It’s Independence Day week in the U.S., and the Energies of Now feature the fiery electrical currents of the metaphorical fire-breathing Dragon, along with elemental support to soothe and ground.

Depending on our awareness and discernment, of course. As always.

Fire-Breathing Dragon. Image courtesy of Josch13 at Pixabay.

In the old-wisdom lore, the Dragon protected the community’s wealth — and wealth was defined in terms of what allowed the community, tribe, individual to thrive and prosper.

If someone tried to steal it, the Dragon stirred and wasn’t all that amused.

The Dragon has also symbolized life-force, energy, longevity, kundalini.

That was the common wealth, or the possibilities of it.

How narrow and small have we made our definition of wealth and worth and value in the last bunch of decades?

Our current and more recent definitions of value, worth, wealth pale in comparison to the older, richer definitions — the more whole and full definitions — of wealth, etc. That ‘shrunken definition’ does benefit a small percentage of people, of course.

The Priestess (1895), by John William Godward. Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

Time to reclaim and renew that, and a few related ‘shrunken definitions’ that have made us too small and too afraid; the astro-cycles and elements in play support just those possibilities.

Uranus in early Taurus, Saturn Retrograde in early Capricorn, Regulus now in early Virgo (and Venus soon to join), and other planetary pals are stirring those potentials up — like Mars Retrograde in humanity-championing (and rebel freak-flag flyer) Aquarius, plus some.

But I get ahead of myself …

Astro-Snapshot of the Energies of Now – What’s getting stirred up in your world (or self)?

Here’s a timely overview, using the symbolic-mythic language of astrology — the Symphony of the Spheres, and an apt, colorful, and ancient language for the Energies of Now:

We see the fiery electrical currents (Zap Zone) laid out by Mars in Aquarius (Air or Mind, and recently retrograde, so introverted a bit) opposite Mercury in Leo (Fire and Heart), with both squared off with Uranus in early Taurus (the Promethean rebel-champion, recently entered the Earth sign to give ‘fake values’ a jolt, so that we can remember what’s really worth something).

Uranus-Mercury is one of the more mentally and energetically sensitizing combinations, depending on a few factors.

Add Mars — that raw, shakti-type fiery energy and that electrical energy current amps up even more — fire in the head (again), but in the body, too.

If your natal Moon is in on this meet-up … add points for increased sensitivity.

Faceless Mannequins. PD image from Public Domain Pics.

Mars in Aquarius in square-off with Uranus in early Taurus and opposite Mercury in Leo — look and listen for themes like:

– inner-agitation at being taken for granted, and for all of those little cruelties that mark the inhumaneness, lack of consideration, and Narcissism of our age;

– a sense of ‘enough is enough’ in those treated like ‘the servants’ (or just made invisible) by those who have a sense of entitlement, however ‘everyday’ that entitlement-servant dynamic unfolds;

– a growing impatience with feeling like you’ve been shoved into a tiny pigeon hole, with little respect or appreciation for your full, wild, multi-faceted self (and not in a bratty contemporary Narcissism way, but a genuine and fair-enough way);

– the above, taken to Aquarius bird’s-eye view, seeing patterns where heartlessness and that sense of supremacy or entitlement have grown for too long unchallenged, and have become toxic;

And that’s just a starter-list.

Add the opposition/square (creating a T-Square) with Mercury in Leo, and you’ve got the fiery chatter stoked and the words ready to fly out on the Dragon’s exhale.

What themes have been arising in your more fiery-electrical chatter?

Even a little appreciation, and a checking and humbling of that innate (and sometimes more clueless than malicious) entitlement — the seeing of others as there for our use and benefit (or their use, if we’re pretty clean on that front … but dig deep and root out the internalized entitlement where it’s grown toxic and is festering).

Storm and lightning
photo from NOA

This level of voltage can be a challenge to contain, and more than a few people will not — so be(a)ware of the potential for psychic-vomit spewing, hissy fits, outbursts, and impressive Tantrum Yoga. (See more on that in this S.C. archive post.)

It’s another opportunity to adopt theIn this moment I begin anew” approach, nuanced with collected experience, to be mindful, present-moment oriented (or as close as we can get … same day, for many of us, is progress), and from there we can be more discerning and not add to the potential festival of sudden outbursts, tantrums, and general agida.

Whatever grounds, calms, soothes, and brings us present … these practices are our friends. Fortunately, we have some possible element help with that, if we choose to go there.

Elemental Support to Soothe, Calm, Ground & Mindfully Direct

Waters of Mt. Fengari, Greece. CC Wikimedia.

Water and Earth come to the (potential) rescue, but in the way of that old anecdote …

… the guy on the roof in the flood, praying to the Divine for help. A guy in a boat comes along, the roof-guy says, “No, no, the Divine is going to save me.” A woman flying a rescue helicopter drops a rope, the roof-guy says, again, “No, no, the Divine is going to save me.”

This happens a couple more times, the water washes the guy off the roof and he drowns. Says to the Divine, upon contact, “I prayed and you didn’t help me!” The Divine replies, “I sent a bunch of people with boats and helicopters, doofus; you didn’t accept the help when it arrived!”

In the astro-language description, a seriously potential-rich alliance between Uranus early in earth-element Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Saturn, currently retrograde (thoughtful, inward a bit more) in Capricorn.

Rakotz Brücke, Germany. Image courtesy of Amazing Places on Earth.

These reach out in graceful Trine to the Fixed Star Regulus, not long out of its several-thousand-year tour of fiery, Yang Leo and into earth-sign Virgo. Regulus will soon be joined by Venus (now in the last third of Leo, and already within graceful Trine orb with Uranus and Capricorn).

This is helpful – life-elements and qualities and currents that shake up and press us when out of sorts, are allies for awhile.

Make the most of it (which can take some reflection and insight – both very Uranian and Saturnine!).

Another graceful alliance comes through Water — Jupiter in Scorpio (soon moving out of its retrograde and ‘forward the Phoenixing goes’ again) in beautiful Trine alliance with Neptune in Big-Love (or foggy delusion) Pisces, in the middle-third of those signs.

Earth helps us ground, plant idea-and-vision seeds, be a bit more clear … and thankfully, ground out some of that fiery electrical current that’s running wild just now.

Water helps to soothe, and keep all of that fiery, electrical Yang from burning out of control. The ‘waters of spirit’ and actual waters that cause the desert to bloom again.

Greening in the Stream. PD photo courtesy of Gentle07 via Pixabay.

The gist of it …

Ground — walk, plant the feet or butt on the earth, do some yoga if that’s your thing, or gardening, do earthy rituals (however mundane and ‘every day’).

Water — drink your water, water your plants, be near water, listen to water, do water rituals, meditate, do slow Yin yoga (or Qigong, or Tai Chi, or some slow and graceful equivalent).

Be mindful, too … only in the present can we (1) prevent ourselves from spewing fire and psychic vomit, which we often later regret; and (2) only in the present are we as clearly aware of fresh insights, intuitive guidance, guiding questions, and the joy and cause-for-appreciation.

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