Happy Friday the 13th, and New Moon in Luna’s Cancerian waters.

Feeling the catalyzing energy streams flowing (or whirling) in and around and, maybe, beneath you?

There are some shifts and fine-tunings occurring in the Symphony of the Spheres (aka shared field, or M-Field).

The last time I mentioned Friday the 13th, Venus was in one of her home-territories, earth-element Taurus. The day itself (Friday the 13th) has long been associated in some traditions with Venus (Freyja, aka Friday, to her Northern Euro peeps; and 13 long associated with the number of Moon cycles, so associated with the Feminine).

So what clues does Venus share with us just now?

She is freshly into the next Earthy terrain, making it a great time to refresh on the possibilities available to us with our Venusian self-bits reaching into Earth (versus, say, Air, Fire or Water).

Venus entering Virgo meant a meet-up with the Fixed Star Regulus, which entered more earthed, Feminine Virgo a couple of years ago after a couple of thousand years adding to the fiery, yang Leo-flavored notes in the cosmic symphony … the Music of the Spheres (in which we all dance, or are danced).

Château de Syam, by Arnaud25. CC via Wikimedia.

Earth. The Feminine. Regulus’s time in Leo squares pretty neatly with the rising and thriving of we call Patriarchy. It’ll be an interesting one to watch, as ‘history’ during Regulus’ time in more Yin, Feminine territory unfolds.

Already we’ve seen the emergence of the #MeToo (and other) revelations (and misogynistic/sexist (and other) backlash), though that’s also consistent with the issues that stirred up during The Sixties,  when Uranus and Pluto met up prior to this most recent Uranus-Pluto Square (late 2011 through 2016 … we’re in the wake of it now).

(If you’re Sixties born and freshly Chironed, yes, you’re through and in a major Life Milestone cycle, by the way, and ripened to begin bringing your specific ‘presence medicine’! And if you’re before or after that decade? Life Milestones all … we were born for these times, and activations along the way prepare us to share our ‘medicine’ in various ways. More about that here.)

Venus in Virgo weaves a very deliberate, discerning magic — knowing that words have power, and that even the smallest gesture or contribution or project can make a difference and create a ripple effect.

Amazon Rainforest. Image by Stac Finkel. Thank you, Stac.

What’s more? Venus in early Virgo, and Regulus in early Virgo, are forming a graceful alliance with Uranus in early Taurus — the Rebel-Champion freshly in Venus’s Garden — and Saturn, now retrograded (and in reflection) in earth-sign Capricorn. That could be a big help, if leaned into and invoked intentionally.

As if that’s not enough? Jupiter, depth-diving for Soul Force Clues in shamanic Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, the Mother of All Transformers), stationed direct out of retrograde earlier this week. Jupiter, along with Venus, is known as a ‘Great Benefic’ … an ally stream of consciousness and energy.

Plus, all of this at the new moon in Cancer (late last night, NY time) had Sun and Moon directly opposite transiting Pluto in another earth territory, Capricorn.

One key theme?

Earth Lushness at a Rainforest Stream. Image courtesy of PDpics.

What has become too punitive, hardened, inhumane, sociopathic wants to be transformed and restored to its wholeness, its empathy, its humanity.

We’re a part of that restoration.

Mystic Activists and other consciousness catalysts being stirred into another spiral-round of remembering and awareness. A fresh round of Phoenixing.

That’s just one of the messages of this New Moon in Cancer cycle and Venus in early Virgo (plus the other notes, e.g. vibrational emanations, contributed by their Planetary Pals elsewhere in the orchestra, like Uranus in early Taurus preparing to liberate our deepest values and worth, along with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn reflecting in Capricorn, Jupiter stirring Scorpio Soul-Force depths to help us remember who we are, and Mars reflecting on the use of lifeforce for more humane and inspired causes, etc).

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Big Love,


Featured Image Credit: Japanese Garden, by Linnaea Mallette, PD Pics.

Phoenix Rising. Image courtesy of All Day 2.

Shine Your Soul Force. Be Who You ARE.

Easier said than done sometimes, yes?

None the less, as the saying goes, We were born for these times — the times need us to summon our gifts and our magic and share it in our unique ways.

For Soul Force-stirring clues and greater clarity on what has joy, heart, and meaning for you (and how to step into and express that), team with me as your inspiration partner, mentor, and guide.

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