In recent weeks, I’ve heard from more than a couple of peeps and clients experiencing some really challenging times and energies, in various ways.

One, a long-time reader and client, requested that I share this particular post anew. It seems ripe and timely, once again.

You’ll find quite a few posts and links here at Sophia’s Children related to navigating Dark Nights of the Soul (the real-deal ones), Underworld Cycles (aka Pluto & Pals), Life Milestone cycles that may include non-optional Dark Night/Underworld transformation passages, and related topics.

Here’s a start (and other links below), per request.


You’ve probably had those moments or passages — the ones where you feel like someone or something has suddenly put shrink-wrap or a straitjacket on your life (and in your mind), making it hard to breathe and offering what seemed little ‘wiggle room’?

Those super-tight-squeeze passages, like the ones snakes move through to shed an old skin?

Where even ‘admirable efforts’ didn’t make a dent or move you forward?

It occurred to me in the wake of the epic Saturn-Neptune Square, (primarily in 2016 — a real challenge for a whole lot of people, including me. More on that below), as I was immersed yet again in one of those ‘shrink-wrap’ or ‘between a rock and a hard place’ passages, that there is a very real practicality to what we call ‘spiritual practices’.

Sound familiar?

While it’s actually very intuitive and sensible, in the ‘dominant thinking’ of our culture this would seem counter-intuitive or ‘woo woo’. It’s not, for anyone who’s actually done it.

Expulsion – Moon and Firelight, 1828, by Thomas Cole. I shared this in a recent post, but it seems a fitting image here, too.

In astrological language, the practical value of more spiritual or artistic qualities and practices would be the essence of experience linked with Neptune (Spacious Mind. Expansiveness and Big Love) and Saturn (Narrow Mind. Constriction and Fear).

First, here’s the original post that seemed ‘ripe’ for sharing again, given what I’ve been hearing from more than a few peeps and clients.

Big Love and Hard Places – read it now.

You’ll find links to related Dark Night, Underworld, Spiritual Awakening and other posts there, too.

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Featured Image Credit: A Tree Grows From Rock, Wittenoom Gorge, Australia. Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel. CC image by Johan Larsson, Flickr.

Navigate Gracefully. Be Who You ARE.

Easier said than done sometimes, yes?

Well, as the saying goes, We were born for these times — and these times need us to summon our gifts and our magic and share it in our unique ways.

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