the word ‘courage’ meant to speak wholeheartedly – to speak your heart, or to put your heart on the line by sharing it openly, embracing all of the vulnerability of that for the purpose of true, authentic, heartful expression and connection?

Coming from our hearts in our current time and culture is a courageous, rebellious, and evolutionary act– whether in relationship, heartful communication, conscious livelihood,  transformative leadership, or just being authentic as we walk through our days.

Cynicism, the ridiculous over-emphasis on ‘urgency; staring as if ensorceled into tiny screens that suck attention and drain lifeforce; and the stress of doing too much, too quickly (and disconnected from our hearts) is more the norm at the moment.

And we feel that ‘out-of-whack’ disjointedness. We know that half-hearted cynicism and the drug-like tech-anesthesia aren’t truly nourishing or satisfying. Our hearts call to us through yearning, or, if we’re really ignoring it, through actual physical heart-jolts.

Wisdom and spiritual traditions have long pointed to the heart as the real power center — the power of the heart and Divine Love.

Mystics and scripture talks about ‘cleansing the eyes of our hearts’ and ‘listening with the ears of our hearts.’

Cherries, 1873, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
Cherries, 1873, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Can you imagine the effect you will have when you reawaken and bring these wholehearted, Fire-element expressions into your world?

Read the rest of the original Power of Your Heart Wake-Up Juice article, including HearthMath intel about just how powerful your heart field really is, here.

Read on for more about the heartful, Leonine, Fire qualities …

With two Aquarius New Moons coming right up — Leo’s opposite sign and zodiac partner — we can invoke, call forth or call up, or otherwise intend to express the finer, higher qualities of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, and their element, Fire.

Here is a bit of Fire Wisdom I shared in my Priestess in Blue Jeans blog awhile ago, in a post called HeArtful, Passionate Leo New Moon:

“In Taoist Five Elements, this is the Yang element of fire, the catalyzing element of alchemy and transformation, inspiration, Spirit, and vision. It’s a highly creative element, since it transforms the idea (wood) into manifested form (earth). Fire is also the only element that helps to thaw what is frozen and transform what might have become too rigid (metal) into a more liquid, flowing, malleable state.

Generosity, grace, and graciousness are qualities of fire-element types, as are passion, inspiration, creativity, and joy. We might think of the benevolent, magnanimous, generous-of-Spirit leader as one embodiment of these traits.”

Briton-Riviere_Una-and-the-LionYum, right? Those are really delicious qualities, both to cultivate and to experience.

With my natal ‘IC’ (taproot), Mars, and Magdalene all in Leo; my ruler, Venus, in fiery Saj; and Aquarius co-ruler Uranus in fire-bringing Aries; and being a Fire ‘primary element constitution in Four Pillars as well, I can very much relate to both aspiring to these qualities and appreciating their true beauty when expressed and experienced, and also looking for and deeply appreciating these qualities in others.

For more on the qualities of the Fire Element and some of the themes to cultivate and call forth, read the full original HeArtful, Passionate Leo New Moon article here.

To explore and gain insight and inspiration — fire qualities both — on how to stir your fiery self, contact me to schedule a spiritual direction or mentor-guide session (find more on that, and contact info, here).

Big Love in the meanwhile,